5 Innovative Business Ideas That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level!

A few days ago I did a post on using some innovative business ideas to enhance your online business and take it to greater heights. In this post I want to continue by presenting you with 5 more innovative ideas that will help you enhance your online business for the years to come.

So let’s begin.

 innovative business ideas

Innovative Idea #6:  Add a New Niche to Your Business

I’m sure you’ve heard it say that making money online is really a numbers game. Now one way you can make that work for you is to build as many niche sites as possible. The idea is that the more niche sites/blogs you build the more you’ll be able to earn!

Hmm, maybe that’s just putting the power of compounding to work!

Now, this is an idea I truly love and I’m already implementing this. Though I have some few niche blogs out there, recently I decided to branch off into some areas I’ve never looked into before now. With the Christmas holidays approaching (holidays like these are always very profitable for niche markets), I’m right now working on 3 different niches which I’ve never touched before. Of course, there is more work involved but one good thing about niche blogs is that if you set them up the right way and you use the right resources like this one, you could leave them to generate some passive income for you.

Now, if there is any market you’ve been thinking of getting into but never really taken the bold step to do so, this is the time to take that bold step. Put off your procrastination and fear of failure and start. Do you think breaking into a new niche is going to be a difficult thing? Then you are mistaken. Fact is, if you have been involved with making money online blogging for some time then chances are you already have:

1.    What it takes to research a new market,

2.    What it takes to set up niche blogs,

3.    What it takes to write articles for your niche blog; and

4.    What to takes to generate traffic to your niche blog.

If you however you think you’ll not be able to write articles for your niche blog because you have no knowledge of that particular niche, then you can easily outsource that as we discussed in the previous article.

One truth that many aspiring bloggers who want to make money blogging have lost sight of is the fact that trying to make money with just one blog in the face of the competition in the market today is an uphill task. To make money with just one blog you need the type of traffic that will make advertisers look your way. But with many well established bloggers out there, you need more than share luck to make the type of money you dream of!

Besides, you must understand that most of the traffic that comes to your blog is nothing but other bloggers who simply need to connect with your blog. Most times, these bloggers are out simply to generate traffic to their own blogs! So if you’re depending on just that one blog you may just be leaving money on the table. Use that blog for your branding but get involved in niche marketing today.

 innovative your business strategies

Innovative Idea #7: Take Your Online Business Offline

This is a method I’ve found many web entrepreneurs already implementing and I think it’s something you need to get involved in. of course, I’m cooking up some ideas of how I will be able to implement this in a few months time.

This idea could be implemented in various ways. You could use it to generate fresh leads/traffic for your online business or, you can use it to add another stream of income to your online business. For example, if you’re into the make money online niche, you could organize free seminars where you speak on the opportunity of using the internet to make money. During these seminars, you could hand out specially prepared fliers or cards with your website/blog details inviting the attendees to visit for more of what you offer. You can also subscribe the attendees to your newsletter. Better still you could package some special reports or some other digital products burnt on CDs and sell them during the seminars.

No matter the niche you’re working in right this is an idea that will put some extra money into your pockets. And who knows, this could just become another stream of income which you’ll want to pursue full time. One reason why you should try this is the fact that offline leads are fresh and more open to most of the things you will talking about unlike the traffic of experienced bloggers and internet marketers who are presently visiting your blog/website. This stream of fresh newbies is really a fertile ground for future customers!

Innovative Idea #8: Leverage Yourself, Leverage Your Resources

This is actually an extension of idea #4 discussed in the first part of this article. However, to effectively do this you need to have a system in place to measure your achievements working alone. Once you know what you can achieve with your own efforts, you now work on doubling or tripling that.

For example, let's say you write articles to promote your blog and this has worked very well for you, say for every article you write, you’re receiving about 100 new visits every week. Now how about doubling or tripling that?

Of course, what you need to double or triple the results is to write double or triple the number of articles you write every week. Once you know this, you can now either write those articles yourself or if that is impossible working alone, you can now outsource them. so if on your own you have been able to do only five articles a week, you can now outsource 5 articles or 10 articles and you would be able to double or triple your efforts and subsequently, your traffic and possibly your PROFITS!

Again, you could leverage the resources you already have. Just as I mentioned in idea #5, you could turn your articles into videos. Besides that, chances are you have various blog posts that are buried deep in your archives. You could pull these ones out and create special reports or even audio downloads from them. Doing this will only take a few minutes of going through your archives, pulling out the ones you want to use and then rewriting them briefly so that the various articles can be connected to form a special report. These could be given away to build your email list or sold for a few dollars!

leverage yourself

Innovative Idea #9: Stay Green, Get with the Trends!

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about focusing on the trendlines and not the headlines! In that post I made it clear that with the various happenings around us today, what you should do as a marketer is to discern the trends and not just listen to the thundering headlines. I want to say here that this is something that will help you if you want to enhance your business for the years to come.

If you read a lot of blogs today you will be surprised that most of what they write is nothing different from what you have read in other blogs. Worst still most of these blogs will still present techniques and tactics that worked some 3 or 5 years ago. Unfortunately most of these ones do not know that though the principles may remain the same but tactics and techniques changes with the times. Many internet marketing techniques have changed and have continued to change. Techniques like search engine optimization; web 2.0 marketing and social media marketing are constantly changing. The search engines are constantly changing the way they index and rank web pages. Do you know that right now search engine optimization is getting infused with social media optimization? So, why continue to use outdated SEO tactics today? You need to keep up with the times and use effective SEO techniques that work today.

Besides, you should always have your fingers on the pulse of the market so that you can be among the first to know what is new in your target market. What should matter to you is the NOW. If a new product comes out tomorrow and everybody MUST have one — your job as a marketer is to go out there and market it! Why stay with what has become obsolete or has reached saturation stage when the latest and greatest are around you?

So, stay green and always focus on the trends!

Innovative Idea #10: Learn a New Skill before the Year Ends

Wondering how a new skill will help enhance your business? Well, just take a look at all the task you do every day to run your business. Can you say you are vast in every one of them? I doubt that because I am not. Now, think of you picking one of those skills and learning it so that you can bring it into your business with a new understanding? Don’t you think you will be able to achieve better results?

The truth is that there are various skills you can learn today and by simply having a better knowledge of these skills you can produce better results. Some skills you may want to learn before the year runs out are, copywriting, web design, graphic design, SEO Techniques, Time Management skills. (Click here for a free ebook that details time management tips and techniques for more success with less stress). You could also learn How to create your own products and how to land a JV, etc.

Learning these skills will also help you to break into new marketers, which is really a good thing.


Ok, I must say I don’t know how much innovative these ideas are to you but for me they are. Just thinking about them has pumped up my imagination and I know they can truly help you enhance your business and increase your profits in one way or another. so no matter how successful or unsuccessful you have been so far, know that the past is over and done with. What should really matter to you is the present. And it is this present that will shape the future. So you can take control of that future right now.

As you definitely know, it’s all about you taking action. Before you I’ve laid out these business ideas that will help you enhance your business and increase your profits over the next year(s). if you implement even ONE of these ideas  you will increase your profits. It is now left for you to take the action.

Over to you: As usual, I love to read and respond to your comments. So let’s hear what you think of these business ideas. And if you have one or two to add to the list, feel free to do so in your comments below.



  1. For me these ideas are also quite innovative. Especially the one about making online business offline.

  2. @Chadrack: Sir, I have read your earlier articles too and its really great to learn from your articles that are full of wisdom and practical understanding. Thank you for sharing.
    The 10 Innovative Ideas that you have shared here are awesome and in fact I have planned to implement them too. Please keep sharing such brilliant inputs! Thanks!

    • I’m really thrilled by this! Please I’ll be glad to hear from you when you start implementing any of these ideas. Feel free to share with me you experience. Will you?

  3. I suggest take a look on the internet and see what is selling. Google something like top 10 most bought Items, or the such like. Or if you have any crafts , set your self up as someone who supplies the home made trade. What ever you will do , will do better if it has your heart and soul in it. Otherwise you will not push yourself. I wish you the best of luck with your quest.Thanks for sharing this great ideas..

    • @Cassy, I beg to differ a little with you on this, I think one needs to do a proper research of what has been a good selling item for a few months, then and only then we can get an exact result.

      Momentarily there are many things that come and go.. You are right, ultimately every thing comes down to your luck! A single product can make you a very successful online business person!

      • @Cassy,

        I think your idea have some weight in it! Googling top 10 selling products sounds like a quick way of determining what is selling right now. In that wise I think you will be positioning yourself to sell what the market already wants. Great idea!

        @Sell My Car,

        I indeed agree with you that doing a good research is neccsary. However, I don’t think you need to spend months for that research. But taking the two comments together I think we can use the ideas expressed to find a buying market and profit with it.

        Thank for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I have voted for you. Your blog is by far one of the best and it was a real inspiration for me!

  5. I think the basic point you’re getting at here is how important it is to continue growing and evolving. Good tips!

  6. I have always love visiting your posts… Always have great ideas and informative. Please keep it up.

  7. All ideas you offer are very interesting and should be taken into consideration by all business owners. Most of all I liked the idea of creating another niche, it seems to be very innovative and I think that it can refresh business greatly

  8. The innovative ideas in business is learning new trends and adopt new techniques.change is continuous process.even if you stop,it doesn’t wait for you.business and man need to catch new extensions always for regular updates in any niche.

    • @Better Business Tax Debt Relief,

      One great lesson we must learn in life is that when you stop learning you stop growing. That is true whether you’re a business or an individual! Thanks for the comment.

  9. Chadrack, I do agree with you that one should learn if wants growth in the life. That helps a lot in business or individual life as you stated.

    The innovative ideas always give the best result, it’s not that easy to gain such ideas in a day or month but at least you can get them in a year. That will help a lot to establish your business or yourself.

    • @bjohn,

      Continuous learning is the only way to keep abreast of what is happening in your area of focus. Stop learning and you’ll be left behind! Thanks for the comment.

  10. Your writing style can really connect with the readers and this post is another brilliant post. Regarding Innovative Idea#6, I also strongly believe that the more niche we have the more we earn and I think its also more exciting to work on varieties. Outsourcing is also a great idea because there are many brilliant writers out there who either do not have the time to run a blog or are not interested but is ready to freelance for us sometimes.

    • @Gregg Camp,

      You’re truly in tune with the times! The internet has opened up more opportunities to earn with more niches as possible. Before now, trying to earn in more areas than necessary will only end up in frustration because of the time energy involved. But with the internet, you chose any niche you wish and use freelance writers to produce content that will help you get the better of that niche! Thanks for the comment.

  11. I just came across this, and even though it’s pretty close to the end of 2011 I am feeling newly inspired by these ideas. I especially like focusing on leveraging yourself and your resources. Taking what is already working and driving it into even higher profits is a great way of increasing your business.

    I also like the idea of learning something new before the end of the year, but I read this so late I’m not sure I can squeeze anything really great in within one week. I’ll give it some thought, though.

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