10 Money Saving Apps for Business

Every business, to the owner, exist to provide that life that guarantees enjoying the good things of life. But to achieve this, the business needs to make money in its operation.  Part of making money as a business also involve saving the one that you have made. This is important because every single part of money you spent in the business is important.

So, based on a search data, a list of best money saving apps for business purposes is listed below. Whatever the type of business you are running right, I do hope these apps will be help to you.

1. Azimo:


In a business, you often need to transfer money to your clients or other people. If you chose any traditional money transfer method, you will have to spend a lot of money and time on it. This app, Azimo, helps you to transfer money from the UK to over 100 countries around the world. The charges are only 1% of the amount you need to transfer, subject to a maximum of 15 pounds per transaction.

2. azimo:


Travelling is a main and necessary part of any successful business. For travel purposes, you need to book hotel rooms at different locations around the world, where finding the cheapest and the best deal may take a lot of your ample time. This app helps you find the cheapest hotels and websites providing the best deals. In addition, it helps you locate a nearest hotel.

3. Trivago: 


Like many other apps available for shopping purposes, this app is counted among the best of its category. It helps you to find the cheapest price available for the product in the market by scanning the barcode of the product. It provides you with the best prices from stores around you or from any online store.

4. Redlaser:

While travelling out of your country for business purposes, you need to exchange your currency for the one that will be used in the country you are planning to visit. Retail dealers or shopkeepers may bite your pockets by quoting false rates, while currency converter app keeps you updated with the latest conversion rates, saving you from false heavy expenses.

5. Currency Converter:

Travelling to any unknown city makes you think a lot before taking money out of your pocket as you may be charged high prices by the local shopkeepers since you are unknown to that place. This app helps you in providing inside information on where you can go for better service and products and saves you money and time.

6. TripDoc:

Imagine you are going for a business deal and you need to refuel your automobile on the way and you can’t decide where to get a refill, since, the fuel prices keep on changing with time. This app provides you complete information about nearest fuel stations with their prices.

7. Gas Buddy: 

This website helps persons to track their business expenses online by synchronizing their financial accounts. Similar to the online way, it also has a mobile app that lets you keep a check on your expenses and helps you control the flow of your money.

8. Mint.com: 

In case a meeting for a business is arranged at immediate basis and you don’t have time to look for cheaper hotels, this app provides you same day booking discounts in hotels.

9. Hotel Tonight: 

With this app you can save a lot over your data plans, which you need to, keep in touch regularly with your business mates.

10. Onavo Extend: 


This app helps you save your messaging bills by providing free message service allowing you to save a lot over promotions and communication.

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