6 Ways to Get Creative with Your Marketing

Marketing can be so stale and boring if you just follow the tried and tested conventions. So, why follow the crowd?

If you engage your brain and start to think more creatively, there are loads of interesting ways to engage with the public and promote your brand.

Here are 6 of my favorite, enjoy!

1. Sign Holders

We’ve all seen them on the street, haven’t we? Those people who stand there holding signs that point in the direction of a particular business. It doesn’t look like the most interesting job in the world, but it can serve as an effective marketing tool.

It’s cheap and easy, so there’s no excuse not to. Get creative with the design of the sign, but remember to keep it clear and simple so that people know what you’re offering.

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2. Creative Videos

Sometimes a big block of text can be really unappealing. Creative videos are much more attractive to people who want to receive information quickly and easily. Young people, in particular, will be more responsive to an interesting, well-designed video.

Companies like Vivid Photo Visual can provide you with whatever kind of video you need for your business.

3. Start a Blog

People love content. They can’t get enough of it. So, therefore, creating a blog filled with interesting and well-written content is a sure-fire way to get people heading to your website in droves. Don’t just write about your business, be much more broad and general. That way, you get people visiting your website who never would have otherwise.

4. Free Pens

This might seem like a small and insignificant marketing idea. But it’s a great way of getting your brand name seen by a lot of people. We all need pens, and it seems like we’re always short of them when we need one. So, hand them out wherever and whenever you can. Give them away at events, in your shop or office, on the street even! Don’t underestimate the effect the small things can have on your business.

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5. Get on the Radio and Into People’s Heads

With so much emphasis placed on the internet these days, a lot of people forget the power of old, traditional marketing platforms. If you can get an advertising slot on the radio, be it local or national, you have a great opportunity.

Create a song! It doesn’ matter if it’s good or bad. Only two things matter. Make it memorable and make sure your brand name is at the forefront of it. If you can create a song that gets stuck in people’s heads, you're onto a winner.

6. Start a Newsletter

I bet you’ve never thought of starting a newsletter for your business, have you? Well, why not? You can distribute them in the community and freely online. Include updates on your business and your wider industry. Basically, just include anything that can link back to your business. Make it interesting and fun to read though. Nobody’s going to read it if it’s boring.


You can put some life into your marketing starting now. If you will implement these tips your marketing will not only fun but really rewarding.

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