5 Solid Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Afford NOT to Be Online!

If you say we live in a totally changed world today you are definitely not far from the truth. The advent and popularity of the internet has changed everything in our world – talk of communicating, researching, sharing things/ideas, or even things like booking your flights/train ticket, everything is now being done online. All around the globe, people now spend more time and do more things over the web simply because of the ease and convenience of the internet.

Now, what does this mean for your business?

A lot indeed! If you have a business and you are yet to have a web presence for that business then you are simply sabotaging your own success. This is because the internet is the best medium to promote and market any business in our today’s economy. Research shows that more and more people now turn to online search engines and other online resources for information on their every day needs. Many will readily do a Google search before making a decision to buy a particular product. Just look around you and you will discover that phone books and yellow pages are fast becoming obsolete!

Your business should be onlineIf you want to boost the chances of your business therefore it is important that you get a business website or blog for your business as that will help in having your presence felt over the web. Even if it’s just about showcasing your business contact details or simply having few pages about your business for the modern day consumers who prefer to carry out their research online, the results would surprise you!

The moral of this? You simply cannot keep your business away from the web.

Now, let’s check a few of the reasons for the same as under:

Accessibility 24 x 7

Once you have your business presence over the web, you simply keep your office or store available over the web open for 24 x 7. You may sleep at 10 pm, but your business would be open all the time to cater the online customers coming to you. In this way, you and your business remains accessible all the time, without giving the customer any reason to opt for some other option. Having an online presence in the form of a website or a blog or even via a social media profile would give the customers to inquire or place any order for a particular product or service you are offering. This can therefore reduce the probabilities of customers’ mind getting changed as you are never closed before they get the opportunity to take any action.

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Reach Out Further and Much Wider

Having a web presence opens a whole lot of opportunity for you to reach a much wider of potential clients or customers. Without having the online presence you are simply limited to a certain number of customers who come in touch with you in your office or physical store.  However, the moment you go online, your reach becomes beyond the imagination. You are now connected to the entire globe, which means there is no end or physical boundary that comes in your way. Thus people accessing your web can be reached by your business later since you have better technology to find out about them and reach to them.

Get Your Business Rated

There is a proverb; no publicity can be called as a bad publicity, which some people would believe that it is not often true. But by having your company/business reviewed online can prove out to be a proven business booster. As per the Harvard Business School study, there is a tangible amount of boost in revenue whenever any business gets a positive rating over the review sites or blog. The local reviews over the web seem to be playing its part more than the older and traditional methods of building up a good reputation in the market place.

Customer Service Becomes an Easier Task

By getting online and connecting with your customers over the web, things like customer service become a soft nut to crack. You do not require much time or efforts in getting connected with the consumers the best. By having a small list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) over the web can really slash down the amount of time you invest about the comment questions to the customers.

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Beat the Brick and Mortar Prices

One of the key reasons to make your business online is to beat the prices of your product or services and make them more competitive. Beyond simply having an online presence for your physical store, you can certainly think of skipping the bricks once for all in the favor of the pixels that are significantly very much costly. You can very easily avoid that hefty kind of start up money by keeping your business venture online in a great way. In fact, carrying out business online can really save lots of money owing to the less recurring cost in comparison to the brick and mortar stores.

Final word

Considering the wide range of reasons and benefits you enjoy over the web by having your business online, more and more businesses are treading this path. So, if you are yet to choose this path, think again as no one in this world can afford to be away from the online world considering its huge amount of popularity and easy accessibility.

So, what do you think of businesses having an online presence? Share your thought with us in your comments below.


  1. Theodore Nwangene

    An amazing post Cloudia,
    And, welcome to Web Income Journal. Having your business online is what any business cannot afford to avoid.

    There are many benefits to it and, any business that is not online or, that is not planning to create an online presence will soon disappear into the tin air.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mitch

    Hey Claudia,
    Excellent points, i’m gonna be using these examples when promoting our web design services, i just would add, that for businesses, A website is easier, cheaper and quicker to update than print materials. (brochures , flyers etc …).
    so a web would provide users with more comprehensive dynamic information, and will save you money on printing and distribution costs as well.
    Many thanks and Best wishes!

  3. Matt

    I would say the the benefits of being online surpass any possible cons. Many business owners might see it as a time consuming project but the truth is that nowadays you need to be online in order to be able to beat your competitors. In addition to that, I think it is amazing to have the possibility to have access to your potential customers in such a strong and direct way!

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