Revealed: Why Paying For Facebook Advertising Is Worth the Money!

Facebook marketing for businesses

Social media is a brilliant way of engaging with your customers. It gives you the opportunity to solve problems and encourage them to buy stuff from you. As you can imagine, social networks like Facebook and Twitter have millions of users.

If you wanted to promote your brand online, there's no denying that social media is the way forward. Facebook is a social network popular with companies. You may know that they offer paid advertising opportunities on their platform.

Unfortunately, many marketers consider paying to advertise on Facebook as a bad business decision. They believe that all you need do is concentrate on updating your profile and providing useful content and you will achieve your marketing dreams.

Now, as much as this may sound interesting, as there is the hope of you saving advertising cost, the question is: Should you REALLY spend money and advertise on Facebook? Is it worth it?

The fact is, as much as you will want to save cost by not paying for Facebook ads, you must remember that that time is money. So, the answer to that question is a big YES!

Ok, I may need to expand on that. So, here’s…

4 Reasons Why You Should Pay For Facebook Advertising

1.    Facebook Allows You To Achieve Your Social Media Goals

You will no doubt be aware that the social network has a large user base. According to their website, Facebook has almost one billion active users each day.

As you can imagine, there are people from all walks of life that use the social network. It makes sense to use Facebook advertising because you can target your particular niche.

2.    You Can Test Different Ad Concepts Within The Same Campaign

One thing I love about Facebook is the flexibility in its advertising system. Let's say that you want to run a campaign targeting a specific age group and gender.

You can have many ad groups that use different text and images. It's then possible to find out which groups perform the best so that you can use them and delete the others.

Those with pay-per-click ad providers like Google AdWords will feel at home! That's because the same advertising methods and structure get used with Facebook. You can then fine-tune your ads to better attract people in your niche market.

Paying for Facebook adverts

3.    It Should Be Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Facebook advertising needs to be a part of any digital marketing strategy. Ads on the platform are so cheap, it's more affordable and easier to reach a particular audience.

If you've got an advertising budget, I guarantee that you'll get good results by paying for ads.

4.    Facebook Can Help You Grow Your Email Marketing Lists

Let's face it; people want to be the first to know when a deal that may interest them is available. To keep their finger on the pulse, as it were, they'll sign up to a newsletter.

You can use Facebook to help you grow your email marketing list. For example, let's say that you are running a competition on your website. A Facebook ad gets displayed to your niche audience, and interested parties click on the link.

To be in with a chance to win the prize, they must supply their name and email address. Of course, you'll have to give them the choice to opt out of any marketing emails.

But, for the most part, you'll get the green light for future email marketing campaigns.

It's a classic approach that companies everywhere have been doing for years. And it's better than buying a bulk list of email addresses from a marketing firm.

Advertising on Facebook


Paying to advertise on Facebook, done right is, is a business investment that you should gladly consider. You may want to simply focus on updating your Facebook profile in order to drive organic traffic and save on cost but considering the pace at which things change in the marketplace today, paying for Facebook ads is good way of taking advantage of the changes. Facebook is large enough to give you a platform to test and optimize your marketing and ultimately gain big time from your promotion. So paying to advertise on Facebook is one cost you should consider an investment for your business.

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