4 Useful Tips In Dealing With Content Blog Scraping

Have you recently been a victim of content theft from someone who scrapes blogs for their own benefit? If you have, you’re definitely not alone.

Everyday great content is created and uploaded to the internet, and everyday someone steals that great content to try and profit from it. Ever since the dawn of content, people have tried to find shortcuts to success, and it's sad to say, but some of them have been able to profit a lot from stealing.

So, in this article we are going to check out some ways you can prevent content theft, how to find stolen content, and how to get it removed.

Protecting your Blog Content

Don't Get Angry

Before we get into all of the tips and tricks, you should be advised never to get angry in these situations. While you might not like someone using your content, getting mad and yelling at people will get you nowhere. It could end up actually making you work more than you need to. So with that being said, let's start out by finding your stolen content.

Where is the Duplicate Content?

This process is quite easy. All you really need to do is use a tool, for example: CopyScape, and then have them scan your websites and look for other duplicate copies out there. You will get a report of where any duplicate content might be located. Not only that but you will get % statistics and other useful information that you might need to use later on. Using these types of programs will come with a cost, but it usually isn't too much at all. A small price is definitely worth your content being unique and profitable, but if you don't want to pay anything, you have another option. Checking the links that are pointing towards your website.

How to protect your blog contentIf you decide to set up a lot of internal links, then when an automated blog scraper program comes and swoops up your content, it will usually be posted with the links. Once it posts the content with your links, you can easily just pull a link profile report and see exactly where it is. It's pretty simple, but the only bad part is if someone doesn't use an automated program, they might actually remove your links before they post it. In situations like these, it’s best to just use a content protector tool, like I mentioned before.

Preventing Future Thefts

There is no 100% way of stopping thieves from taking what's yours, but there are ways to help ward them off. If you make it very clear on your website that it is protected by a program, then that will encourage them to just go to the next website. They usually don't want to be caught, so instead of stealing from a protected site, they can just as easily go to a site that isn't protected.

Time to Get The Duplicates Removed

Before you want to take action against the website owner directly through Google, you should first just contact them and ask nicely. Like I stated previously, getting mad will never help you in these situations, so just be nice and politely ask for the removal. Usually they will. A lot of the times the website owners use services that connect him with content writers, and those content writers are the ones who actually stole the content. So the site owner might not even realize everything they are posting is stolen.

So, once you have found your content, get the contact information for the website owner, and then send them an email. In the Email you will want to include that you have found your content being duplicated on their site, that you want them to remove it, and that you appreciate any help they can provide. After a day or two, an active website will usually respond saying that it has been removed.

If you never receive a response, or the website owner is not going to remove it, it's time to go to plan B. You are going to submit a DMCA takedown request with Google. Google will verify everything and then they will end up having the duplicate content removed from the index, so you are no longer being punished for someone else's doing.

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  1. awesome site, thanks for posting, although experience counts a lot in transposing what you see, having sites like these as inspiration is always a plus, keep em coming

  2. I have always wondered if in case my content is scraped out, how could I prove that my website has the original version. Now, reading your post I have found out that having Authorship set up on Google and verifying my content through it that would be a real proof.

    • @Shiv Saroya,

      Yeah, Google Authorship is the sure way that Google associate every content on the internet with its author and so claiming your every one of your content through authorship will help you when your content is scrapped. Thanks for the comment.

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