How To Make Some Extra Money In Niche Markets This Christmas Season!

The Christmas season is here again. And as expected every savvy entrepreneur is up and about to make a gain of the situation. If you’re a follower of the Web Income Journal you’d have noticed that I’ve not been regular with updates on this blog these past couple of weeks. The simple reason is, I’ve been busy setting up a few automated niche blogs to promote Christmas specific products.

Yes, automated niche blogs is one system of making money online that I love so much. I’ve even talked about these in a few posts in the past. One reason why I love them is for the simple reason that though you can make money running just one blog but counting on that one blog to become one of the biggest in your target niche is a big gamble. For you to build a single large blog that you can live off, you’ll need to have thousands and thousands of visitors. And you can agree that this is one thing that is becoming really difficult lately.

Besides, remember that wise saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” Niche specific blogs are my own way of diversifying my “investment portfolio” online! Instead of putting all of my efforts to building a super blog in this make money online niche (I’m sure you already know how difficult that is anyway), I love putting some of my effort into building automated niche blogs.

This is something I touch extensively in my free email tutorial. I encourage you to sign up now to get a detailed training on the simple system I've been using. In this post I’ll simply give you a basic guide on how you can use niche blogs to make some extra money this Christmas season. The idea is to help you get a slice of the Christmas cake since the Christmas rush is on!

A Basic Guide to Setting Up An Automated Niche Blog

1. Decide On Your Target Niche:

The best way to do this at the moment is to look at the market and pick out the products that are hot in the market. Definitely since we are talking about the Christmas season, you should be looking towards gift items, Christmas decorations etc. Some of the tools I use in researching hot selling products right now are:

Google Products Search –

Amazon Best Sellers –

2. Join The Right Affiliate Programs:

Of course you want to make some money with your niche blog, right? Ok just asking 🙂 If you've done your research using the above tools getting an affiliate program will not be a problems. However, you can also do a specialized search on in order to find some decent affiliate products for your niche blogs. Personally I use google adsense in conjunction with amazon products for most of my niche blogs.

3. Set Up Your Niche Blog Using Fantatisco:

If your webhost does not support fantatisco then you’ll need to download and install wordpress manually. But I know that most webhost comes with this feature and by simply using it, you can set up your niche blog in less than 10 minutes!

Once your niche blog is set up you can customize the blog very quickly with a theme.  There are thousands of free themes you may want to download and use.  The next thing you need to customize your niche blog is to change the permalink structure. I’m sure as a blogger you know the importance of this.  I usually use /%postname%/.

4. Install The Right Plugins:

I divide these into two – the compulsory ones and the optional ones. The compulsory ones include Unique Article Wizard pluginWP VideoTube plugin and The XML Sitemap Generator plugin. The first two form the most important part of this system. They will supply you with the needed content for your niche blog. Once set up, the unique article writer will automatically post professionally written articles to your niche blog depending on the time scheduled by you. The video plugin on the other hand automatically post youtube videos based on your keywords.

The optional plugins include the SEO title tag plugin, the sociable plugin, and the WP related post plugin. Besides these ones, there are the ones I refer to as your affiliate companions. These plugins helps you make money with your content. The ones I use here are Wel!Amazon plugin and the Adsense Optimizer plugin.

5. Create And Assign A Static Home Page:

I simply love using a static home page for my niche blogs. The idea is to write a highly search engine optimized product review and set it as the home page. If you’ve done your keyword research very well you can easily get your niche blog home page up on the search engines without much effort. The beauty of this is that though your niche blog will continue to attract the search engines as your articles are being published, any visitor who arrives on your niche home page will be presented with your review article with your affiliate links! This ability to asign a static home page to your niche blog is another of the reasons why I prefer wordpress blogs for my niche sites.

The above is the basic guide I use for my niche blogs. Let my quickly say you may decide to buy a domain name based on your target niche. But for most of the niche blogs I set up this period, I simply used an existing domain name. What I did was to create subdirectories on some of my existing blogs and install the niche blogs. One good thing about this is that instead of beginning with a new domain on the search engines, you can take advantage of the old domain name rankings.

So, there you have it. I hope this will be of any help as you step out to get your own slice of the christmas bumper sales this season. Once again I encourage you to sign up for the detailed training on how to set up an automated niche blog by clicking here.

So what do you think about making some extra money this Christmas season setting up niche blogs? Post your comments below.

  1. Reply
    Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing December 21, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    Where does the content come from for these “auto-blogs”?

    • Hi Dennis, the content comes from various authors who are signed up with Unique Article Wizard. It’s just like you having an article directory and various authors posting articles to the directory. In this case, the posting is done by the plugin as set up by you. Of course the authors gain through their resource box linking back to them. You can use various ways to monetize the niche blog.

      You can also join the service as a writer. Your article will be spinned and sent to others using the plugin giving you the opportunity to get backlinks easily.

      Using this for a niche blog is just superb for me.

      • Reply
        Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing December 22, 2010 at 1:08 pm


        Ah OK then, much better. Normally, I see “auto-blog”, I think “scrape” as that is how they are usually created.

        • Yeah, I’ve seen much of that. Frankly, this system was created for article directories and bloggers who needs constant supply of content for their blogs. I simply give it a little twist to use for my niche sites. The content are not only fresh but are indexed easily by google.

  2. Nice share Chadrack!

    • It’s my pleasure. Checked on your blog and discovered you’re also into niche blogging. Will want to know if you do some automated niche blogs and what system you use.

  3. Great post Chadrack
    Any idea how I could subscribe to Unique Article Wizard?
    I think it might a good way to gain backlinks through my articles


    • Hi Amr, glad to know this is helpful. To suscribe simply follow the unique article wizard link in the post. On the webpage you have the option of either subscribing as an article contributor or downloading the plugin to recieve articles on your blog.

      It’s definitely a good means of building backlinks because your article is sent to hundreds of blogs and article directories with your links intact.

  4. Reply
    Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing December 24, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    Sweet, I’d auto blog using such a legit system. 😉

  5. Amazon is the best place to make money in the holiday season.

  6. I’m not much for auto-blogging, but here’s a simple trick that worked for me, in terms of monetizing your available traffic.

    Last Christmas, I made a little chunk of money from Amazon (enough to buy a Kindle) with next to no effort: by adding a generic sentence at the end of each post in my blog.

    Something along the lines of “By the way, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? If not, you may want to head out to *Amazon* while you have time!”

    Worked like a charm. People do a lot of shopping at Amazon during the holiday season… and if you’re the one referring them over, you get the commission for anything they buy!

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