4 Powerful Techniques That Will Effectively Improve Your Office Communications

Communication is essential in any business. You need to effectively keep in touch with a range of people. These range from suppliers and employees to clients and other businesses.

For an office-based company or part of an enterprise based in offices, communication systems need to be up to date. You should be able to make the most of them, from phones to email and online conferencing tools.

The good news is that technological improvements have made things a lot easier for us. There are so many things you can do now. You’re no longer limited to a range of basic tasks such as sending an email or making a simple phone call. But with these new technologies come some challenges. That’s why you need the right techniques in order to get the best from your communication systems.

In this article I will be sharing with you a few techniques that will help you improve the communications systems in your office.


Then, let’s roll…

Effective office communication techniques

How to Improve Your Office Communication Systems

1. Use An IP-Based Phone System

Many small businesses can benefit from using VoIP and other IP-based telephone systems. With a phone system hooked up to the internet, you can use a range of functions that you wouldn't have had access to in the past. It can help to improve communication with employees and with clients and customers. For example, you could automatically call all your staff members one by one to find someone to cover a shift. They only need to input a number to confirm they can come in, so no one needs to waste their time making phone calls. You can make phone calls much cheaper too, and even free in some cases.

2. Go Beyond Email

Email is still a cornerstone of office communication. We use it to contact people both within and outside of the office, and it's an excellent way of having a record of a conversation. But it's not the only way to communicate with others online. Sometimes you might want something more instant, such as a messaging service. There are collaborative tools that make working together easier and are superior to emailing documents back and forth. Then there are methods to improve customer service, such as using social media. Many people prefer to tweet a company than to send them an email for a quick question.

3. Don't Discount Fax

Although office communication has evolved, fax is still essential to many businesses. Faxing is universal and accepted all over the world. There are many benefits to using fax, ranging from security to creating legally binding documents. People have been using faxing to send documents for years, but you no longer need a fax machine to do it. You can use a service such as eFax to send fax online, without any hardware or software. You can receive faxes in the same way too, having them land in your email inbox.

4. Use Online Conference Tools

Meetings often necessitate communicating with people across the country or even the globe. You don't always want to meet in person, so speaking over the phone or a video link is necessary. You can find lots of useful conferencing tools, both in terms of software and online services and hardware. If you have regular meetings, make sure you have the right equipment to hold them. You don't want to contend with shaky connections and audio or visual problems.


There’s no gain saying that the right communication systems in your office can improve efficiency and relations with both employees and clients. The above simple techniques can greatly impact your office communications. I invite therefore to take a look at your communication systems today to see how you can improve them using these techniques.

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