Virtual Office Services: The Savvy Entrepreneurs’ Super Strategy for Saving on Business Cost!

Are you thinking of starting your own business but you don’t want to commit to some expensive office space right now?

Does the idea of running your business virtually, operating from wherever you wish, something that is interesting to you?

Then investing in virtual office services is what you should consider.

What Is A Virtual Office?

According to Wikipedia,

“A virtual office provides address (and sometimes communication) services for a fee, without providing dedicated office space. It differs from “office business centers” or “executive suites”, which do provide physical office space and/or meeting rooms.”

The idea of virtual office services developed from executive suites, which offer a full range of office services plus office space. It’s simply a modern invention which combines technology and smart use of resources. However, it must be noted that virtual office companies don’t offer their clients more office space.

Benefits of Virtual Offices

How Does A Virtual Office Work?

When you get a virtual office you’re getting a real business address with a lot of other real office facilities attached. You can put the business address on your business cards, letterheads and other company correspondence.

When prospective clients or customers desire information about your business and they call the dedicated line assigned to you, it will be answered and the message relayed to you.

Benefits of Virtual Office Companies

There are lots of benefits that virtual offices offer to business owners in our today’s world. But for this post we will only look at a few of them.

1. Easily Adapt To Your Company’s Busy Seasons

One of the best benefits of contracting with a virtual office company is the ability to easily adapt to your company’s busy seasons. A virtual office company, such as Solid Cactus, can easily adapt to finishing orders after business hours and on weekends. Solid Cactus, in ensuring that you do not miss any orders, can easily increase the number of hours and personnel assigned to your company.

They can also use ecommerce platforms to fill or fix orders. Using your company’s selected systems, Solid Cactus can easily complete all the paperwork required each day. They are able to provide you with reports on the orders they process for you.

If your business involves making appointments, Solid Cactus can handle this, too. They will schedule any home visits, deliveries or even luncheon appointments with your clients. They answer all telephone calls with a minimum of waiting and greet all customers in a professional manner.

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2. Work From Anywhere

Virtual offices give you the freedom of working from anywhere you choose.

This is great if you have always desired your own lifestyle business  – a business that allows you to travel the world, living the lifestyle of your dream, while you build your business.

This is the dream of many today as they now take advantage of the available technology and run their businesses on the go – without any physical office. So, if you’re a lifestyle business entrepreneur virtual office services are just great!

Work From Anywhere

3. Expand Your Business With Minimal Overheads

Every wise entrepreneur would readily jump at any growth opportunity. This is why many are also taking advantage of globalization, and the available technology, to spread their business tentacles to locations that were before now outside their reach.

Unfortunately, expanding to new locations comes with some extra cost. For example, you need things like office space and new equipment in the new location. But with the availability of virtual office services you don’t have to invest in a physical office space and whatever other material that is needed to run the office.

In fact, a virtual office company, like Solid Cactus as we have seen above, will help you run your business operations in the new location at a minimal cost to you.

4. Grow Your Business With Ease

A virtual office company is also a great way to grow your business. When you move into a new area or launch a new product, you can try it out without making permanent commitments to space and staffing. Using the services of a virtual office company you can pitch your products at your customers to find out if your customers like your product or not, whether they want it in a different color or in a different form.

So, don’t forget to investigate using a virtual office company like Solid Cactus to build your brand. Doing so is missing out on a great helpmate.

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Some Specialized Services from Virtual Office Companies

Virtual Office Services

While virtual offices were initially about providing a real business office address and some services like receiving business calls and such like, these days many virtual office companies like Solid Cactus now offer business marketing services that will increase your sales. Some of these services include upselling, performing customer calls, and handling credit problems.

Because many business sales these days are concluded by email this has become one of the specialized services that virtual office companies like Solid Cactus also handles. Whatever your business’s email need, they will handle it all. As the owner, you can determine which items to return to you for further action. This way, you are kept abreast of any problems with your business.

Another specialized virtual office service that Solid Cactus offers is echat. This allows direct communication over the internet with your customers and the employees of Solid Cactus. Your customers don’t have to wait to have their questions answered anymore. And this is great for your business as excellent customer service is a known driver of sales to any company.

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Virtual offices, and the services they provide, are growing in popularity by the day. This is because of the many benefits they offer businesses. This is in addition to the many changes happening in the economy. For example, the rise of internet businesses and the desire of many to work virtually. Used in conjunction with the available technology today they do not only save you money on rent but allow you to access valuable business services at a minimal cost.

So, whether you’re just getting started with your business and you want to save cost or you’re thinking of expanding to new locations, investing in some form of virtual office service is something you should consider.


  1. Anup pathak

    This is very useful information for me as I do not want to take headache of physical office. I understand that office address is required for a business to be authentic and if there is a virtual office then what else required.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. chandigsdfghyt

    It is not the virtual office assistance does not require anything. However, it may not require office space, and other things but it require your time, mind and strategy to manage the virtual assistant. You have to make a strategy to manage him and take work from him for maximum output.

  3. Denis Cardoza

    One thing you can do is see if a Business Incubator is in your area.And the other thing I’ve seen work out very well are offices suites where there is one reception area, a conference room, etc — but 4-5 offices attached to it. Again, you’ll have an “office and conference room”.

  4. Bala

    A virtual office appeals to workers because it offers the convenience of working from anywhere. Companies, especially start-ups, are enchanted because expenses on leasing and running a workplace are banished.
    Thanks for sharing the useful information.

  5. mai

    This must be the longest article to read but for somebody who is practicing , its worth it.
    I think you have just nailed it and to some of us, most of of these are still a mystery , we don’t totally get some of these facts.


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