Is Blog Monetization Really A Turn-Off For Blog Readers?

blog monetization with ads

The subject of blog monetization is one that is commonly discussed on many blogs, especially those that are focused on making money blogging. Most of these blogs offer different tactics and methods that are opened to bloggers who want to make money from their blogs.

Among these methods, the most commonly advocated is promoting affiliate products and selling ad spaces on your blog. Selling your own products or services like consulting, freelance content writing and SEO copywriting services are some other methods but these ones are really not very common as most bloggers do not have their own products nor do they know how to turn their specialized expertise into a business!

Now, this is where making money blogging through selling ad spaces have received criticism of recent times with many saying, monetizing a blog through banner ads, google adsense, and other forms of text links, is really an obstruction to blog readers and may even put off many of the readers!

Those in this camp have the notion that a blog should look ‘clean’ without any ads, whether on the sidebar or on the post pages. To them this is how to create a user friendly blog that the readers will love to visit again and again. And that displaying banner ads or Google Adsense on a blog will ultimately drive away readers since they were not on the blog, in the first place, to be sold but for the information they can get!

I’ve really considered this for some time now having heard it from many other bloggers and also heard it discussed on some forums. Personally, I know I switched over from building niche static sites to blogging because I saw the potentials in it. From the very beginning, I saw blogging as a tool, both for marketing your business online and also as a media for making money through selling ad spaces just like any other news media – the radio, television, newspapers, magazines, etc.

I know that many of the probloggers who we revere today actually made their money through running their blogs like any other news media – in fact, many of them still sell ads on their blogs!

Now, there is no doubt that more and more blogs are springing up today most of which are nothing but ad spaces with little content, but can we really say this is enough for us to say displaying banner ads or other forms of ads on blogs is really irritating on blogs?

Today for our general community timeout discussions, I’ve decided to bring this topic before all of us. Let’s discuss the following:

  1. Do you sell ads on your blog or you are of the opinion that blogs should not be monetized with banner ads and other advertising programs like adsense?
  2. Do ads on blogs irritate you? Do you really think they are an obstruction to the usability of the blog? If yes, what in this ads is irritable to you?

I think this is a subject that all of us should be a part of. So share with us your opinion on this subject of monetizing blogs with banner ads and other similar programs. Let’s share our experiences and possibly some tips that will better help us with our blogging success. Post your opinions in the comments below.

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  1. If you provide value in your blog, monetizing it should not be a cause of embarrassment.

    Some bloggers – tagged ‘second tribe’ by Copyblogger’s co founder, Sonia – would rather drop dead instead of ask for payment or try to make a buck on their blogs.

    They consider it somewhat beneath their dignity. 🙂

    If you are not privately wealthy and you own a blog, then by all means monetize! Only do not be too obtrusive with it…

    The most money, after all, is made in the back-end, not front-end.

    • @Yeremi Akpan,

      Hmm, “[they] would rather drop dead instead of ask for payment or try to make a buck on their blogs. They consider it somewhat beneath their dignity!”

      That’s really impressive 🙂

      Ok, we could take such people to be the rich in the society like politicians and other public figures who may have other reasons for the blog.

      But even in that, I still consider them monetizing their blogs because, though they are not doing it directly yet their are gaining something from it.

      Take for example the politician who blogs, why is he doing it? Is not because he wants a following that will make him more popular and at the end help he win votes? Is he not gaining from that blog?

      How about some other big figures who blog in order to build their brand, are they not doing it because they want some gain down the road?

      I think all of these amounts to blog monetization only thing is that like you put it, it is the issue of providing value. If your blog is focused on helping people, monetizing it shouldn’t really be an embarrassment to you. And of course, you need to be moderate in how you do it.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • @Chadrack, You do have a point there!

        Whether we sell or have affiliate links from our blog, we are monetizing. Its just a question of how far down the chain the money comes. 🙂

        Great perspective!ever considered it that way…

  2. I started blogging after I was posting articles for a couple of years. I use it as a hub to my online marketing.

    On to your Monday discussion:

    Do you sell ads on your blog or you are of the opinion that blogs should not be monetized with banner ads and other advertising programs like adsense? … If someone wants to monetize their blog with whatever advertising, why not? If readers don’t like them, then just read the content that you came to visit for. I personally do not sell ads on my blog but am not offended with those that do.

    Do ads on blogs irritate you? Do you really think they are an obstruction to the usability of the blog? If yes, what in this ads is irritable to you?…As long as they aren’t those irritating kind of pop-up ones I am pretty immune to ads. I just don’t see them because I usually visit a blog for content. I do think, the pop-up kind could deter someone from coming back. It’s like getting a spam in your email box except now you have it in your face.

    • @Patricia Weber,

      It’s good to know that though you do not sell ads on your blog you do not have any qualms with those who do. Of course, presently I’m not selling ads on this blog though I look forward to doing that. Why I brought up this topic for discussion is that I’ve had course to interact with other blogging friends who consider it really offensive. They just believe blogs shouldn’t be monetized that way.

      I agree with you about the pop-up kind of ads and of course some ads that can really be obstructive in the line of the content. I can understand from your comment that as long as the content is ok, there is really no problems.

      Thanks for offering your views for all of us.

  3. Hi Chadrack, Great post. I really like your expertise and I really like the information you provided. Here’s a few tips for people that want to know more about niche marketing…I think that a niche blog is a great strategy for most.

    And I do believe people shouldn’t start out without having a clear focus on who they’re marketing to and what value they bring to them. So many people waste tons of time before they realize that to work easier and make more money we have to know what a target market is, how to find one, a niche and how create free and paid products that work together to speak to a certain group of people.

    Starting out creating a paid product should be something they enjoy doing so much they will always want to become more of an expert in it. I think people are buying value above anything else, how you present it and how you care about that target market. It’s important to tailor your products to a focused target market and people that have a narrow niche to where people won’t be just another coach, nutritional network marketer or seo consultant.

    People will also get more referrals when they’re clear on what they do and who they work with. For me, I don’t have a paid product yet but there’s so much more to allow it to be effective. I’m working hard on the whole plan for my target market and ideal clients right now. I’ve wasted so much time not knowing who I’m marketing to and what value I bring to them. Wish me luck! I’m living my passion!


    • @Rick Salas,

      Thanks for the good words and also for such a lengthy comment! Though it’s off topic, I’ve decided to approve it hoping that someone will learn something from it.

      In a bid to try and bring you to the topic at hand I’ll just want to ask do you have any qualms with monetizing a blog with banner ads? If for example I’ve adsense and banner ads on this site will you find offense with it?

      • @Chadrack, Hi Chadrack, Ads really don’t bother me at all. Everybody has a different passion on how to make money. There are people making money in every form of marketing and there are people in every form of marketing not making a dime. It’s someones expertise and skills in that form that make them money. When people are making money they usually don’t care what people think. And they shouldn’t. The people that leave are not their target market anyway.

        When it comes to checking out a blog I’m really looking for content that I need at that time. Something helpful but ads never really bother me at all. But yes, I did seem off topic…my bad. But I think it’s the most important aspect to get people to stay on a blog. I wanted to share some tips about making a blog much more appealing to a target audience and how people can be just not another network marketer etc. Knowing how to market to a certain audience, knowing that they are buying, what they’re looking for and where they hang out is very important to have a blog living to it’s full potential so I wanted to share some tips about that. Those tips usually cost a fortune.Thanks for not deleting. : )


        • @Rick Salas,

          Thanks for the reply. It’s really good to know when someone values what you’re doing and will gladly see that you profit from it!

          And for those tips of yours, I truly find them useful and that was why I never deleted it. I truly hope someone will read the comment and benefit with it.

          Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Chadrack

    I don’t see a problem with banner ads or monetizing your blog. Hey at the end of the day we all need to make money to live right?

    I think any ads need to be carefully placed though. I used to have many more ads on my blog but I admit I did scale this down as I thought it might me taking away from any perceived value in my blog posts.

    • @Tim Bonner,

      Cannot be said any better Tim. Frankly, we all need the money no matter how much we try to be modest about it, Lol! It is really about being moderate in placing the ads. I’ve really been thinking how best to place some ads on this blog but what I’ve heard from some other bloggers about ads being obstructive, really made me to post this question. Thanks for your opinion.

  5. Hey Chadrack,
    excellent post.
    To Make money blogging with spaces and selling have gotten bad level at this tactics should be necessary and used for this.
    surely ads don’t irritate to me because it is part of it.

    • @Bhushan,

      It’s great to know ads don’t really irritate you. But can you be more clearer when you said, “Make money blogging with spaces and selling have gotten bad level at this time?”

      Of course I want to believe you are referring to selling ad spaces on blogs. But what is bad in it?

      • @Chadrack,
        AS i wrote, It means that some people do their work they don’t give attention on spaces and specially selling they come and let a link and go.there is not bad in this but they see it but don’t take any reaction most of all so it going to down as i think and my mates are.

        • @Bhushan,

          I can understand how nearly every blogger feel about the issue of ad spacing. Indeed many bloggers are not really mindful of using the ad spaces with consideration for the readers. To all intent I also consider this really offensive.

          But let’s come to think of it, most of us read the news sites everyday and one thing I’ve come to observe on these news sites is the number of ads they display all over the pages. Why is it that these same bloggers do not complain about these news sites and their ads?

          Can’t we understand that blogs are also part of what is known as the new media today? Do you have any idea why this is so?

  6. This is an ongoing debate by many. To answer your questions?

    1. Do you sell ads on your blog or you are of the opinion that blogs should not be monetized with banner ads and other advertising programs like Adsense? To be honest I am not at a point where selling space on my website is a consideration. I do not have enough traffic to command that as an option. I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it. However, I currently subscribe to a couple of affiliate programs and that will be what you will see on the website.

    Do ads on blogs irritate you? Do you really think they are an obstruction to the usability of the blog? If yes, what in this ads is irritable to you? I do find the “in your face ads that are a call to action” when I first log in to a blog a bit irritating. If that is not a part of the whole experience It is the content that keeps me coming back.

    :-), Susan Cooper from NWSS

    • @Susan Cooper,

      Hmm, I can understand that you are not really against selling ads on your blog because if you are featuring affiliate products on your blog right now it means when the traffic warrants selling ads you will do it! That’s ok.

      On obstructive ads, I am also on this with you. I think the ‘comfort’ of your readers matters a lot. Pushing ads on every angle is not really a pleasant experience on blogs.

      However, like I answered Bhushan above I still wonder that many of us read the news sites everyday and everyone of them have ads dotting every corner. The truth is most of these sites are not really different from blogs but is it that we don’t complain about these news sites and their obstructive ads yet we complain about bloggers trying to monetize their blogs with similar blogs? Don’t you think we bloggers are really being too hard with ourselves?

      • @Chadrack, I do think we are much to hard on ourselves. In our quest to please and retain an audience we sacrifice our desire to earn an income on our efforts. I think our audience really gets it and accepts it for what it is. I also think that they will help when a need is apparent and we can fulfill that need. It’s all about balance, isn’t it?

        • @Susan Cooper,

          You’re definitely right. Problem is there are too many bloggers who believe that you should just give and give and give. When you make an attempt to ask for some returns they are quick to condemn you. Probably, it’s the spirit of the internet and the desire to get everything free online! But like you said, maybe it is just about finding a middle stand – a balance between giving and receiving!

          Thanks for the reply.

  7. Awesome post.

    I am doing blogging from last 2 years and ADs are the part of it and i am fine with it. i earn a lot by doing Blogging. Business Broker South Florida Ft. Lauderdale

    • @ronny,

      It’s good to know that you’re great with your blog monetization with ads. As someone who is making money with the system, definitely will not find any problem with others using them on their blogs right? Or, do you have any issues with how others are doing it?

  8. I think that it’s quite normal that people try to earn money with blogging, even if they place many ads or something. I guess that blogging is a perfect alternative to show off your creativity and to earn money as well.

    • @Amanda,

      I quite agree with you that. I’m only surprised that many people want to get everything free with any compensation for the blogger who labor everyday to provide the much needed information. For me blogging is business and therefore monetizing your content with ads is not really a anything. Thanks for your comment.

  9. I do hate ads on blogs. I really don’t know why, but it makes me feel like if the content of the blog wasn’t valuable.

    • @Peter,

      Hmm, that’s great to hear, really! But why do you feel that bad about ads on a blog? Don’t you think the blogger who spend the time researching and packaging the content for your enjoyment deserve some form of compensation?

      Well, I took a look at your blog with the mind of knowing what type of blog you run and was not really surprised that you are using a free hosted blog with not very much content of course. Now think of it, even if you are running a free hosted blog if the information you are providing on the blog is really valuable, will it be wrong for you to make some money from it using ads?

      Why should ads on a blog make you feel like the content is not valuable? Really want to hear from you because I will love to be educated on these. That’s why I’m asking these questions. Would you care to clear these things for me?

  10. Hey Chadrack,

    In general ads on blog are not annoying, but ads that be intrusive are indeed a pain and reduce the user experience. Also the ads you display should be used to compliment the content you are providing your readers so it will not be a problem.


    Note: A while you created an account of Amazing Bloggers, was this a mistake or are you planning on submitting an article.

    • @Simmeon,

      I truly believe that any blogger who wants to give value will make sure that he/she does not make his/her blog readers’ experience that of pain. Of course, there are intrusive ads but let’s be frank here, do you read news blogs? How do these sites monetize their sites? Is it not these same ads all over the place? Why don’t abandon them because of the ads?

      We are only pushing the ‘small’ bloggers to labor without any gain why these big blogsites continue to rake in the money! 🙂

      Let’s learn from them. If you’re in business, run it like a business! This is really my point in asking this question.

      About the account, definitely I planning on submitting an article. Just want to get something useful together.

      Thanks for the comment.

  11. Hi Chadrack bro….
    most of the blog owner doing blog for money….so at some point they monetize their blog… and i don’t see any harm in it if your monetization strategy is not annoying to your readers.

    • @sandeep kumar,

      I definitely agree with you there bro. Blogging is regarded as the new media for God’s sake! Think of a magazine that does not want to feature ads because it will annoy the readers. Can you imagine such a thing? I really don’t know why many still want to push this issue. Only thing is, respect the readers and be sensitive in doing it.

      Thanks for the comment.

  12. Frankly speaking, i don’t like to see ads on blogs. Somewhere it does effect the blog readers and they just stay away from there.
    Probably, I am wrong but i shared here what i think about blog monetization.

    • @bj,

      That’s really frank indeed! But come to think of it, what is it about ads on blogs that you don’t like to see? Do you disagree with bloggers making money from their blogs or you think there should be other ways they can make their money?

      Don’t you think if a blogger labors to give you good value in the form of good content, that he/she deserves to get some compensation from his/her work? And like I’ve mentioned in other responses, do you read the news blogs? Do you quarrel with all those ads they flash at you?

      Will love to hear more about this from you. Let’s really know why you don’t like to see ads on blogs.

  13. I think it can be off-putting. When all a person is interested in is making money, in shameless self-promotion i find i’m not that interested in the blog. I want posts that are about sharing information, helping others, about the community. This is not to say that one can’t achieve those things and make money but often it is not the case.

    • @Elena Anne,

      I agree with you, the focus shouldn’t really be all about the money you can make. Of course every wise business person knows the importance of providing value first before the financial gains. That really is an extreme.

      What we are really concerned with here is those who have the belief that showing casing ads in any form on a blog is wrong! Hey, don’t the blogger deserve some returns? Why do you want the blogger to give to you but you don’t want to give back something?

      From your comment I’ll understand that what you want is some moderation, right?

  14. I think every blogger wants to earn money via their blogs, But this time i am wrong some bloggers still have and just want to write their self not to get some money.


  15. well it depends on the motive of the blogger. few use blogs for money purpose and few for publicity. we should think how our blog appears. nice post for bloggers…:)

  16. i guess that it’s quite normal that people experiment with to generate some money with blogging, even if they place many ads or something. i think that blogging is a perfect different to show off your creativity and to earn some money as well.

  17. Great topic.

    I’ve had my blog for about 2 years now and haven’t monetized it….so far. I am still undecided on whether it would be a good look, having adverts for different businesses on MY business blog. I don’t want it to look tacky and I don’t want it to draw attention from my site but obviously some extra cash would be great.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    • @Gareth Morgan,

      Hmm, I truly understand your point. Some extra cash could be of help but you are concerned with distracting visitors with ads. So what do you intend to do? Stay off making some extra cash to please your blog visitors or find a way of doing it and not causing any distraction?

      Now, this is really the point of this posts. I really want our readers to brainstorm some creative ways to overcome this dilemma. You see my point? So, let’s know what you can do to overcome this. For me I’m working on something which I believe all of us can benefit. If you have an answer let’s know it, will you?

      • @Chadrack,

        Sure, I see your point. I guess I’m still wrestling with the idea of maintaining the integrity of my business and making some good money on the side.

        What I think I’ll do is move towards promoting products that I’ve purchased and approve of and only allow ads for similar products.

        • @Gareth Morgan,

          That indeed, is a wise decision. Integrity is very important that you cannot do without it online. Going for products you have used will help you give your honest assessment and of course earn more trust.

          Of course what you show case as ads on your site should be that that is related to your niche, what your blog readers will be interested in.

          Really good way to go!

  18. This is literally the best blog monetization guide I have read. I am glad I finally bumped into this site of yours while doing a google search for one of my free giveaways. It is currently 5 AM here and I am simply loving this site of yours and all your amazing articles. I have a few things to add to one of your articles which I’ll probably comment on tomorrow.

  19. Hi Chad,

    Personally, I don’t have any adds running on my website , and so far I have managed to get more than enough business opportunities through building legitimate business relationships and natural marketing – Not any paid marketing.

    • @Anton Koekemoer,

      Oh that’s great. All it means is that you have other ways of monetizing your blog. That is really another way to go as I pointed out on the post. It’s either you are using your blog to promote yourself based on a service you offer or you will want to monetize your blog sponsored ads and other affiliate programs.

      The point here is that you need to choose a model that suits you and when you see others using a model that is different from yours, you don’t have to put them down! There are some bloggers who just want to set rules based on their experiences and some newbie bloggers without a clear understanding of which way to go fall for these rules.

      I’m glad that you are using your blog to build the connections necessary to create an income, but not everyone may have that skill that you have. Now for those who don’t have some skill to sell for now shouldn’t they monetize with paid ads?

  20. Cahdrack, It is not like that. I just wanted to say, as your blog has always useful resource with good content, I always love to read the full content and that’s what i like the most.

  21. Hi Chadrack,
    You have a point there regarding the issue on whether to monetize or not,think most bloggers are in it because they want to make money however one should be careful so that he content of the blog is not watered down by the ads so i leave it for the bloggers to decide .

    • @Steven Papas,

      I agree with you there Steve. I really think bloggers should not be too bothered about what others are trying to set as the rules but concentrate on their blog readers and what goals they want to achieve. Provide usable and quality content and do not focus on too much ads and once your blog readers are ok with that, no problem.

      Besides, any reader who thinks your trying to monetize your good works is wrong; that you should give away everything without any reward to you, does not have your good in mind. Such readers are free to go somewhere else where they will get everything for free. At least they say, there is no free lunch, baby! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment.

  22. If you go with this option, there are other blogging/Content Management Systems that are also available with word press such as joomla, drupal, but these are slightly more complex.

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