Pinterest Marketing Strategies for Online Business Success

With the growth of social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and the rest, many businesses are now devoting more time and resources to promoting their wares on the sites. Unfortunately, as expected not many of these business owners understand how to effectively use these sites.

As we already know, social media sites are not the proper place for direct selling. Using any social media site as a sales platform is a guaranteed formula for failure, right from day one. This is why if you want to succeed with Pinterest marketing you must aim at knowing how Pinterest works.

But that is really not enough…

Beyond that you should also establish a clear link between your Pinterest account and your blog or website. You must also be able to conveniently pin photos to your account even if you are not tied to a desk and with access to your computer or laptop.

Pinterest marketing tips

Some Useful Tips For Succeeding With Pinterest Marketing

1. Have Pinterest Buttons On Display On All Your Websites And Blogs

Pinterest itself has several free buttons that you can use. They already come with the necessary HTML codes to make embedding hassle-free. You should also check with your content management system or CMS provider if they have options for including Pinterest buttons with every blog post you upload. If not that then maybe there are widgets or tools related to Pinterest, which you can host on your blog or site.

2. Download Pinterest Applications In Your Site

Pinterest also has its own official mobile application that you can download and use for free. However, there are also a number of paid applications, which are designed to make pinning quick and easy even when you are using a mobile device.

One application, for instance, allows you to pin photos straight from your mobile device’s browser – something that the official Pinterest app actually can’t do at the moment.

3. Make A List Of Possible Pins You Can Use

Photos, which immediately capture your attention are definitely worth pinning – maybe not now but sometime in the future for sure. You just need to come with a great article or blog post to link such photos to your business. Be sure to list the sites where you’ve seen such photos. Give yourself some time, and they’ll prove handy to your business sooner or later.

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4. Have A Camera With You At All Times

The best photos to pin are those that you have taken yourself. As the original source of such photos, your link will then be used every time your photo is pinned and repinned by other Pinterest users. As such, you should not let any opportunity for taking beautiful photos go to waste. Have a camera with you at all times – preferably one with an excellent range of features that include HD resolution, panorama sweeps, options for editing, and filtering effects.

In most cases, the cameras of high-end smartphones would already suffice. It’s actually better if you use a camera phone since this will automatically give you access to the Internet and have it pinned to your board in no time.

5. Subscribe To A Mobile Internet Service

Speaking of Internet access, that’s yet another thing you should have at all times as well. A mobile Internet service will not only enable you to monitor your online business effectively, but it can also make sure that you will be one of the first to pin photos of events that you may be covering with live blogging. With the help of some handy-dandy applications, live blogging and pinning can be easily performed with just a smartphone or tablet.

Hopefully, these tips should be enough to equip your business with all the necessary tools and resources for maximizing the marketing opportunities offered by Pinterest.

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Your turn: What strategies or tips can you share about with us about your Pinterest success? Will be glad to know. Share in your comments below.

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