7 Success Capsules for Growing Your Online Business

Get the success capsules for your business

No matter where you at with your business, now is time for SUCCESS!

Believe it or not the end of 2014 is already here! In a matter of weeks we will be saying bye, bye to yet another year. The question is how much of your business goals have you achieved thus far? How much success are you presently getting out of the business? And, of course, how dedicated and committed have you been to the business?

There is no doubt that you NEVER started this lifestyle with the intention of working long hours, become stressed and have little time for your personal life. Right? But are you seeing the results you desire?

I think as the year is gradually rolling away it is time to re-evaluate again your strategies and make the necessary changes where needed.

This is why I took action to make a few changes to this blog recently. In the coming days you will see more of these changes.

One noticeable change is moving the sidebar to below the main content. This was engineered to focus readers’ attention on the content. Thus far this move has proved successful. Newsletter signup in the last few days have increased and visitors’ average time on the site has also increased.

Indeed a few changes can do wonders to your business if executed right. The following are a few principles that will greatly help you get more out your business.

Success Capsules #1: Seek To Know More about Your Target Market

How you approach your business marketing will most times be determined by what you know of your target market. The more you know of these people the more success you will achieve.

Many people will consider this a difficult thing to do. But if you will look inwards, if you will simply learn more about yourself, you’ll automatically learn more about the people you are targeting with your marketing. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and every other thing will fall into shape.

Success Capsules #2: Set Goals and Design A Plan For Achieving Them

Most times you need a WHY if you must understand the HOW and run with it. Setting goals will help you clearly lay out the WHY and the HOW. And this will help you strategize on how to improve your business operations. Though there thousands of strategies for growing a business your Business Growth Plan will help you choose the relevant and effective strategies that will make growing your business EASY!

Success Capsules #3: Build a TEAM around Your Business

Many online business entrepreneurs have the wrong notion that running a business online is an easy venture. Of course, many got in with the prospect of working 2 hours a week. Indeed, that is possible but you must understand that what you put in determines what you will get out of it.

Yes, you can decide to work two hours a week from the comfort of your own home or take the plunge and build a truly awesome business online. If you will rather take the latter option, then creating a team of dedicated workers around your business is the wise way to go. You can engage the services of virtual workers.

To ensure that they meet your expectations, set a time aside to train them until they can effectively do what you are doing presently doing. Doing this will relieve you and give you more time to yourself instead of being stressed, tired, and working longer hours.

Success Capsules #4: Build Foundations That Guarantee Growth

No one will build a skyscraper without first digging a big hole! A strong foundation is necessary if you aim to build something substantial. A whole lot of wannabe entrepreneurs long for that business that will give them the great lifestyle they desire but over look the importance of foundations.

A solid foundation for your business requires a documented system. This is simply a way you have found to do things more effectively in your business and you have taken the pains of writing it down. It will help your team to be consistent and more efficient in their work. Of course, everyone will be accountable to the systems and not just you the owner. The result is that you save time checking on everyone!

Success Capsules #5: Test and Measure Everything

As an entrepreneur it is important that you know how your business is standing. You can only do this if you are testing and measuring your strategies and operations. You should know your Key Performance Indicators and find ways of improving them. A constant moving forward in this direction will help improve everything you currently do and the result will be greater success.

Success Capsules #6: Implement EFFECTIVE Sales and Marketing

You have your sales and marketing strategies and tactics, right? But how effective are they?

One way you can know this is when you don’t have too many price shoppers. If you can put your prices up 20% and still increase your conversion then your marketing is indeed effective! To achieve this is it imperative that you take responsibility for your sales and marketing. Invest in learning more about this and you will love yourself for doing so.

Success Capsules #7: Manage the Business

There is no doubt that many online business entrepreneurs want businesses that run on autopilot. As much as this is a great idea you mustn’t forget that a business needs managing if you must get the best from it.

You need to make decisions. Design and work with documented systems. Measure and make decisions based on numbers. Set goals and help your team to achieve them.

Beware that you are not taking the idea of running your business on autopilot too far else as this is a pipe dream!


Succeeding with your online business requires your dedication and commitment. The above Success Capsules are great for any business. If implemented correctly, you will be able to increase your monthly turnover and grow your business without any stress. Remember, what you put in will determine your results. So, if you desire to grow at a rate of 50%-100% a year then you should make these Success Capsules the bedrock of your strategies.

So, what other principles or strategies are you putting into your business for it to give you what you want?

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