How Ready Is Your Site For The Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update?

With just a few hours before Google implement its planned big update – mobile-friendly algorithm change, it beholds every webmaster to take action now, if they have not done so.

Google had announced earlier that come 21 April it will launch a new mobile-friendly algorithm with the mind of rewarding websites that are fully optimized for mobile with higher rankings in search results. The funny thing is that why Google indicates that the change is to improve the overall user experience (UX), there are however, news that Google is actually planning to launch its own mobile phone network, a move that will see the company move into supplying broadband connections across the planet.

But, instead of waving away the up-coming algorithm change because we know that whenever Google comes up with any update it always has some vested interest, we must understand that this is really beyond Google.

For example, right now more and more people are now accessing the internet with their mobile devices and not making your site mobile friendly will be missing out on this vast number of mobile users.

How Do You Know If Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly?

If you still don't know if your site is ready or not you can easily found out by doing a check using this tool from Google.

For example, when I checked the, here's what I got: - mobile friendly

Web Income Journal passes mobile-freindly test

Yes, the Web Income Journal blog is mobile friendly!

Mobile Friendly Web Design Tips for Businesses [Infographic]

But beyond checking you can also use Google’s own guidelines to ensure that your site/blog is mobile friendly. If you site is built using the WordPress software, you can get some tips here. If you're using some other software then you will want to check out this page.

And, here's an infographic from the team at SumAll with a review of the upcoming changes:

Mobile friendly sites - infographic

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