How to Turn the Global Economic Crunch Into an Opportunity to Make Money Online!

With the global economic crunch it does appears that it could really be a time to make money online with much ease. I discovered a simple idea on how to do this just this past weekend.  I had the opportunity of taking part in a Workshop for practicing and intending entrepreneurs. And during this workshop I recieved an inspiration I believe will greatly enhance my online business.

Today I want to share with you an idea I got from that meeting. This idea simply dropped into my mind when one of the speakers made a statement which I believe can be an income generator in this times of global economic woes.

You know many people today are taken up with the downturn of the economy and to them nothing is really working. In fact, many online entrepreneurs have doubts about making money online right now because of the suffering economy. The only things that are very evident to them are the political and economic troubles reverberating around the world.

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Confronted on all sides by this situation many are of the view that a time such as this is really not the time to make money online. They believe that not many people are spending as much online since the economy is suffering. Even those who believe that the economy is already getting back on its feet have doubts since, to them, we are still in recovery and no one really know what to expect in the near future. With this mindset there is actually a prevailing state of disbelief about making money online in these times of economic crunch.

But do you know that this is really the time to position yourself for a greater reward as a web entrepreneur? You don’t believe, do you?

Ok, stay with me and let me share with you this inspiring idea. I ask that you read it carefully. Actually it’s an idea that dropped on mind as I listened to one of the resource persons making his presentation. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, the light bulbs in my head came on with greater brightness that made me go wow!

So what was it that this man said that turned my entrepreneurial senses on full throttle? It’s this statement…

Focus On The Trend-lines Not The Headlines!

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Please read it very carefully until it really sink in!

Did that make any sense to you?


Alright, let’s dive in a little deeper!

Maybe you’re like me; or maybe not. But there is one thing I do all the time and that is making sure I’m always up to date about what is happening around the world today.

Now, if you do that also or maybe you do it occasionally, when you read those screaming headlines on what is happening around the world, what is it that crosses your mind? How about when you watch the news on your favorite TV station? Is it any different? I doubt!

Every paper you flip or whatever station you tune to, it’s all the same. It doesn’t matter where the news is coming from.  From Africa to the Americas, from Europe to Asia or from Australia to the Antarctic, the situation is the same. The suffering economy is telling on every one. Not even once-quiet and peaceful societies are spared, any more!  The slightest provocation is enough for the bitter spleen of the masses to be unleashed on the political class.

Now, think about this for a moment. How do you respond to these headlines? Probably, your response is not different from the majority of the people – pointing fingers at the politicians and calling for yet another social upheaval as we have seen lately in the middle east.

But do you know as an online entrepreneur this is actually a time you should seize with both hands to make some extra money online? Don’t believe me? Just think about the number of people losing their jobs and assets. Don’t you think most of these people who are getting laid off are going to come online looking for another source of income?  Now, don’t you think all these are desperate situations that is calling for a desperate solution amongst these people?

Are you getting it?

If you’re still in any way not sure of what I’m driving at, let me point out to you that every savvy online marketer knows that finding desperate buyers and giving them a solution for their desperate situation is actually the secret to making it big online. May be you have heard about Desperate Buyers Only by Alexis Dawes. If you’ve not read it I advise that you take a look at it right now. Over the years Desperate Buyers Only has helped content publishers and info product marketers uncover how to really write and market info products so that people with problems will buy.  Click here to know more about Desperate Buyers Only.

Now can you see why my brain lit up when this particular speaker said, focus on the trendlines and not the headlines? I realized it’s about looking deeper than the headlines. While the headlines scream at you with all the problems in the economy, you should really look deeper to see how you can profit no matter what is going on!

The headlines will only make you go crazy but the trendlines will fire you up and your creative juices will find better expression!

Now, let me caution here that this is not about scamming or selling people false dreams.  It’s about providing what will help those who are desperate about keeping a roof over their heads and those who are desperate about putting food on their tables. As a web entrepreneur who knows what it takes to make money online you truly have some advantage over some of these people but you may not know it. Your years of experience online are truly an asset that you can bank on. You could put together your own experience about making money online and then sell it as an information product.

Oh did you say there is so much of that already there? Of course, that is the truth but if you think there will never be any information product on making money online again because the market is saturated then you are making a big mistake. Go learn from the internet marketers!

By the way you don’t have to create a product only in the niche of making money online. It could be an information product on how those losing their assets can stop the loss. It is actually a win win situation.  And that really is what information products are all about. So whether you want to focus on those who will be coming online to make some extra income or you want to focus on any of the myriad problems facing the human race today, you could really profit with the ailing economy.  Indeed, it is actually a time to take advantage of the suffering economy!

2 Simple Steps for Profiting With the Suffering Economy

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I’m sure at this point you agree with me that as a web entrepreneur you can really apply this statement to your online business, right? So, if you’re on this same plane with me then let me offer you a simple and quick outline on what you should do.

1. Carry Out Your Research

The first thing you should really do is to re-focus your attention as you listen to or watch the news. Instead of just taking in what the news houses are throwing at you (that of course is how they make their own money!) direct your entrepreneurial antennae to probe deeply on what the news is really about. Ask yourself how you can make some money with this and then go online to research the topic. I tell you if you begin to do this you will soon begin to uncover some very profitable niches you’ve never thought about. Like I said earlier, if you have a system in place that is helping you make money online, you’re truly ahead of the pack! Utilize your knowledge to fatten your bank account!

2. Get Your Product into the Market

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to sell an affiliate product or your own product, if you’re going to make money online taking advantage of the suffering economy you simply need to know how to market those products to your prospects. Making money online is about selling. You need to know both the science and art of marketing online. This is what the savvy internet marketers know so much. If possible study how they are doing it.  Go invest in marketing resources that will equip you to make money selling products on the net. One thing you must be sure of is that you may have the right information and even package it so well, but if you don’t know how to market it online your bank account will simply groan because of its emptiness! Marketing and selling online is both a science an art, I think that is worth repeating! You can know one but without the knowledge of the other you will remain in the same place.

I recommend that you put these two tips to good use right now and you’ll be able to take advantage of the trendlines and make money with the ailing economy. You’ll not only see much more opportunities in the suffering economy but you’d become more adept at profiting with them. And just as the Holy Scripture said, when others are saying there is a casting down you’d be saying there is a lifting up!  Because my desire for you in this economy is that you’ll be lifted up I passionately ask you to go invest in this knowledge right now!

  1. Good tips, but the first part of your article really resonates… the sure way to fail in a bad economy is by making excuses and blaming everything on the bad economy! It’s been bad for years and people are out there making money every day, so why not you?

    • @Ross Taylor,

      “So why not you?” that indeed is the question. Most times I really ask myself that question. And I think that’s why I was taken in with this idea. As an entrepreneur we really should be creative and innovative in our thinking. Instead of just complaining like everyone else we should really take a deeper look to see what we can do to help the situation. And you know, it’s in helping out that we get what we want! I do hope those reading this entry will really do something about this.

      Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation.

  2. The down ride of economy right now is not enough to stop internet marketers to find new ideas on how to make money online. Thanks for sharing this Chadrack.

    • @Julie Hayes,

      That really is the truth. Like I’ve just shown in the article, it should be a time when as an entrepreneur (because that’s what you should consider yourself) you should look for the hidden opportunities right now. Like Ross Taylor posted in his comment above, despite the bad economy others are out there making money everyday, so why not you? Now can you see the shift in mindset there? That shift is very important. Or don’t you think so?

  3. we all now that we are suffering from are economy,but what should we do?does making a money online helps are economy not to suffer anymore?

    • @Kate Brown Wilson,

      Hey Kate, what do you mean by a suffering economy? Is it not that the economic power has been eroded, deeply? People are losing their jobs. Financial problems every where. Etc?

      So how do you get out of this situation? It’s simply be empowering the people and ensuring that more and more people can get their daily needs met. And today the internet is a good place where any one can start a business with little or no money and with the barest experience whatever.

      Don’t you think this is really a good way of pulling the economy back on its feet? Don’t you think helping others to make money online will help the suffering economy?

  4. Hi there Chadrack. This is a very nice share. You know, the global economy condition’s not really in a great shape so I think we really need to do our best on our own to preserve the economy.

    • @Andrew Walker,

      I agree with you Andrew. It’s unfortunate that most times we want to lay the blame on others. Yes, the politicians have failed us but why continue to rely on them? I think it’s time to be responsible for our own lives. There are opportunities out there we only need to open our hearts and we will definitely find out something that will be of help.

  5. Hey Chadrack,

    I am making the most of this economic downturn too. I think it strengthens internet marketing. If anything, the lack of confidence in the economy is going to drive more people to the internet for shopping and for research. People who are laid off are certainly going to be spending more time online.

    There is always a silver lining somewhere. You just have to look for it.

    • @Ted,

      What a better way to put, there is definitely always a silver lining somewhere! Now, if you can find that silver lining and lead others to finding it, you’ll not only be helping to improve the economy but also helping your bank account! 🙂

  6. Hi Chadrack,
    It’s really unfortunate when people can sit back and analyze how gloomy the situation is without taking a moment to read between the lines. “Read the trendline not the headline”, makes a lot of sense.
    The internet is where a lot of people are turning to for solutions to financial and even emotional problems. Any experienced, well positioned internet entrepreneur can cash-in on the trend.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    • @Ikenna Odinaka,

      “Sit back and analyze how gloomy the situation is!” That really is what is happening all over the place. I feel bad most times when I see how many people, mostly young men, who waste their time giving commentaries and analysis of what the govt is doing and not doing instead of using that time to better plan for their well being.

      Of course, it is a plus for the discerning entrepreneur who can turn the situation to his good. And I think the internet is good place one can start! Thanks for joining the discussion.

  7. Hey Chadrack,

    There is a reason you are one of my favorite bloggers. This post and your responses to comments are two of the reasons. You’ve given me a great idea that I plan on putting into action soon.
    By the way, we should have far less millionaires due to the economy, correct? That’s not what the stats tell us. The number continues to increase. So, we can either say it’s not possible and watch others do it. Or, we can get in the game.

    Live it LOUD!

    • @Rob,

      Hi, glad to have you join the conversation. Must say you’ve just raised a point there. You know when I read of the recent Forbes release of the world’s richest individuals, I thought to myself, “Boy, when millions are struggling to make ends meet others are running away with the billions!” And like your linked article says, we need to ask, “is there a recession going on?” For me my decision is to join the league of the wealthy rich and never be an on-looker.

      Btw, thanks for the kind words. You’re indeed inspiring!

  8. The thing is very clear that one cannot make money with ease in such global economy crunch.
    “I’m always up to date about what is happening around the world today.” – for me this makes sense.

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