How to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google without FAIL!

Getting on the first page of Google is any website owner’s goal. And that is because the front page opens your site up to thousands of visitors in your niche. It leads to higher sales, better brand awareness, and better business.

Now you must understand that there’s a science behind a first-page ranking. That science is called ‘search engine optimization’, or SEO for short.

SEO is a series of expert techniques and tricks that show Google you’re the best in the game. If you dream of getting your website on the first page of therefore, you need to know these techniques and then put them into practice.

But, what exactly are these fundamental tricks and techniques?

That is what I aim to reveal to you in this post. So, stay with me!

How to get on page one of Googlegle

Expert Techniques and Tricks That Will Get Your Website on Google’s 1st Page

1. Keywords

The first thing to know is that Google sends crawlers, or spiders, to every website on the planet. They’re looking for a few important factors to determine how useful and important your website is. The first thing they look for is keywords. By doing that, they get a sense of what your website is about. After all, they want to present their users with the most relevant results. So, make sure you use plenty of descriptive and explanative keywords in your headers, titles, and copy. We often find that hiring an SEO consultant can help you highlight the very best keywords for your business.

2. Authority

Google like to know they’re sending users to a reputable, established site. To do this, they measure your level of authority. There are a number of ways they do this. First of all, how much traffic is accessing your site. If a steady stream of visitors are coming to your site, Google can assume you have something to offer. They also take into account the authority of the sites linking to you. For example, if The Huffington Post links to your website, Google can assume you have a certain level of authority and credibility.

3. Performance

Google don’t like to send their searchers to slow websites. That would damage their credibility. So, they scour the web for high-performing, fast websites. If yours takes too long to load, it’s never going to make it to the first page of Google. Speak to your web host about speeding up your initial server speed. Then consult your web designer to make the website pop faster. Trust us, Google will notice the difference.

4. User Experience

The speed and performance of your website all feeds into the umbrella topic of user experience. Google wants to make sure that searchers find what they’re looking for. If your website is confusing, difficult to navigate and fussy, you’re moving down the ranks! Google only ranks simple, effective websites that provide a fantastic user experience.

5. Content And Social Media

There’s a lot of talk about social media in SEO circles. Now, Google don’t take into account your follower numbers or number of likes on Facebook. But, they do rank authority. And the best way to get authority (lots of traffic and lots of links) is through content and social media. Use high-quality content to spread all corners of the internet. Build your social media network, and ensure there is a community that relies on your website.

Finally, always know that Google is a tricky beast to please. The best-techniques are always changing. To stay ahead of the game make sure you keep up with the times, and ensure your website is performing. Do this and you will always come out a winner!


  1. Jay

    Thanks for these great tips. I’ve been following one of your tips lately, adding lots of high quality, unique content. Seems to be doing well for me. My rankings are moving up, even if slightly.

  2. Steven

    I couldn’t agree more! If you constantly think of your rankings you will go mad and I can attest to that. Be proactive and try out different things. If something worked well 2 months ago it doesn’t mean it has to stay like that; we have all those Google updates that taught us to be cautious and put good content out there and mix things up from time to time because almost nothing stays the same in the online world.

  3. Sebastian

    My number one advice? Give it a year! If you’re expecting to have thousands of visitors overnight you will be very disappointed. Jot down a strategy, create a partnerships with people in your niche, do everything you can to grow your exposure and results will follow. This will work if you keep at it long enough. I know because it worked for me in a few niches I’ve dabbled in. It takes a lot of work but the results are well worth it.

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