4 Different Types of SEO Clients and Which Ones to Avoid [Infographic]

If you offer SEO services as an agency then you definitely must have had some form of experience with different SEO clients. As in every market, there’s always the good, the bad and the ugly!

In this infographic, the wonderful guys at http://fatjoe.co have carefully grouped the different types of SEO clients into four main categories, a classification that should be obvious to everyone in the industry – from the client that is so nice and lets you get on with the job because he trusts your advice to the client who, in trying to follow your progress every hour,  prefers to call the office every day! 

This simple classification should help you know the type of SEO client to avoid.

The 4 Categories of SEO Clients

1. Keyword vanity disorder is a term we use to describe those obsessive clients who can’t leave you alone. Just because they’ve read one post online about SEO, they think they know everything. Newsflash; they don’t.

2. Every SEO working today should recognise the know it all client. Instead of just reading one SEO post online, they’ve read two. Unfortunately, they think that makes them an expert, but it doesn’t. Calling you daily to recommend new optimisation strategies is going to do little other than slow you down.

3. We’ve all had clients who seem far too SEO dependent. While our services will help to improve your ranking for certain keywords, you need to employ additional marketing techniques to succeed. You can’t expect to compete with the likes of Amazon through SEO alone.

4. Everyone loves it when they find the perfect SEO clients. They are the ones who ask questions, listen to advice, and then let you get down to business. Why can’t all SEO clients be like that?

So, as an SEO do you know the type of SEO client you must avoid?

Please enjoy this infographic!

Understanding SEO clients infographic
Infographic Sourcehttp://fatjoe.co/

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  1. Hey Chadrack,
    Really wonderful post. i just loved it. Especially pint 2, 3 and 4.
    Yeah Why can’t all SEO clients be like that? smiles!
    Looking forward for more of your post. Thanks for sharing.

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