How NOT to Make Life Difficult For Your Customers. Make Them Fall in Love with You!

Making the customer experience a pleasant one is something that many businesses take for granted. But this shouldn’t be.

You’ll agree that there are so many options open to the customer these days than we have had at any time in the history of mankind. Any business therefore that makes life more difficult for the customer instead of making it easier for them, do not realize what harm they are doing to themselves.

This might surprise you but it’s the truth all the same. According to a study some time past by Bain & Company, 60-80% of customers who reported being satisfied do not go back to do more business with the company that initially satisfied them!

This means beyond making a customer like you, you should aim at turning the customer into a promoter. And this can only happen when you make life easier for them.

Before now doing this has always been a problem because, like we have said already, customers have so many different choices. However, with the technological advances of our time businesses can now have a relationship that is “inter personal” with every single customer they serve.

So, do you desire a powerful customer experience? Then simply seek out ways to know how the life of a customer proceeds so you can make it easier for them instead of adding more to their complicated life situations.

Think about it. You are likely a customer yourself, at least in some small capacity. This means that you have at least a slight understanding about how consumer attitudes work, and how to improve them. As someone in the process of running a business, it pays to know how these things come together.

Making life difficult for your customers is easier than you think. Doing this can impede your potential revenue, and overall success as a firm.

How to Make Life easier for Your Customers

How to Make Life EASIER for Your Customers

1. Respect Your Customers

It’s so easy for businesses to fall into the ‘common denominator’ perspective of marketing. This might mean using overly catchy jingles within the scope of strange advertisement campaigns. It might mean the general dumbed-down branding your corporation uses. It might even mean how you expect your staff to interact with the customers they encounter. Customers in the modern-day expect a form of respect. This means respecting their intelligence.

Acting as a cool corporate mouthpiece is much more important than hammering your brand home as hard and wide as possible. If you manage to subtly market through allowing your customers to partake in ‘inside humor,’ a feeling of loyalty and crafting a narrative around your firm customers can feel included with, you have a much more refined strategy to forming and retaining customers.

2. Allow Them to Pay

It’s ridiculous to consider how many businesses might neglect overall maintenance over the acquisition and retention of funding.

Allow your consumers to pay. This means scheduling website maintenance and downtime for the lowest expected period of website traffic. It also means allowing for promotional deals and materials to be available around the heightened frequency of these times. It means making sure your credit card machines are in order and well functional at the very least.

Additionally, you could also develop incentives for customers to continually stick with your firm. There are so many choices online that the lack of care here might make you lose thousands in revenue.

Foster brand loyalty through excellent customer service, repeat and personalized promotional material, as well as hidden free extras. This way, purchasing power feels worth it, and it will certainly be directed towards you in the future.

Foster brand loyalty through excellent customer service

3. Support

You need to be active and aware regarding all support requests leveled towards you. This means sometimes investigating the difficulty a client is facing first and foremost.

Identifying issues might take time, and it might lead to nasty truths about your systematized business practices. Always looking for a solution and learning from the smallest issues could afford you potential BIG breaks in the future potential of your firm. It will also help you develop a corporate attitude in which the customer is key, and this is the cardinal rule of most successful firms.

Invest in your support as much as possible. It will grant you the keys to not only sustain your audience, but to develop a positive relationship there.


While creating a customer experience that is exceptional may be a huge challenge is however something that every business that desires good results must commit to. This is most important at a time like this when the customer wield enormous powers.

Using the above tips you can be sure that the interactions between you and your customer base will produce the results you crave for.

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