Content Marketing: 2013, the Year of the Helpers!

Let me once again say, welcome to 2013! I’m sure you are refreshed to launch out and win big this year after the holidays!

This post is actually my first official post on this blog this year. Yes, I did a post last week but that simply was a post to announce the winners of our Christmas giveaway contest. And so, in reality it was an extension of last year’s series!

Anyway, welcome to the Web Income Journal in year 2013. My desire for you this year is: fruitfulness, increase, good success, unprecedented results and you living your dream!

Now, have you noticed the excitement and great expectations around the blogosphere as we stepped into 2013?

You should because it is very glaring. Every where you turn, on nearly every blog and internet marketing website, the effect is electrifying! The trend was noticeable as 2012 was ebbing out and 2013 easing in.  In fact, many bloggers used the opportunity to write about their visions and plans for 2013.

Content Marketing in 2013 - Create Helpful Content

Change or Be Left Behind!

I’m sure you are also excited about great things happening this year, right? Ok, so let me ask you, what and what are you ready to change this year? Or, what on-going changes in the blogosphere are you prepared to take on to make that happen?

You know, you cannot continue to do the same thing and expect some change – someone defined that as insanity, right? Now, if that is so, how  do you expect  new results if you do not know what changes are happening in the market and take advantage of them?

Business professionals agree that one of the secrets to business success is understanding the trends and then moving on to positioning your business to take advantage of the changing trends! That is why you need to know the direction that the blogosphere and online business marketing is headed in 2013.

In this post I want to talk about one of the biggest changes which will impact the online marketing turf in 2013.

Content Marketing and the Concept of Helpers!

In 2012, one of the marketing strategies that gained traction is content marketing. With the many changes from Google aimed at sanitizing the search engines, and by extension the content publishing environment, online marketers now place more importance in providing quality content as a way of getting the attention of online shoppers.

Following this, the idea of content is king became more pronounced. But unfortunately to many, this simply means churning out content upon content. Their schedule became something like this:

  • Publish more content on their sites/blogs.
  • Publish more content on social media sites.
  • Submit more content to article directories.
  • Do more of guest blogging
  • Etc.

The reasoning? Put your content everywhere because content is king and the more the better!

Now, hear this: In 2013 content marketing (or content publishing which ever side you are in), will not just be about QUALITY or QUANTITY but about VALUE!

I touched briefly on this some time ago in another post, when I said: Content is not the king but VALUE is!

The truth is:  to win in the  new internet, your marketing content must be valuable to the user. And you know, that value is not determined by you but the user. Your content could be unique and well written, grammatically and otherwise, but if it is not helpful to the reader it is useless.

What is the message here?

If you are going to make any head way either as a blogger (content publisher) or as a content marketer (no matter what product or service you are marketing), you will need to picture yourself as a helper because 2013 is the year of the helpers and USEFUL and VALUABLE content will be the secret to winning online.

The days of article spinning and recycling content just because you want your content everywhere, is gone. 2013 is the year of originality and usefulness. If your content cannot help solve a problem or heal a pain for the reader, then your content have no place in the new scheme of things.

Without the fear of sounding like a broken record, let me repeat it: Content Is Not King, Value Is The Real King!”

Today, the online consumer is more curious and suspicious. Considering the volume of content that is being published every day, and knowing that we are time-strapped, we must aim to provide the right information in the most helpful way to enable the consumer make the right decisions and at the right time.

So, in 2013 whether you are a blogger or a product seller, think helpful content rather than just quantity.

Wondering how you can become a successful helper as a content marketer?

In Day Nine of the 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration series I gave some very useful tips that will help in the post: “Are You Willing to Play Second Fiddle?” Go and read it it now.

Understand this, 2012 saw content marketing move from it kindergarten stages to its adolescent stages. 2013 will witness its movement to its adult stages. And so, you cannot afford to ignore this concept of creating helpful content in 2013!

That is it for now from my end. I’ll love to hear your views on this and how you are aiming to provide helpful content in 2013.  Share your thought with us in your comments below.

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