7 Ways To Make Your Direct Mail Campaign A Success

Effective direct mail campaign that brings the success you desire depends on various factors. These include, how well the list is targeted and the number and quality of the pieces sent. Small aspects of the campaign can have a big impact on how well the campaign is able to generate sales or interest.

You can optimize your direct mail campaigns just the same way you would a website – by developing keyword strategies and get it noticed by search engines, spending some time studying competitor’s websites’ content, code, keywords, and Meta data.

These basic research skills should be applied to your direct mail campaigns. Doing so will help make your direct mail campaigns to be quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive to execute.

Direct mail marketing campaign

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7 Tips For Direct Mail Campaign Success

1. Professional services

Direct mail service companies provide services to help design materials, write text, and find a mailing list that targets customers most likely to purchase your product. Of course, there’s always the option of choosing a design firm, a copywriting professional, a printer, mailing company, and managing the mailing effort independently.

Either way, seek out the guidance of someone with experience, especially for specific services like printing. Make sure your “first impression” looks good and appeals to your customers.

2. Measure rates

One of the most important ways to increase the chances of success with your direct mail campaign is to put in place a mechanism that measures rates. Tracking the success of your campaign can help in planning your next mailing effort.

Some of the most effective ways to track results are fairly simple. For example, try printing a special code to each postcard or brochure that customers can use to redeem a special offer or purchase a product.

3. Subsequent mailings

Recent studies show that ongoing direct mail campaigns have the most success. Subsequent mailings should introduce new products, alert customers to upcoming sales or promotions, and thank customers for making a purchase or referring your company.

Think outside the box. Expose the customer to your brand by continuing to mail them with thoughtful, creative content.

4. Count sales

Make sure to keep track of the number of sales ads and coupons. Take some time to investigate what other marketers are doing in your industry.

If coupons outweigh sales events in your industry, there may be a good marketing reason behind it. Conduct some research to get a better understanding of the unique qualities of your particular industry.

5. Compelling content

Compel your recipients to check out the main site with content that is interesting to your specific demographic. The best direct mail campaigns don’t just “tell,” they help the reader with beneficial information that only your company can provide.

The awful truth is that most of your clients will discard your mail unless it contains an offer that really jumps off the page. Whether you’re trying to create brand visibility, encourage customers to make purchases, or attend a promotional event, ensure that you draft a compelling offer.

6. Target customers

Study how ads speak directly to targeted customers. It is critical for advertising images and phrases to relate to something consumers can identify with in order to make connections with potential customers.

For example, alcohol companies often tie sales to sports events, while card companies increase direct mail marketing around holidays. Charities look for innocent faces and animals, while corporations tend to use sharply dressed, powerful looking professionals to sell their image.

7. Aesthetics

Obviously, content is important in advertising but if your ad is being inserted into a mass mailer, consider stepping up the aesthetic appeal of your direct mail.

It’s important to remember that some consumers respond to some things while others respond better to something on the completely opposite side of the spectrum. Having said that, very few people will respond to visually cluttered or busy presentations.

Direct mail marketing can really pay off if you keep it clean, simple, and find a niche.

As you study direct mail for ideas and clues about what to do, remember to also study direct mail for ideas about what to avoid.

Take the time to do research before launching a direct mail ad campaign. If you do not, your ads will almost certainly end up in the consumer’s trash can.

Let us know your experience with direct mails. Which of these points do you not agree with? Share with us in your comments.

  1. Well said, these are some of the very useful points for the success of a direct mail campaign. Out of these points what I liked most is how advertisements speak directly to targeted customers. This is something which is noteworthy. Most advertisement firms choose people and animals to attract customers.

  2. Some good tips there, particularly on personalization. But don’t stop with handwriting the address. Variable data within the card, as a unique Purl or even on the associated landing pages can significantly improve response rates. People find it hard to avoid a purl with their name it.

  3. Gotta say that I never thought that you could double up your direct mail as a PR tool by making regular mailings.
    But thinking about it, plenty of repeat mailings have come through my door, so it’s safe bet that it’s a successful strategy.
    And, regarding the targeting, junk mail is of course only junk mail when it’s targeted to the wrong person.
    Thanks for the top tips.

  4. Great tips Yo. Your writings and info about the content are always great. Thanks for sharing the info. with us.

  5. Really helpful hints. I totally agree with you that aesthetics is almost as important as content when it comes to direct mails. Today, people are overloaded with tons of adverts and eye candy is a must for the materials you are sending them.

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