5 Crucial Steps To Hosting A Successful Online Meeting Easily

Free online meetings is quick becoming the in thing. this is because they can help you make the right business decisions and trounce the competition. If you want to join the new wave of business success then you should be thinking of hosting your own online meetings or webinars.

Every blogger needs to create a lasting impression on her readers. Bloggers are fed up with generic ideas like “ways to drive traffic to your blog” and the likes.

Success begins with proper understanding of how people react to new trends and what motivates them to take action. The first copy I wrote failed woefully, because I failed to take crucial steps. I don’t know about you or what you desire in your business. But here are five crucial steps to host a successful online meeting without biting your finger.

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1.    Have an Attack Strategy

Yes, with an attack strategy, every online meeting idea will scale smoothly. But when you blindly invite people to come without proper planning, you’ve already failed even before starting.

An attack strategy could be a way to capture readers’ interest. I’m not talking about capturing their details as in list building (very vital though), but engaging your guests is the first assignment that needs to be pinned. Online meeting isn’t about gathering people together to rank about the political situation of your country, except you’re a politician. But it’s a time to flash your mind back – analyze your life, what you did well and what you failed to do.

2.    Invite the right people

Drive traffic to your blog have become a cliché. But we can’t stop talking about it. Truth is: you don’t need thousands of people to make a successful online meeting. In fact, stop asking people to come and visit your blog. Do something to earn that trust in a natural way.

Instead of inviting everyone that may not be inclined to participate, buy your products and subscribe to your services-recommendation, stay off course and aim for the right persons.

I know the difference between targeted traffic and generic traffic. I’ve a micro blog with 6 pages online, the daily traffic is just about 14 but I still earn over $400 from this blog alone. Aim for few responsive and credible webinar candidates and accelerate your success.

3.    Online meeting, Take Time

Online meetings rely on time.

Time is the currency of the earth. If you waste your time, you’ll have to struggle to get it back. You can earn all the money you want, network with powerful bloggers and business entrepreneurs. But you can never manufacture a single minute. You can use a popular site that offers free GoToMeeting.com promotion code and GoToWebinar discount code. It takes away the stress and delivers result on time.

We’re all given the same amount of time per day. 24 hours is barely enough for some people to get success, while others utilize only a fraction of it and today, they’ve millions and their impact in life is phenomenal.

Take time when putting together an online meeting. Don’t be in rush just because of hidden promises of riches from so-called marketing gurus. It’s true you can make money organizing a webinar or blog contest, but there is a due process that comes with it. Take your time, plan your attack and initiate success easily.

4.    Examine your thoughts

What is going through your mind as you plan to gather people together? A friend of mine had an idea to host a guest posting contest in 2010. Before I knew what was happening, I saw his banner scattered across several blogs. When I asked him what he has in stock, his reply wasn’t realistic.

Unfortunately, this guest posting contest didn’t go too well. He failed woefully and decided to quit blogging because he thought it was difficult. I ask you again, “what is your thoughts right now.” Do you think it’s easy to predict how people would react to your latest webinar ads? Think about this as you decide on what you want.

Don’t be too hasty in making decisions. Take your time isn’t an insult, it’s a nudge to tread carefully.

5.    Eliminate Fear No Matter How Little

The sky is always falling for some people. Are you one of them?

If you want to succeed online in meeting with people, organizing a webinar or hosting a guest posting contest, you’ve got to eliminate fear. You see, no matter how little, fear can destroy your chances of becoming a millionaire. If you ask successful stock investors and bloggers, you’ll discover that their success-path is similar.

Fear has killed and will continue to destroy dreams. If the Wright Brothers considered fear, there wouldn’t have been air-craft today. Or do you plan on inventing one yourself?

So, take away fear. Webinars are powerful and when properly harnessed, it can make a tremendous impact in both your personal and social life. Take heed to this advice, fear is a killer, kill it before it comes lurking around your formidable business.

When Webinar Fails

When a webinar or online meeting fails, who is to blame? Well, several factors contribute to it but the most common is “lack of preparation.

The better you’re prepared in life and business, the closer you’re to success. Get prepared, stay focused and achieve whatever you want this year – make that webinar count, it’s a priceless business decision. See you at the top!


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  1. Your five steps to hosting is too different from the other. Its very informative article. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Michael. That’s a very nice list. But I think you forgot one think. You’ll also going to need a great stable reliable connection for the Internet, to make sure your webinar went well.

  3. Hi Mike,
    Really it was worth reading. I read your last article “Split Testing Vs Niche Targeting: 3 Effective Tips From My Skin Care Blog.”. I love to see your article On My Blog also :). Thanks for sharing this type of worth article.

    ~Amit Shaw

  4. WOW! Amazing post, I always appreciate these kind of posts. I hope people will be able to understand value of these kind of posts. Cheers!

  5. GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar are both nice tools, but I need to pay for each. If you want to save $$ and have web/audio/video conferencing and webinar in one app, you may go with RHUB web conferencing appliance.

    • @Janet,

      Do you mean RHUB come free? I did a search for it and it appears there’s a cost to it. Can you clarify please?

      • @Chadrack,

        No. It is not completely free. RHUB is an “Appliance”, which means the server which does not need any IT maintenance (as you know, you do need to do maintenance work on servers). It does have a one-time payment, but
        you could get a RHUB 6-in-1 appliance with 3-5 month’s GoToMeeting’s subscription fees. After that, you use it unlimited without any cost.

        • @Janet,

          Ok, that was clear enough. Instead of paying monthly fees continuously, get the appliance for a one-time cost and save big $$$! 🙂

  6. I may now know about hosting online meetings and I am happy to know about it. I find this useful and valuable. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

  8. Online Meetings have become demand when it really comes to online marketing. This gives you the real way to understand the new methods or strategies properly. The most important thing which i think is to examine your thoughts whenever you host online meetings.

    • @bjohn,

      Online meetings are really becoming the in-thing these days and of course I look forward to hosting mine some day! 🙂

      BTW. what do you mean you have to examine your thoughts whenever you host online meetings?

  9. Worth reading post. Lack of preparation makes compromises the main purpose of the activity. So I guess included in the planning is the structure of the meeting and the technical requirements to make the activity successful. thanks for the ideas Michael.


  10. Nothing is more frustrating than doing tech support, while you’re trying to present your content.

  11. Nice post. Thanks for sharing

  12. Hi Michael,

    Great post! This is what I need. We and my comrades are planning to launch our first ever online meeting. Thanks for posting this.

  13. Great tips here. I would also recommend backing up your entire website or sql database often. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. This is cool and network bloggers should have online meetings to better share brilliant ideas and collaborate more often.

  15. nice step defined by you for arranging an nice and good online meeting

  16. Who said blogging is easy? Many times we have been working hard for our websites and something went wrong. There are many factors that contribute to fail. We must keep that in mind. Blogging is risky. Usually those who succeed, have released the limits, daring to make huge steps.
    Interesting article Michael thank you.

  17. As a businessmen I have web site but there have facing some problem in database at my site,What should I do now?

    • @James Martin,

      Well, Martins of course your comment appear to be off topic but all the same I think what you should do is to contact your web host. They are very good at helping out with things like this.

  18. Hi Chadrack,
    I am happy to visit this informative post.I am agreed with all 5 points especially the last one (Eliminate Fear No Matter How Little).You cant be much successful if you dont eliminate this factor.

  19. I really don’t trust anyone until I get to know them and they earn my trust. With so much going on these days I am even more skeptical when it comes to people online.

    • @cane furniture,

      You have a point there. That is why marketing online demands building trust with your target audience. From experience so far, having a blog can really help in building this trust. As you interact with your readers you are more open to sharing what will keep the relationship going.

      Thanks for the comment.

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