4 Must-Know Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Design Your Company’s Website

Web design is one of those things where many people assume they can do the work themselves. After all; there isn’t much to designing a website, right? Wrong!

The biggest mistake many folks make is thinking they have what it takes to craft a beautiful and functional site. People new to web design assume they can buy an off the shelf product where they just choose a theme, change some colors and type in some text.

However, there is more to web design than that. And there’s also the fact that you can’t get a professional look to your site if it looks like 500 other websites! It’s for those reasons that it makes sense to hire a web designer, especially if you want to build a site for your business.

Not convinced?

Then, let me give you some reasons why you should concentrate on what you’re good at, and leave the web design to a pro.

Build your own business website? Not advisable!

Why You Should Get An Expert To Design Your Websites

1. You Want a Solution That Meets Your Needs

The problem with a DIY website is that you won’t have knowledge of the best systems for the job. For example, you wouldn’t use an e-commerce platform like OpenCart if all you need is a content management system like Siteglide CMS! Web designers know which systems are a good base for their customers, as each client will have specific needs.

Doing the work yourself is a waste of your time and money. You are better off paying a pro to craft you a site using a system that offers what you need.

2. You Don’t Want To Annoy Your Visitors

Another issue with self-build websites is you might not have a clue about design and layout! All too often, people fall into the trap of designing sites that appeal to them, and not to their target audience.

So, if you like dark colored themes and fonts, don’t expect people with vision impairments to have an easy job of reading your content!

A web designer that knows what they’re doing will choose the best layouts, color schemes and typefaces for your site. They’ll also ensure it’s accessible to everyone, including those that use screen readers.

Why hire a web designer to build your sites

3. You Want Your Content to Make Sense

To make matters worse, DIYers sometimes have a poor grasp of their home language. And that shows when there are numerous spelling and grammar mistakes on each page! If you’re running a business, it’s crucial that you portray a professional image.

The content on your site needs to be easy to read, memorable and viewable on desktop and portable devices like smartphones. Web designers often work with other experts in their field to deliver you a stunning website:

  • Copywriters take care of the text content and make it pack a punch;
  • Graphic designers will craft beautiful images, illustrations, and graphics;
  • Web developers can handle the “back-end” code on sites that use PHP scripts.

4. You Don’t Want To Waste Your Time

Last, but not least, there is the time element involved with building a website. Running a business takes up a lot of time, so you’re better off delegating the design work to a pro while you handle the day to day management of your company.


As you can see, your business website is central to your online marketing machine. The success of your website will determine to a great extent the success of your business. Instead of trying to do it yourself, getting an expert to do it for you is definitely one investment you will be glad you undertook. So, get started today, get a professional website design agency to build that website.

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  1. Nice post. I totally agree with you, if you are not good at designing your company website then why waste your time? Let someone who is good at it to do it.

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