Is Blog Monetization Really A Turn-Off For Blog Readers?

blog monetization with ads

The subject of blog monetization is one that is commonly discussed on many blogs, especially those that are focused on making money blogging. Most of these blogs offer different tactics and methods that are opened to bloggers who want to make money from their blogs.

Among these methods, the most commonly advocated is promoting affiliate products and selling ad spaces on your blog. Selling your own products or services like consulting, freelance content writing and SEO copywriting services are some other methods but these ones are really not very common as most bloggers do not have their own products nor do they know how to turn their specialized expertise into a business!

Now, this is where making money blogging through selling ad spaces have received criticism of recent times with many saying, monetizing a blog through banner ads, google adsense, and other forms of text links, is really an obstruction to blog readers and may even put off many of the readers!

Those in this camp have the notion that a blog should look ‘clean’ without any ads, whether on the sidebar or on the post pages. To them this is how to create a user friendly blog that the readers will love to visit again and again. And that displaying banner ads or Google Adsense on a blog will ultimately drive away readers since they were not on the blog, in the first place, to be sold but for the information they can get!

I’ve really considered this for some time now having heard it from many other bloggers and also heard it discussed on some forums. Personally, I know I switched over from building niche static sites to blogging because I saw the potentials in it. From the very beginning, I saw blogging as a tool, both for marketing your business online and also as a media for making money through selling ad spaces just like any other news media – the radio, television, newspapers, magazines, etc.

I know that many of the probloggers who we revere today actually made their money through running their blogs like any other news media – in fact, many of them still sell ads on their blogs!

Now, there is no doubt that more and more blogs are springing up today most of which are nothing but ad spaces with little content, but can we really say this is enough for us to say displaying banner ads or other forms of ads on blogs is really irritating on blogs?

Today for our general community timeout discussions, I’ve decided to bring this topic before all of us. Let’s discuss the following:

  1. Do you sell ads on your blog or you are of the opinion that blogs should not be monetized with banner ads and other advertising programs like adsense?
  2. Do ads on blogs irritate you? Do you really think they are an obstruction to the usability of the blog? If yes, what in this ads is irritable to you?

I think this is a subject that all of us should be a part of. So share with us your opinion on this subject of monetizing blogs with banner ads and other similar programs. Let’s share our experiences and possibly some tips that will better help us with our blogging success. Post your opinions in the comments below.

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