Revealed: The Top Reason Why Over 95% Of Bloggers Fail!

Top Reason Why Many Bloggers Fail!

There is a pathetic phenomenon happening around the blogosphere of late. More and more bloggers are abandoning their blogs. In the past few months I have personally counted about a dozen of such bloggers MIA (Missing In Action!)

The amazing thing is that most of these bloggers are actually some of those whom you may have looked up to as “successful bloggers!”

Now, no matter what reasons these bloggers may have given for their action, we really should be concerned because, personally, I believe no one changes or abandons a winning team!

In another post I wrote on this same topic when I asked the question:

Why Are You Not Making Money With Your Blog?

While that post identify basically what I called the “bloggers' mindset” as the main culprit why many bloggers fail to make money online with blogging, I have realized, after about 5 years of running different blogs and interacting with different bloggers, that this problem is actually playing out in different ways.

In this post therefore, I want to reveal to you what I have uncovered after writing that earlier post.

So, Why Do 95% Of Bloggers Fail?

Please note that what I referred to as the “bloggers' mindset” in the post referenced above has not really changed (you are advised to read it here), today I'm seeing this played out in what I'll simply call the…

“Herd Mentality”

In my 5 years as a blogger I have seen this to top the list in the manifestation of the bloggers' mindset.

It's simply an attempt by many bloggers to “belong” which unfortunately leads them to end up doing just what everyone out there is doing!

Take a trip today round the blogs you have always frequented and you will agree that this is true. Not only will you find the same bloggers posting comments, you will also discover that there is nothing really different in their content – the same tips and strategies; the same dos and don’ts and a common hatred for the probloggers whose tactics and strategies are drastically different from theirs!

None of these bloggers ever question why all the bloggers who read their so-called “expert tips” and strategies every day never go on to become 5-figure bloggers! They never care to question why the same set of bloggers run around the same set of blogs posting comments, meeting on social media and doing other same things over and over again!

They may not know it but the truth is, this is simply the herd mentality in action!

Now, I do not doubt the fact that it is a good thing to build a community around your blog. But if you look critically you will discover that these bloggers are actually seeking for acceptance among others of their kind!

So, How Can You Escape This?

Mark Twain once said:

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect!”

I think this is the right advice to heed right away. Simply doing what everyone else is doing will only help you achieve the average results being posted by many of these bloggers.

You need to separate yourself from the herd!

Evaluate the crowd you are presently following and if you discover none of these are really posting the type of results you aim to achieve then it is time to step out!

Can you picture the wild for a moment?

Now, which of the animals usually run in herds? They are the prey, right? And why do they do so? Of course, they believe that makes them safer.

How about predators?

These either stay in small groups or run alone!

This is NOT different online.

There are the “producers” and there are the “consumers.” A simple look around will convince you that the “producers” online actually run in small groups. They are always coming up with one product launch after another while the “consumers” (those who have the herd mentality) fall over themselves to either promote or buy these products. In doing this they create a stiff competition among themselves – a competition that is heightening by the day and is now seeing more and more of those in this group being “pushed” off the cliff!

Blogging Is Hard Work; Except With The Right Systems!

You need a blogging planIt is amazing that while bloggers who have the herd mentality are throwing in the trowel a few other bloggers are evolving into business conglomerates with their own systems. For example, started as a one-man blog a few years ago but today it is a business with well over 115,000 unique customers with a team of employees!

Even with its many employees, understands the rigors of moderating and replying to blog comments. And, what did they do to solve the problem?

Removed blog comments!

That one decision, instead of helping those who have always preached that you MUST reply to every comment if you want to succeed as a blogger see reason, it rather spiked a lot of debate amongst them.

The irony of it all is that they ended up linking back to thereby giving the site some more free promotion and SEO juice!

Herds Are NEVER Followed but Led Or Fed Upon!

Making money online is like the predator and the prey in the wild

Like I have mentioned earlier, animals that move in herds are always seeking for protection. They are either led by someone else or they fed upon by the “predators.” They are never leaders. So if you desire to lead, if you ever desire to set the pace for others to follow, then it is time to step out of the herd.

You simply need to stop running with the crowd. And you can do this by setting your own rules, questioning the status quo and of course reevaluating your blogging activities. You need to take responsibility for your actions instead of relying some one else.

Of course, if you are just starting out, all of these may seem overwhelming.  But you need not despair because the truth is you are in luck. You can get this 7-Part  Special Guide that reveals the CORE areas you must focus on in order to build your online success. After you have understood the fundamentals you will be able to move on to form your own rules and judgments.

However, if you have gotten stuck with the “herd mentality” and its damnable ideas, you’ll need to do yourself some good and un-learn those things! The truth is I may not be able to help you except you make that decision yourself.

So, the decision is yours to make. Feel free to go run with the herd or pull away today!

I’ll love to read your comments. Whether you like this or not, let me know what you think.


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