Social Media Marketing: Common Mistakes Bloggers Make and How To Aviod Them!

Blogging and social media tipsSocial media marketing has fast become a powerful way of promoting businesses online. As a blogger promoting your blog post via social networks is a great way to get new readers to your site. Facebook and Twitter can be a great tool, but there are also a few common mistakes bloggers make that cost them readers. To help you better market your blog using social media here are some common mistakes you must avoid as a bloggers. These mistakes have been found to be the top reasons why many bloggers are not making any real impact on the social social networking sites. Avoid them by all means possible!

1. Mixing Business with Pleasure

Too often bloggers use a personal account on Facebook or Twitter to promote their site. This can lead to a few big mishaps and I’d advise against it. What bloggers should do instead is create a dedicated account for their blog on whichever social network they wish to use. This cuts down on embarrassing mix ups and gives you a few key advantages. One of those advantages is a business Facebook page. Unlike a regular Facebook page, a business Facebook page allows users to receive updates with a “like.” This cuts out messy friend management and leaves you off the hook for things like spam accounts. On Twitter, a dedicated account for your blog lets you make sure you’re included on the right lists.

Getting Political

Social networks are home to many a grassroots campaign for various causes. Most bloggers know to avoid political leanings in order to avoid alienating readers. Many of those same bloggers forget that on social networks. Sometimes doing something as simple as “liking” a political candidate can be enough to aggravate some of your readers. Chances are, readers who leave your site because of feeling alienated will never return. It’s important to remember that no matter how you feel about an issue, some of your readers will be on the other side. This is another reason it’s important to keep your site's social networks and personal social networks separate. Even if your blog deals with politics as its niche, you may want to be careful whom you support publicly. Many a Republican blog now openly regrets supporting George W. Bush, as an example, because of his poor approval ratings.

2. Forgetting Grammar

One of the most common mistakes bloggers make on social networks is forgetting that grammar and spelling are important everywhere. You should never put out a status update or tweet that isn’t up to the same standards as a blog post. It’s important to remember that you’re representing your brand with every word you type, regardless of where it’s sent out. This is particularly bad on Twitter, where the character limit leads many bloggers to shorten words. This makes your blog look bad and is almost always a bad idea.

Indeed, these social media marketing mistakes may appear basic but if you allow them in your promotions much of your effort will simply be wasted.


    1. Chadrack


      That’s actually one of the things I did wrong when I created my facebook about. I truly wish I have this type of info then. There are a few things I’m really trying to work out about marketing on facebook right now and information like these are gold to me!

  1. Kate Brown Wilson

    I have tried using different social marketing sites for online business, and I totally agree with these tips you listed , so that we can avoid some mistake that will ,make our own website fail. This procedure must be follow for us to be all become successful in our own business.

  2. Ted@Part Time Ted

    I am in agreement with the other commenters. You are better off having separate accounts for your personal and business pursuits. That is why I think it is crazy for some social media sites, like Google plus for instance, to not allow you to create separate accounts. There is far too much risk.

  3. bjohn

    I think forgetting grammar or spelling is the most common mistake people make in social media marketing. Words become your identification of your brand when you represent them to the entire world by using Twitter or any social media site. For representing your brand in such useful social media sites, such common mistakes must not be done.

  4. Amit Shaw

    Yes Maria you are right that grammatical mistake is really a big mistake. As my first languge is not english thats way i cant able to rectify this type of small mistake. But i am trying to learn and trying to remove this as soon as possible. I know this mistake is small but its not good. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Chadrack

      @Amit Shaw,

      Frankly, this is really a problem that many bloggers face. It is really a good thing to know that you’re working on this. But the fact is, it all bears down to what you want to achieve as a blogger. There is of course a minimum requirement but you don’t have to be some English language professor to become successful as a blogger.

    1. Chadrack

      @Amit Shaw,

      Here is my quick suggestion:

      1. Read more – Devote more time to reading English works, novels, magazines, etc. If you come across a new word, note it and look it up in a dictionary.

      2. Listen more to English TV & radio stations. This will help you in grammar construction.

      3. If you have the time and if you really want to, enroll in any online study that will help you. You can do a google search.

      4. When writing your blog post, use MS word first before transferring to notepad. There are basic grammar and spelling corrections that MS word can help you with.

      5. When you write any content, read it aloud to yourself and note any corrections.

      Take any of these ones and work on it/them. In a matter of time you will see improvements.

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