6 Dead Easy Ways to Drive Repeat Visit to Your Business Website

Easy ways to drive repeat traffic

Setting up a website for your business is not much of a problem these days. However, the challenge lies is in generating the right type of traffic to your website. but beyond that, you need to ensure that that people keep coming to your site after their first visit.If you are driving website visitors but they do not return after their initial visit your chances of success will be slim. when this happens it means you will be faced with the problem of continuously going out there to look for new people to visit. this is not only costly but also tasking.

The question therefore is, how do you make your site visitors to keep coming back after their first visit?

There are a few things you can do. But it all starts with you offering them something worthwhile.  Your website content must not only be interesting but also fresh and up to date, meeting the challenges of the moment.

Here are 6 simple suggestions on how you can drive repeat website visitors:

1. Articles

Articles give your visitor something to read. Undoubtedly, sometime in the future, you customer will have a question, or want more information about the product or service that they received from your business. If the articles pertain to your business and the products and services that you offer, then they will be able to access the information.

The good thing is that you do not need to write these articles yourself. If you are promoting an affiliate product you can post the information about the product directly from the package, or maker’s website. However, you need to read the terms of use before you doing this.

Also, you can use articles from article directories. There are several of such article directories online that provide good, quality content at no cost to you. What you simply need do is visit the directories, search for articles that are related to your business, and then copy and post the article to your website. Most times the only terms you must observe article directories is that you provide a link back to the original author’s website.

2. Contests

This has been proven to work wonders when it comes to driving repeat website visits. The simple reason is that people love to be winners! When you offer contests on your site (especially if they change frequently) you give your site visitors something to come back for. Besides this, when the visitor signs up for the contest you can also include a link to your newsletter.

The secret to succeeding with this strategy is to change the contest frequently. This could be weekly, monthly, or semi-annually. Your type of business will determine the frequency for changing your contest. The more, the better.

3. Coupons and Discounts

This is another strategy that works so well. Providing coupons or discounts for your previous clients is simple way of enticing them to return to your website. A few ideas on how to use the coupons include:

  • A buy one get one free.
  • A specific percent discount (such as 10%)
  • Free or discounted shipping

For discounts, these are easy to administer once you have a shopping cart. The typical way of administering discounts is through a code. For example, a code word such as “springtime” allows customers with the code word to receive a discount.

On the other hand, you can provide a printable coupon on your site, and accept it at your physical location if you are selling products offline.

4. Forums

Forums provide something that everyone craves: conversation.

If a forum is provided on your site, the visitor will have a reason to visit your website frequently, whether it be to ask a question when help is needed or to keep up on a conversation.

You can host your forum from your site, or choose to use a third party forum. Whatever your preference should be will be determined by what is best for your business.

5. Blogging

Believe It or not, people are interested in what you have to say! A blog will not only allow you to update your clients on your business and life, but it also gives you a great opportunity to add those much needed keywords to your website.

There are quite a few free applications available that make blogging easy. One of the most popular you can use today is WordPress. You don’t have to be some tech geek to install and use wordpress. However, if you are challenged setting up your wordpress blog you can check out my free wordpress installation service.

6. Newsletter

A newsletter is one of the best ways to keep your visitors coming back time and time again.

You will want to include part of a unique article or tip in your newsletter, and then a link to the rest. This will force your viewers to visit your site to get the remainder of the story.

Once again you do not have to write all the content yourself. Using free article directories will cut the time it takes to put a newsletter together in half.


Your business site is the hub of your online business. There is no doubt that your success depend greatly on the website. This is because this is where your potential customers interact with your business. It is therefore important that you constantly keep visitors on the site.

But instead of always going out to look for new traffic to your site, it will definitely pay you more if you can find ways of keeping those who have visited the site to come back again. The suggestions on this post will greatly help you do this with ease.

Over to you: What other suggestions have helped you to drive repeat visitors in the past? Are there any you think are not effective today? Share your thoughts with us in your comments below.

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