4 Groovy Ways To Improve Your Employees Morale for Better Results!

As a business owner you want to drive more results from your business, or don’t you?

But have you thought about the morale of your employees and how it affects your business results?

Of course, you might have all the resources in place for your business to thrive but if the people who work with these resources lack the encouragement and zest, your business will only suffer for it.

There is no doubt that to make your business run in the best possible way you need to keep staff morale high at all times. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can lower the morale of your staff. It is important that you are aware of these factors so you can combat them. You should do whatever you can to improve the morale of your employees because doing that will put your business on the profit lane and keep it there.

Did I hear you ask, how do I do this?

Well, here are a few ways to help get you started.

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1. Stop Micromanaging

If you’re someone who likes to micromanage you need to stop. Now. Seriously. It may seem like a good idea at face value, but it’s often not. Your staff don’t want to feel like you’re constantly watching them all the time. This makes them feel like you don’t trust them, or you’re trying to monitor them in secret. This can often bring morale down and alienate the workforce, leading to a drop in productivity. If you want to improve staff morale, you need to stop with the micromanagement and give your staff more freedom. Showing you trust them will improve morale to no end.

2. Hire an Employment Lawyer

It’s important for you, as the boss, to show your staff that you care about them. You have to let them know that their feelings and their rights as employees are important to you. The best way to do this is to have a look at employment law in Warrington and hire a solicitor. They will be well placed to tell you about your employee's rights. They’ll also cover issues such and health & safety, maternity leave and discrimination. Taking the time to learn about all these things shows your employees that they matter to you. That they aren’t just numbers or statistics. By treating them like people you make them happier.

3. Have Casual Days

The work environment can often be high intensity. Working for a small business is difficult and can be full of stress and uncertainty. You need to come up with ways to try to lighten the move and make people happier and more relaxed. But at the same time you don’t want there to be a negative effect on the working day. One of the most awesome ways you can do this is to have a casual day or numerous casual days each week. This is where the staff are permitted to come into work wearing anything they want. Encourage people to showcase their personalities as much as they can. This will help your staff feel more comfortable when they’re at work and should lead to an improvement in morale.

4. Support a Local Cause

A more original idea for helping to increase the morale is to get the business to support a local cause. This might be petitioning for something or raising money to help a charity. You can ask your staff for suggestions about what local causes they might suggest. Getting involved in the community shows that you care, and you want to give something back. It shows that you aren’t just interested in making money. This is good for your staff to see. You might also find that the cause you’re supporting is close to their hearts. It’s important to employees that the business shares their beliefs and values. And as such you might see a much happier and more contented staff base.


Your employees are an important part of your business. To get the best from them you must always be on the watch that they are well incentivized and motivated to produce the best results. Put the above morale boosting tips into use today and you will be sure to see your business producing better results.

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