3 Simple Steps to Setting up A Successful Business [QUICK GUIDE]

Are you thinking about starting a business? Well many do these days however, what is holding a lot of these people back is the question of, how do I get started? Where do I start?

While these questions are relevant the truth is that you mustn’t allow them debar you from running with your vision. So, if you are thinking of starting your own business but you are still worried on how you should go about it, I invite you to check out the following 3 simple steps to building your own successful business. In this guide I present you with the essential information that will equip you with the fundamentals of how to start your business on the right footing.

If you are ready let’s get started:

How to start a successful business of your own

Step #1: Come Up With a Business Idea

The first step in starting a business is coming up with an idea. You have to come up with something to base your business around. This could be an idea for a new product to sell on the market. Or, it could be an idea for a service that people would want. The main thing is to come up with an idea that people want. Do some research and see what people are demanding, and then supply it.

When you’ve come up with a business idea, it’s time to test it. Organize a few focus groups and pitch your idea to them. See what normal people think of the idea, whether they like it or not. If everyone gives you two thumbs up, then you’re on the right track.

After you’ve tested your idea, it’s time to look for funding. Think about pitching your idea to some angel investors to get financial backing. Or, go down to your bank and apply for a business loan.

Step #2: Find Your Target Market

If you want to start a successful business, you need to have a solid marketing strategy. The key part of any marketing strategy is finding your target market. Your target market will be the people that you promote your business too. They’ll be the primary focus of all your marketing efforts.

But, how do you find your target market? The first thing you should do is look at what your business does. If you’ve followed my first step, you should have a business idea! Take a look at this idea and think about who it appeals to the most. What age range does it appeal to? What type of person would like what you have to offer? There are plenty of questions to ask, to help you zero in on your target market.

Once you’ve got your target market, you can focus on your marketing campaign. Use loads of techniques, both digital and traditional, to help promote your business. All the while, your target market should be in the back of your mind. If you hire an online marketing company, you can promote to your target audience via the internet. This means you’re able to reach far more people than if you stuck with just traditional techniques.

Step #3: Create a Positive Image

Another highly important step is to create a positive image. You want people to hear about your business and think about it in a good way. Whenever someone sees your logo or name, they want to have positive thoughts. You don’t want people associating your business with bad things.

The key to a positive image is professionalism. If your business looks professional, it will have a very good image. Whereas if it doesn’t, people will consider it amateur and won’t take you seriously.

Also, a positive image comes from doing positive things. Think about becoming a green business to improve your image. People will respect a company that cares for the environment.


There you have it, 3 simple quick steps to starting a successful business. Truth is you will need to put in a little effort at the beginning. While this sometimes appears to be tedious and tiring, you must know that nothing good comes easy. Get these fundamentals right and stay the course and you will be sure of building a successful business that will beat your imagination.

Have any questions on starting your own business? Feel free to ask in your comments below.

The 3 Building Blocks to Starting and Growing a Successful Business

You’ve probably clicked and visited this blog because you’re a budding entrepreneur with an eye for building your own successful business. Perhaps you’ve started a business and are looking for some helpful advice. Or, you may be thinking of starting one and need some tips on achieving success.

Whatever your reason and no matter where you are at right now with your business idea, I want to share with you the proven and generally accepted building blocks to every successful business. These all work in any type of business you want to run or you’re running right now.

The building blocks of a successful business

1. Your Workforce

A massive part of your business success will stem from the people that work for you. Without them, your business wouldn’t get half as much done. It would just be you, on your own, trying to do one thousand and one things at a time. The key is making sure your employees are well motivated and ready to be productive. If you can do this, they will be getting loads of work done. Productive employees equal a successful business.

But, how do you make your employees more productive? Well, there are numerous things you can do here. For starters, you could create a productive working environment in the office. Get rid of any distractions that will disrupt your employees. You should also make sure your office is kitted out with all the latest and greatest technology. Having updated computers and devices can make your employees far more productive. They can get more things done in a short space of time. In fact, slow computers are probably the reason a lot of businesses aren’t as productive as they’d like. You’d be amazed at how much a slow computer can stop you achieving over the course of a year.

Secondly, you need to ensure that your employees are in good health. If an employee has a health problem, they may not be as productive as they were before. By health problem, I’m talking about things like a cold or tiredness. Tiredness is the number one cause of unproductive employees. So, get them checked out to make sure they’re all fit and ready to work. You can get an occupational health assessment at Health Assured for your employees. By doing this, you can see if everyone is healthy and able to work to their full potential. If you find any are suffering from exhaustion, you can give them time off to recover. Likewise, you can find out any other health problems they have, and help solve them. Healthy employees are far more productive than unhealthy ones.

My final point is short and sweet. To get productive employees, you need to motivate them. There are loads of ways you can motivate employees; it varies from business to business. One of the best ways is to set goals. By setting goals, you’re giving your employees something to work towards. It can make a whole load of difference to productivity.

2. Your Customers

Another huge part of business success lies with your customers. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do; your business needs customers. A business without customers is like a car without wheels. Sure, the car may look nice and have cool things inside, but it can’t go anywhere. Your business won’t be able to move forward and grow if you don’t have loyal customers.

How does a business get loyal customers? It’s a fairly simple concept; anyone can get customers if they try hard enough. You have to ensure that your marketing strategy is on point. This means using a load of different marketing techniques and tools. You should use digital marketing strategies, as well as more traditional ones. Of course, the biggest thing to remember is the people you’re targeting your business at. When you came up with your business plan, you probably pinpointed your target demographic. You came up with a description of the type of people that would be interested in your business. The best way to get customers is to promote your business to this target market. So, all the marketing techniques you use should all be aimed at the target group. This makes it far more likely for you to get customers and have success.

Once you have customers, you want to make sure they stay loyal to you. You can keep bringing in new customers, but it won’t mean much if you’re losing your old ones. So, you have to find ways to keep you old customers. It’s really easy to do this, it all revolves around customer service. If you’re providing a great customer service, your customers will want to stay with you. You have to put them first and make sure you’re there to help. You should also consider offering deals and discounts to customers that have been with you for a long time. By doing this, you’ll make people want to stay with you in the hope that they’ll receive a special deal! It’s so important, for business success, that you keep your customers happy.

3. Your Reputation

The final building block to a successful business is your reputation. Businesses will live or die based on what people think of them. Those with a good reputation, tend to be successful whereas a business with a poor reputation tends to be unsuccessful.

But, what is a good business reputation? What separates the men from the boys?

In general, professionalism is seen as an important business trait. A professional business is a respected business. If you go about things in a professional manner, your reputation will increase. Your business will seem more authentic; people will take notice of this. To be professional, you should look to get an office. If you don’t have one, people may question your authenticity. You don’t look like a proper business. Thus, your reputation will diminish slightly.

Besides the above, it’s also important that your business acts within the confines of the law. If you do any shady work, you’ll start to get a certain reputation. People will look at your business as shady and think you’re trouble. Consumers will stay away because they’ve heard that you do illegal business. Make sure your business is obeying all laws, and its reputation won’t be threatened.

Having a good reputation is essential if you want a successful company. Hope these ideas help you build that business of your dreams.

3 Interesting Ways You Can Market Your Business More Effectively!

We all know how important marketing is to every business. Without it, your business would struggle to survive. Put in place the right marketing strategy and you will see “miracles” in your business!

While there are many ways you can deploy for your business marketing most are strenuous and cost a whole of lot of money. In this post you will learn 3 interesting ways you can market your business starting now. By simply using these methods you will see significant improvement and you’ll also enjoy using them!

Interested? Then let’s get started.

Effective business marketing tips

1. Build A Website

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we’re now living in a digital age. Technology is dominating everything, including business! So, you have to make use of technology and get your business up to speed.

One thing you can do is build a website to help market your business online. Think of a website as a digital place for people to find your business. There are so many people using the internet, and if you have a website, they’re more likely to find you.

Once you’ve built a website, you have to know how to market it properly. This means making sure it appears high up in the search engine rankings. You can use things like SEO and PPC to get your website up those rankings. The higher up you are, the more likely it is people will find your website when they search for things related to your business.

Websites are such an important marketing tool and an important thing for businesses to have in general.

2. Attend A Convention

Business conventions are a great opportunity for you to market your business to people in the flesh. It’s a wonderful way for you to directly promote yourself to others. You can talk to people face-to-face and show what you’re about. At the convention, you’ll be given the chance to set up your own marquee.

The key to a successful business convention is making sure you get your marquee spot on. It needs to be eye-catching and lure people in. It’s a good idea to hire some people to stand around your marquee and grab people’s attention, luring them in. Marquee Image Staffing offers a range of people that can fill this position for you. Getting some extra staff in can seriously benefit you.

In general, attending conventions should be on everyone’s list of things to do if you want to market a business successfully.

3. Create A Billboard Campaign

Billboard campaigns are an old school marketing method that still holds a lot of power in today’s world. It’s a simple concept; you just have a large advert displayed on various billboards in an area of your choosing. If you’re a local business, it makes sense to have them on billboards in the surrounding area.

What’s great about billboard campaigns is that billboards are typically found in good places. They will be by traffic lights, or opposite a bus stop. Places where people are likely to be waiting around and stare at them.

If you want to create a successful billboard campaign, you have to get the actual advert right. Make sure the design is on point and that it’s an attention grabber. You want people to look at it and then keep looking at it. Rather than give it a glance, then look away. Also, make sure your advert clearly shows what your business does.

Take Away

The business arena is getting more competitive by the day. If you want to see success you need to market your business and do so not just by doing what others are doing. Try out the above business marketing methods and you’ll not set yourself apart but also see good returns.

So, what are your interesting ways of marketing a business? Or, have your used any of these methods in your business marketing? Share your experience with us below in the comments section.

3 Amazing Simple Tips & Tricks That Will Help You Get More Customers!

What do a business need to stay relevant in the marketplace?

Know it, right? Yes, it’s creating CUSTOMERS!

All businesses need to have a strong base of customers. Without customers, your business won’t be able to make money. This is why it is said, the customer is king!

The problem for many is how to create that strong customer base. And so, if you are having challenges on this, no problem. Here are three simple ways you can increase your customer base:

How to get more customers

1.    Free Stuff!

People love getting things for free. It doesn’t matter what they are, if it’s free, people are going to want it. So, giving out free stuff is a great way to try and gain more customers.

Now, you could give out free products/services but that’s not always the best way to do it. I’d suggest you get some catalogue printing done and post them into all homes in your area. This way, you’ve now got hundreds of homes with a free catalogue that has your business’s products/services in. You’re almost forcing them to pay attention to you.

If you slap a big ‘free’ icon on the front, people will take more notice too. It also makes things convenient for them; they have a list of everything you offer with them at all times. Giving out a free catalogue is a brilliant way to boost your customer base.

2.    Incentives!

Offering incentives is another excellent method of getting customers. No doubt you’ve seen businesses offer things for ‘new customers only’. This is because they’re trying to increase the amount of customers they have.

If you offer deals for new customers, they’re far more inclined to use your business. You can give them discounts on their first purchase or offer a buy one get one free deal.

My personal favorite would be to offer something that rewards them for using you again. For example, if you buy a product/service now, then you get it half price the next time. It’s a good way to guarantee that you get a customer and then reel them back in for further purchases.

Incentives are always a great idea if you’re struggling for customers.

3.    The Internet!

You have to make good use of the internet if you want to run a successful business. There are loads of ways you can gain customers online. The most obvious of which is to have a functional website. This is a portal for people to go and find out about your business. You may even have products/services available to buy online. If you correctly market the website using SEO etc. then you’ll soon find your business attracting more customers.

Also, social media is another great way to find customers. It allows you to communicate with everyday people, wherever they may be. It’s much easier than walking up a street and trying to talk to potential customers. With social media, the interaction is instant and a lot less awkward for everyone. Interacting on social media is a fine way to promote your business and get people interested in using you.


Remember your customer base is your secret to creating an on-going success. If you use these three tips, then you will definitely see an influx of customers. The key is keeping these customers happy. If they’re unhappy, then they’ll leave you for another business. Once you’ve got them, make sure you do your best to ensure they’re happy. It’s that simple!

Over to you: What other ways would you suggest that will help a business to create more customers? Share your thoughts with is the comments below.

Five Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring SEO Experts

Hiring SEO experts

SEO is big news in business circles these days. In fact, it is that big that almost every business now use some SEO within their marketing strategy.

If you take it further and say, starting a successful business in 2015 without SEO would be akin to failure, you’ll not be far from the truth! This is another reason why you would want to hire experts in SEO if you are not confident of doing it yourself.

But, is it as easy as hiring an expert and instantly succeeding?

No, you need to do your research first and ask a couple of essential questions.

In this article I want to share with you some questions you need to ask before engaging SEO experts to handle the SEO needs of your website. of course, you know you’re investing your hard earned money, right? So if you don’t want to pump money into an investment that will produce any ROI then you want to listen up!

Ready? Then let’s get started…

1. How Will You Improve My Search Engine Rankings?

Every search engine optimization company you come across should tell you how they plan to tackle the issue. They are not giving away trade secrets to the enemy by revealing this information, so stay clear of companies that don’t cooperate. How else are you supposed to understand how they will perform? Also, they should tell you how long it will take to do complete the job. A few of the things you are looking out for are technical reviews of your website and “on page” optimization. Both will weed out any broken links and make your website as search engine friendly as possible.

2. Do You Follow Webmaster Guidelines?

You want a company that does adhere to these guidelines because that is how search engines rank their websites. The Webmaster guidelines are there to make sure fake links and spam content are not used to drive up the websites. If they don’t adhere to these rules, the likelihood is that your site will suffer. Google and other engines will spot it straight away and lower your ranking as a result.

3. Can You Guarantee Me Top Spot?

When a company says ‘yes, of course, we can’, seriously consider dropping them from your list. In all honesty, it is impossible to guarantee results. That is mainly because search engines move the goalposts and mainly because there is a lot of competition. Even the best SEO companies in the business won’t guarantee you top spot in the rankings, so no other SEO company should guarantee it either.

4. Can I Have A List Of Your Current & Past Clients?

It is important that you have access to unbiased and impartial reviews. Also, you want a list of their customer base to make sure they are telling the truth. A lot of companies will take the risk and lie to you about all kinds of topics. SEO is incredibly important, so don’t take the risk. Ask around for information and validation of the company you are thinking about choosing.

5. How Do You Measure Success?

Measuring success is important because you both need to be on the same page. They might think they have done their job while you are not happy with the performance. All it takes is communication and a set of goals that you would like to achieve.


Indeed, there are plenty more questions you could ask, but these are the most basic and important. the answers you receive from these questions will readily help you assess what type of SEO expert you’re about hiring.