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Free organic traffic is the best form of traffic ever!

That is a BIG, BOLD statement, right? Now, listen to this…

When that organic traffic is from Google local users, it can be a lot more targeted!

Note that very well and your struggles, trying to get buying traffic to your blogs/websites would have come to an end. You can quote me on that!

A Word About My Wooden Watch Review Blog

I don’t know what niche you’re into, but my first blog was a coupon blog that reviews wooden watches. You know all those designer watches from

At some point, nothing significant was happening to my blog. I was getting a bunch of daily traffic but no sales. I later discovered that the problem wasn’t the niche I chose but the type of traffic I was attracting. That was when I discovered that the geographic location of every niche matters and that targeting the right people can yield the best results.

In this article therefore, I want to share with you some fundamental principles behind Google local and how it can help you attract the right prospects, make you more money from product sales and expand your reach.

Google SEO for Website Traffic!

What Is Google Local?

We all know that Google is the ultimate web company that has several arms. You have their search engine and within this powerful machine is Google local. It’s also a search system that targets local residents. For instance, if you live in Connecticut or Laurel MD, you may decide to sell your products to the city dwellers.

The reason is simple: you already know what is hot right now and how desperate the people need it.

Before you can use Google local to drive responsive prospects, you need to register and list your business on Google database. Thereafter, your web pages would be indexed by search spiders and a base for subsequent promotions is established. That’s where everything begins but it doesn’t stop there.

Research Your Local Market

Your local market is your city. Even if you’re not a citizen of America, you could still target a particular district. However, Google local work best when you have an official address in the town you’re targeting. You’ll be asked to submit your office address so that potential customers can reach you.

To get started with your promotions, first, determine what’s in vogue right now. During the Christmas holidays, people where spending money on the cruise. They wanted to make the season memorable. Several micro keywords were searched over a thousand times during the day. Two of such key terms are wewood watch coupon and fossil coupon discounts.

An efficient keyword research would reveal profitable key phrases like the ones above and more. The terms used by buyers to look for information online shows the intents of their hearts. It’s the fastest and surest way to know what they actually want and how desperate they want it.

Target Geo-Specific Terms

When I realized the immense potential of ranking for geo-specific terms, the organic traffic to my wooden watch review blog almost tripled. Yes, dominating search engines especially Google may not be easy for anyone, not even to Matt Cutts, but when you target the right location, it’s easier and can yield better results.

If you’re using any of the keyword research tools for example, Google Adwords research tool, make sure you add the intended city as a qualifier to the primary term.

Let’s assume you want to build a niche blog to promote women’s boot. Have you determined the exact location you want to sell these products to? When you come to Google tool, type “women’s boot + your city.”

Off course, you should replace ‘your city’ with the right city title. Take this further by targeting streets and avenues. Some streets in US are hotter than most cities in the world – this makes them a perfect bet for search users.

Call To Action Marketing

When the right traffic finally arrives at your blog/site, what happens next?

If your goal is to sell your product, then ask your buyer to click the buy button. After you’ve earned their trust, with your quality contents and honest product reviews, motivating them to buy is easier than you think.

Similarly, these people are already soaked into your offers. They’ve seen the basic features and benefits of taking action. Don’t assume they will buy or subscribe to your list; persuade them to take action now.

Marketing Takeaway: You can replicate the above strategies in your blog. whatever the niche may be, designer watches, women accessories, digital products, software or environmental service programs, it’s proven to work and will work for you.

It’s time to take action and test the waters. But keep your mind open as you climb the ladder of success. Remember, thousands of visitors will not make you money, but few targeted and desperate prospects are bestsellers. See you at the top.

[Michael Chibuzor is a business blogger and shows you how to make money blogging. Read about Wewood, a wooden watch retailer, and check out Fossil, a handbags, jewelry, and clothing shop, that Michael reviewed on his site recently. He monetizes his blog through Google Adsense and affiliate programs.]


  1. Claire

    Great post, this really is the time to profit from local searches and at the moment small tradespeople are the guys that can really stamp themselves on the map. There is such low competition in some local niches at the moment at it makes sense to really put some money into becoming the authority. I work in seo but sort of wish I had a trade to market too at the moment. Then again, there is a small market for local SEOs!

    1. Chadrack


      Is that not ironic? I mean, you agree there that the competition in some local niches at the moment is low and that it would be the right time to profit from local searches. Yet, even when you say you work in seo all you are doing is wishing that there is some trade you could market to right now!

      May I encourage you that you can not make the money simply by wishing. Just as you said it is the proper time to become an authority as the competition is still low. Even if the market is small for local SEOs why don’t establish your authority now as a local SEO in those markets? Don’t you think you would be able to squeeze some gains from it? And who knows what tomorrow will bring? If you establish your authority in the market now, you may just become a big player tomorrow. Or don’t you think so?

  2. Cindy

    Very useful and informative text, thanks for sharing it! I haven’t heard about the importance of the local traffic, but I know I have to change my mind and focus on these aspects. I have the same problem, that you had with your wooden watch blog, I have a good traffic rate but my conversion rate is bad.

  3. bjohn

    I think Google local is a good platform to find the proper insight about any local business online, and it is useful to get some targeted traffic for that particular site. The most important thing which i have found here is to research your local market as stated here.

  4. Kate Brown Wilson

    I am new to online business and i do have one, but I never heard of this Google local before. but as i have read the entire post it proves that using this will drive massive traffic to your site which is really a good help.

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