Should A Blogger Also Publish A Newsletter?

Hi everyone, I want to use this post to unburden my mind about a topic I have been struggling with for some time now. While I was thinking of putting this post up I came across a similar post by Dennis titled: “Link Building and List Building – A Blog or Newsletter?” At first I thought he had in mind what I was struggling with but after going through the post and the comments I discovered he had a slightly different issue in mind. And so I want to put this before you as to get some insight and your opinion.

Now, as entrepreneurs marketing online we are always told the money is in the lists, right? And the advice is that if you want to build a list you need to offer something as an incentive to your subscribers, right? And, most times we are told, this incentive is either an ebook or a newsletter.

Ok, I agree with every one of that!

Now my struggle is with the idea of a newsletter. I have observed that many of the bloggers whose newsletters I’m subscribed to offer nothing much different from what the blogger could have posted in his/her blog. Now, when I signed up for the newsletter I expected something “deeper” than the everyday posts. So I have been wondering, why offer a newsletter instead of just posting the information you want to pass across on your blog? Must a blogger also offer a newsletter to his/her blog readers?

Let’s take it a little further. Are you are subscribed to any bloggers newsletter? Are you having these same problems with the information being published on that newsletter? If you have, what do you think such bloggers could do with the newsletter to make things a little different?

Ok, let’s add this one…

If you DO NOT agree with the idea of a blogger offering a newsletter what do you suggest a blogger should use as an incentive in building his/her own list?

Your responses will be highly appreciated in the comments below.

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