How to Make Your SEO Strategy More Cost Effective for Your Business!

If you’re marketing online, there are different marketing methods and strategies you can employ. One of such is SEO (search engine optimization).

While SEO is a great tool for winning the battle of staying high up on search engine results and driving traffic to your business website, it’s a real fight to remain relevant. This is because of the continually changing search engine algorithms.

If you’re doing SEO, you can bet the other companies are doing it just as hard. So, the question is, how can you get an edge on them?

Of course, you will need to make your SEO strategy more effective and possibly, less costly to you!

In this article I want to give you a few tips that will help you do this.

making your seo strategy effective

Making Your SEO Strategy More Cost Effective

1. Quality Not Quantity

Search engine algorithms are growing increasingly complex. That means that they’re doing a better job of picking out SEO content. At least, bad SEO content anyway. If you are ordering in bulk but the quality isn’t up to scratch you are wasting your time and your money. Why is that? It’s because a large amount of that content is going to be sifted through by the algorithm and not deemed genuine content. Aim for an SEO company that can provide quality. Examine their work. Make sure it all looks like real content.

2. Hire Based On Results

If you want to see the SEO return on investment, you need to make sure you hire the right people. You need to see that they can produce quantifiable results. Ask to see figures and details in regards to their SEO work. How often does the content get deemed relevant? Are there marked increased in search engine placement? How does the SEO fare in competitive areas? You can ask many questions. It’s also good to speak to former or current clients. That’ll give you a feel for the business. Sometimes you might get a more honest answer in regards to dealing with the SEO company.

3. Native Speakers

You want to hire native speakers of whatever language you want your SEO in. A lot of SEO companies will outsource the work to countries like India or China for the sake of paying lower wages. This can lead to some very bad SEO due to language difficulties. Not every post will be awful, but some may be so bad they don’t get picked up as genuine content. As a result, you’re going to want native speakers.

4. Good Writers

Just because a writer is a native speaker does not make them good at SEO. It’s important they have a decent grasp on the idea of writing. They should be able to write the posts with ease, or at least minimal difficulty. They should also know how to not get very specific unless required. A lot of SEO is based in vague knowledge. A ‘top seven’ post about famous cats could be written by someone who has no idea of the specifics of cat fame, but just enough to finish the post competently.

5. Multiple Providers

Don’t just stick with one SEO provider. Get many of them. Not only are you spreading the content further and wider, but you are also ensuring variety. Patterns get picked up easily by the search engine algorithms. That means if the SEO content is all very similar, it gets flagged as being not genuine content.


As you can see above making your SEO strategy more cost effective can actually be achieved by simply being creative in what you do. Put the above tips into use today and you will see you SEO getting more results.

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