Five Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring SEO Experts

Hiring SEO experts

SEO is big news in business circles these days. In fact, it is that big that almost every business now use some SEO within their marketing strategy.

If you take it further and say, starting a successful business in 2015 without SEO would be akin to failure, you’ll not be far from the truth! This is another reason why you would want to hire experts in SEO if you are not confident of doing it yourself.

But, is it as easy as hiring an expert and instantly succeeding?

No, you need to do your research first and ask a couple of essential questions.

In this article I want to share with you some questions you need to ask before engaging SEO experts to handle the SEO needs of your website. of course, you know you’re investing your hard earned money, right? So if you don’t want to pump money into an investment that will produce any ROI then you want to listen up!

Ready? Then let’s get started…

1. How Will You Improve My Search Engine Rankings?

Every search engine optimization company you come across should tell you how they plan to tackle the issue. They are not giving away trade secrets to the enemy by revealing this information, so stay clear of companies that don’t cooperate. How else are you supposed to understand how they will perform? Also, they should tell you how long it will take to do complete the job. A few of the things you are looking out for are technical reviews of your website and “on page” optimization. Both will weed out any broken links and make your website as search engine friendly as possible.

2. Do You Follow Webmaster Guidelines?

You want a company that does adhere to these guidelines because that is how search engines rank their websites. The Webmaster guidelines are there to make sure fake links and spam content are not used to drive up the websites. If they don’t adhere to these rules, the likelihood is that your site will suffer. Google and other engines will spot it straight away and lower your ranking as a result.

3. Can You Guarantee Me Top Spot?

When a company says ‘yes, of course, we can’, seriously consider dropping them from your list. In all honesty, it is impossible to guarantee results. That is mainly because search engines move the goalposts and mainly because there is a lot of competition. Even the best SEO companies in the business won’t guarantee you top spot in the rankings, so no other SEO company should guarantee it either.

4. Can I Have A List Of Your Current & Past Clients?

It is important that you have access to unbiased and impartial reviews. Also, you want a list of their customer base to make sure they are telling the truth. A lot of companies will take the risk and lie to you about all kinds of topics. SEO is incredibly important, so don’t take the risk. Ask around for information and validation of the company you are thinking about choosing.

5. How Do You Measure Success?

Measuring success is important because you both need to be on the same page. They might think they have done their job while you are not happy with the performance. All it takes is communication and a set of goals that you would like to achieve.


Indeed, there are plenty more questions you could ask, but these are the most basic and important. the answers you receive from these questions will readily help you assess what type of SEO expert you’re about hiring.

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  1. Amazing post. Nice questions to consider when hiring SEO experts. I agree that SEO optimized posts can increase your blog’s page positions in Google Search result.

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