How to Create Niche Site Content for Best Results

Content is king is a common maxim among online entrepreneurs. But when it comes to building niche sites your web content is not just king but the thin line between success and failure!

This means therefore that taking your niche site web content creation very serious is something you must not toy with. On the basic level, your niche site web content must be optimized to rank high on the SERPs. This way, those interested in what you are promoting can easily find, click on your links and visit your niche sites.

But it doesn’t stop there. The content must be able to achieve what I referred to in our previous post as your Most Wanted Response (MWR).

And so, in continuation of our Niche Site Duel 2.0 series, I desire to give you a low down on how to create your web content while infusing the MWR power into it. Like I mentioned in the post where laid out my Niche Site Duel 2.0 overall strategy, I’ve decided to create all of the web content for this challenge myself. What you’ll be reading in this post therefore is actually my website content creation strategy. I employ you therefore to read it carefully and never stop until you’re through because you’ll definitely learn something new from it.

Btw. let me point out here that I decided to create my own content because I’m a professional SEO website content writer. If you’re not very good at this and if you have challenges with the following strategy nothing stops you from getting web content writing services to help you out.

Creating Web Content using the MWR strategy

MWR Web Content Strategy – The Two Sides to the Coin!

If you remember very well, when I mentioned the MWR in our previous post I related it to the structure of your niche site. I said then that your niche site should be designed to achieve your Most Wanted Response which could be, joining your newsletter, clicking on your affiliate links, downloading a white paper, etc.  Please read the post again for the details:

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Now, thinking only about your Most Wanted Response is like having a coin with only one side which to all intent is useless! But I’m sure you don’t want a useless strategy, right?

So, how do you ensure that your strategy has both sides? It’s simply by also taking care of  the visitor’s Most Wanted Response!

Yes, think about it.

When a visitor first lands on your niche site what is on her mind? Is it to register for your email list?  Or is it to click on your affiliate links? Do you think that is what she really want most from your site?

Think about it.

Now, can you really imagine what she is thinking about as she lands on your niche site? I’m sure you’re beginning to understand what she wants most right? In case you still do not get, it’s simply this:

Your niche site visitor’s most wanted response from you when she visits is to be given the right information that will help her satisfy her desires! She doesn’t want any more information overload. The internet has enough of that already. The information you present her must be concise and should be able to educate, entertain and empower her to achieve whatever purpose for which she is seeking that information!

So, how is that?

Now, the next question you may want answered is, how do you put these two sides of the coin to your advantage?

Here’s a simply guide to do that:

1. Create Information Packed Web Content Pieces – This could be text based, videos, infographics, etc. The primary purpose of these content pieces is to entice and encourage the visitor to trust and easily engage with your website. This will in turn make her more open to do what you want, whatever that is!

2. Infuse In Your Web Content Your MWR – You can do this in several way:

(i) Put calls to action (CTA) in your informative content. These are to help the visitor do what you want. If you don’t let them know they will never do it. So, at the appropriate point within your web content put a call to action either directing the visitor to click for more details or any other action you choose.

Key Web Content for Niche Sites.(ii) Write product reviews. A proportion of your content should be reviews of the products you’re promoting on your niche site. Some people advocate the 80/20 rule – i.e. 80% informative articles and 20% product reviews. For me however, you are the one in control. You are free to choose what is working for you. But in doing this, ensure that you use quality web content for your product reviews. Learning to write good quality product reviews will help you achieve more with your niche site.

(iii) Besides the two above, part of the web content should be industry news, case studies, whitepapers, etc. Infuse these whenever and wherever possible!

3. Optimize Your Web Content For Both the Search Engines and Your Human Visitors – One thing is sure about niche sites, if no one can find you on the search engines it means you’ve lost the battle! Search engine optimization (SEO) is the power of any niche site.

This is where the keywords phrases you selected during your keyword research comes to play. However, in these days of Google’s numerous Penguin updates, you must employ the very best tactics when it comes to SEO optimizing your niche site content. Make a wrong move and your niche site will be confined to the waste bin reserved for worthless web pages.

Niche Site Web Content Creation Takeaway

The Law of reciprocity is actually what is in operation here. It’s simple enough: If you can help enough people to get what they want, you can have all that you want!

So, MWR in web content creation is about you being able to understand what your most wanted response and the visitor’s most wanted response are and then satisfying both in your niche content. Your ability to do this expertly will determine the level of success you will be able to achieve.

I’m sure this makes enough sense to you!

Please share your views and questions with us in your comments below. And if this post is in any way helpful why don’t you share it with your online connections? A tweet or a Facebook/Google plus share will be highly appreciated!

How To Setup Your Niche Sites The MWR Way!

In the past few weeks we have been working on setting up niche sites to promote high paying affiliate products in niche markets. We started this niche site series following my announcement of taking part in the niche site challenge, Niche Site Duel 2.0 being hosted by Pay Flynn.

Thus far, we have covered:

1.  Riches in Niches Power Challenge – Niche Site Duel 2.0 Announced!

2. How to Pick a Profitable Niche Market!

3. A Practical Guide to Choosing a Profitable Niche!

4. Niche Site SEO Strategy That Will Put You Ahead Of Your Competitors!

And so, having picked a profitable niche market and the right keyword phrases around which we will be creating our niche site content, our next move is to set up our niche site. In this post therefore, I want to give you a few thoughts on how to set up your niche site for maximum results.

Setting up Your Niche Sites for Maximum Results

Setup Your Niche Site To Fulfill Your Dreams!

I’m sure you already know that we are using WordPress to setup our niche sites. One reason for this is because; setting up your site using wordpress is quick and easy and free – many  webhost already have it as part of the webhosting package. Also many of these hosts have some one-click installation scripts that make installing your niche site a breeze!

Another reason why we want to use the wordpress blogging software is the ease with which wordpress sites can be customized and optimized for the search engines.

So, What Do You Need To Effectively Setup Your Niche Site?

The following guide is my personal strategy. I use it for nearly every one of my niche sites and it’s the same strategy I have used for the site I’m currently using for the Niche Site Duel 2.0 (this will be revealed later!).

I want to assume that you already know how to install a wordpress blog and so we will not go into details about that here. However, here are the things you need to ensure that your niche site is setup the right way:

1. A Domain Name – For this you may decide to go for an “exact match domain” (EDM) name or a brand name.

2. Webhosting Account – For this, I purchased a shared hosting account with the ability to host unlimited domains! Why I choose that? I did because like I mentioned in another post, I plan to set up more niche sites in the coming months and this is my simple way of saving some cost. If you have plans to set up more niche sites like me and also if you want to save money some money doing so, then you will need a plan like the one I’m using right now.

Click here to check it out!

3. WordPress Theme – I do not recommend some premium theme for your niche sites except you want to build an authority site with unique branding. So, for the theme a decent looking theme will do. Only remember to have a custom header and logo for your niche site. This will help to differentiate your niche site from the rest that use the same theme.

4.  Plugins – There are thousands of wordpress plugins you may want to experiment with but instead of that simply install only the necessary ones. Here are the few I recommend for now:

All in One SEO Pack – This is superb if you want to optimize your niche site for the search engines.

AdSense Privacy Policy – If you’re monetizing your niche site with adsense, then this is one plugin you will need. It’s a simple way of automatically adding an AdSense-compliant privacy page to your site.

Google Sitemap Generator – This is another plugin that is necessary for SEO purposes.

WP – You definitely will be adding a lot of images to your niche site. This plugin is necessary to reduce the sizes of the images in order to speed up your site’s load.

WP Super Cache – You may not need this for now but as your site increases in size, you will need it to help with the load time.

Strictly Auto Tags – I love to use this to automatically add tags to every post instead of doing it manually.

SEO Internal Links – Linking your blog posts is a good thing for your site’s SEO. There are different options that can be setup with this plugin.

Related Posts – Offer your site visitors a few ways to stay a little longer on your site.

Jetpack by – This will give you an easy way of adding a contact us form, sharing button, subscription to both comments and posts, traffic stats and a few other options.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin – Fight spam comments the easy way.

5. Add the Necessary Pages – Some necessary ones include: Privacy Policy, T.O.S (of applicable), Reviews, Resources, Links, etc. This is to give your niche site some “professional” outlook!

6. Optimize for The Search Engines – Make sure your blog has search engine friendly URLs by using the “custom” permalinks together with your installed SEO plugins.  Use the All in One SEO Pack to optimize your home page putting in the appropriate title, keywords, description, etc. You should also do this for each post and pages.

A Word about Customizing Your Niche Blog Site

Niche Site Strategic Setup!Setting up your niche site is not simply about installing a custom theme or the right plugins. You will need to ensure that the site is setup with your MWR in mind.

So, what is MWR?

MWR simply means your Most Wanted Response!

This is one site design strategy that I don’t hear many bloggers talk about. A few years ago, I read an ebook, the Affiliate Master Course, from where I got the idea of the MWR.

Now, MWR is a strategic approach to website design which allows you to take into consideration what you want your site visitors to do when they first land on your site. It is therefore not enough to simply choose a wordpress theme for your niche site. You must understand that the different wordpress themes out are built to do different things!

Without deciding on your Most Wanted Respond (MWR) before choosing a theme means you will be throwing away most of the traffic you’d be generating to the site. So, first of all, prioritize what you want people to do on your blog before choosing the theme for your niche site. For example, as much as a magazine theme look so great, if it does not help you with your most wanted response, installing a premium magazine theme on your niche site would amount to a waste of precious space!

Here are some of the common MWR of most blogs:

— Build an Email List

— Sell Information or Physical Products

— Promote Affiliate Offers

— Offer Coaching/Consulting Packages

— Market a Freelance Service

— Get Visitors to Donate Money

— Build a Community

As you can see from the above, your MWR depends on your specific situation and your long-term monetization strategy.  Besides, you may have more than one MWR but the most important thing is that you should choose about 2 or 3 and focus on them while setting up the site.

For my niche site, my MWR are: (1) Guide the visitor to click on the adsense ads on the site, and (2) make them to click on my affiliate links and purchase the affiliate products I’m promoting on the site!

With this in mind my choice of a theme was a simple “Plugin-In-Profit” adsense wordpress theme designed to help the visitor do just what I wanted!

So, if you are setting up a niche site take some time to decide on what your Most Wanted Response is before doing anything.

Over to you: What are the best niche designs you have ever seen? What area do you think I’ve left out in this post? Share with us in your comments below.

Niche Site Duel 2.0 – Putting My Cards on the Table!

A few weeks ago I announced my decision to join the ongoing Niche Site Duel 2.0 hosted by Pat Flynn of It was that decision that gave birth to the niche site series that has been on this site for a few weeks now. I must report that the response to the series have been very positive. Your comments and contributions so far have been wonderful. Thank you all!

Today, instead of my earlier announced video on how to run a keyword research using Traffic Travis, I want to use this post to talk more on my niche site strategy as regards the Niche Site Duel 2.0. I’ve decided to do this for 3 reasons:

1. Today being 1st of July is actually the beginning of the first full month in this challenge.  Because I intend to give a situation report at the end of every month, this is just the right time to post this information.

2. Putting my thoughts and niche strategies here for everyone to read will serve as both a guide to help me stay focused as the challenge progresses and also as a “marking scheme” that will determine what scores I be awarding myself at every point in time!

3. I intend to post more details on the strategies I’ll be using on this blog and then once a month, I’ll post a report for that month. I hope this will give you the opportunity to follow along with me and also give you a platform to offer your positive criticism and suggestions.

4. These updates will offer me the opportunity to compare notes with others who are involved in this challenge! (My good friend Theodore of some days ago, published his own niche strategies and that gave me an idea that I should also lay my plans on the table so we can better assess ourselves as we go on!)

My Niche Site Duel 2.0 Strategy

Will Niche Site Duel 2.0 Meet Up With My Expectations?

In my first post announcing my decision to be part of the Niche Site Duel 2.0 I mentioned the reasons why I decided to be part of this challenge. These include:

1. It is in line with my 2013 business resolutions of building some new niche sites within the year.

2. It will help me hone my niche site building strategies and also learn new ones

3. The challenge offered me an opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone!

How this challenge will meet up with these expectations will be seen in the days ahead as would be revealed in the reports as we go on.

Site Setup and Content Strategy

Like I mentioned earlier, my niche site for this challenge is already up and running. However, for a few reasons I’ll want to keep the site address to myself, at least for now! At the appropriate time it will be revealed! 🙂 For now I want to simply say that I bought the domain name a couple of weeks ago and installed the blog a few days ago.

For the past 7 days or so I have been working on the site customizing the theme, installing the necessary plugins and also created the content for the necessary pages – About us, Privacy Policy, Contact us and a Resources page. Right now the site has about 3 blog posts!

Details of how I did these will be in a later post.

For content, I’ve decided on writing them myself, at least for now. I must repeat here that I’m not looking to build some authority niche site. I intend to build a niche site of about 20 to 30 pages of content for a start. Once the site is doing well in the SERPs, I will commit to occasionally update it on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. This is for the site to stay relevant in the SERPs in view of the recent SEO changes by Google, especially the Freshness Update“.

I may consider outsourcing some of the content along the line depending on how the site performs in terms of ROI. Also because I intend to build more niche sites within the year trying to write all the content myself when other sites are up and running will be tasking, so once I start building other sites the content creation may be outsourced.

How About Monetization?

I’ve already said it before that building niche sites is about building money sites! You’re not here to build relationships with other bloggers or a place to rant about your personal life and how your cat or dog is doing in life!

The primary purpose of a niche site is to make money. GED!

This being so, I’ve decided to monetize the site for this challenge in the following 3 ways:

mking money with niche sites1. – There are a good number of products with very good reviews on and from these I’ve chosen 3 products to promote on the site.

2. – I’ve also found some very good products from The reviews are also very good from which I’ve picked 4. I’ve also built an Amazon store and integrated it on the site.

3. Google Adsense – This is going to be the only Pay Per Click (PPC) ad program on the site for now and it’s simply to complement the other products. The niche presently has a very high volume of sponsored adverts on with the CPC for some of the keywords going as high as $4.3!

I want to concentrate on these ones for now but as we go on, depending on the results, I may add other monetization tactics like selling ad spaces or getting other products from other platforms and possibly creating my own product!

Traffic Strategies?

Traffic is definitely one thing that you cannot toy with when it comes to building niche sites. To make a success of your niche sites, the traffic you generate must be the right type of traffic. Simply driving traffic from just any place will not give you what you want.

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The best traffic for niche sites is traffic from search engines (organic traffic). These are people who are online searching for solutions for one problem or the other. This being so, my primary traffic source will be the search engines.

In a nutshell the traffic strategy will include the following (in order of preference):

1. Search engines (SEO)

2. Guest blogging on similar sites

3. Blog commenting on similar sites

4. Niche forum profiles and updates

5. Online answer sites

6. Social media

7. Article submission directories

8. Directory submissions

9. Link exchange

It will interest you to know that during my niche research I was able to uncover some potential similar sites for blog commenting, guest blogging and link exchanges. I also have some potential niche forums to concentrate on for that purpose.

Where Would This Be Leading?

Niche Site Duel 2.0 for me is only a primer. I intend to use the gains from this challenge to build more niche sites in the nearest future. If it turns out the way I want then it might just be my top-most online business model in the coming days!

Over to You: What do you think of my niche site strategies as revealed above? On the traffic strategies what is your take? Are there some traffic strategies you would suggest I consider? Please give your comments and suggestions below.

Niche Site SEO Strategy That Will Put You Ahead Of Your Competitors!

Today in continuation of our series on building niche sites, I want to talk about niche site keyword research. How, if you have been following this series you may have noticed that somehow, we have touched on this variously in our previous posts.

However, what I want to really do here is NOT to present a step by step guide on how to do keyword research but to give you a niche site keyword strategy that will put your niche site up on the search engines for it to drive the type of traffic that will pay you!

Remember that our niche sites’ principle is:

1. Build a niche site that is optimized for the search engines…

2. So, when a potential customer searches for a product in your target market…

3. Your niche site shows up…

4. Giving the potential customer the opportunity to visit your site, click on your affiliate link, and make purchases…

5. And finally, you get paid a commission for your referral!

With this in mind you will understand how important it is to choose the right keywords for your niche sites because this is what will ensure that your niche site perform creditably on the search engines.

So, choosing the right keyword/phrase is actually the bedrock upon which the success of our niche sites strategy depends. Get this wrong and you would have gotten everything wrong.

Now talking about our niche site SEO strategy, here is a simple layout of what we will be doing in the next few coming days:

1. Pick 20 – 30 less difficult to rank for keywords

2. Optimize each of your niche site pages with each of your selected keyword phrases.

3. Build backlinks to your pages.

Of course, you do understand that search engine optimization is simply about optimizing your webpages with the right keywords and then building back links to those pages. So this will be our focus from now on as we continue with building our niche sites.

So, let’s begin with…

Tutorial on Optimizing your Niche Sites!

How To Pick Less Difficult To Rank Keywords!

No matter how profitable your chosen niche is, picking keywords that are too difficult to rank for is a sure recipe for failure. You therefore need to learn the skill of effectively analyzing the top 10 results in the SERPs. This goes beyond the common tactic that many SEOs use in checking the number of competitors in Google. You know you’re usually told to enter your target keywords, enclosed in brackets, into Google search and then judge the difficulty of that keyword by the number that shows up!

For example, working with our “how do you stop snoring” phrase, you’ll have something like this:

Niche Site Keyword Research Tutorial

As much as this may look logical, the truth is that this result can be misleading because you cannot really tell the difficulty from just that data.  There are some other factors that need to be considered which includes:

•    Is the title optimized with the keyword phrase?

•    Is the keyword “expertly” sprinkled in the content?

•    Is the keyword casually mentioned in the page or is the site built around it?

•    How about backlinks, are these pointing at the ranking page or the root domain?

•    Does the site have .edu, .gov, DMOZ, or Yahoo Directory links?

•    What is the Google PageRank of the site and possibly the ranking page?

•    Is the page ranking on the search engines a root domain or a subpage?

•    How old is the ranking site?

You can see from the above that trying to determine the ranking difficulty of a keyword phrase, using the number of competitors in a search result on Google, is really not effective.

You’ll need to analyze the Google results using the above criteria before choosing your target keyword phrase.

How Do You Analyze The Competition?

There are actually three ways I’ll advocate here (1) manual (2) use free online keyword tools and (3) use paid keyword tools.

1.    Manual: This will involve you checking each of the top 10 sites that show up on the search results in Google using the above criteria. First enter your seed keyword in Google’s keyword suggestion tool to determine your potential keywords.

Please read our previous post for a guide on how to do this.

From the results, enter each keyword into Google search box enclosed in brackets. Now use the above criteria to analyze the top 10 results. From your checks, pick 20 to 30 keyword phrases which will then form your target keywords. When you write your niche site content you will then optimize the content for each of these terms.

Of course, the biggest drawback of this method is the time taken. In most cases this method could take you days, or even weeks, to accomplish. As you know, time is money! So, if you think you’re saving money by doing it manually the truth is you’re actually losing money! But then, the choice is yours.

2.    Use Free Online Tools: Some of the free tools I’ve always used to do this are Google’s keyword suggestion tool and Simply get your potential keywords from Google’s keyword tool and then from the results, key in your potential keywords into will then give you a summation of the results.

Here again is the result we got from in our previous post:

Keyword research using Spyful.comAgain, read my previous entry for details on these data.

Please note that for this method you will also need to enter each of your potential keywords into Though this method is a little faster than the manual method still it may take you hours and sometimes a day or so.

3.    Use Paid Keyword Tools: There are various keyword tools that will do this for you in a matter of hours or even minutes! Once you enter your seed keywords and select your filters, the tool will go into work first suggesting potential keywords depending on your selected filters and then analyzing the results to determine the best keywords to optimize your niche site for.

This option is simply the best if you’re concerned with time, saving money and getting scientifically proven results. When you get a keyword tool that will do this for you automatically and you can devote the time gained into doing other things that will benefit your niche site business!

Here are my top recommendations:

a.    Traffic Travis

b.    Market Samurai

c.    Long TailPro

In my previous entry I briefly mentioned how I tried out Market Samurai and Long TailPro to have a firsthand knowledge of how they work. What I did not tell you is that I actually have Traffic Travis and that is because I wanted to introduce it at the right time!

Now, this tool has been very useful to me. It stands between the free and paid tools because you can actually have a free version that you may use for how long you desire and when you find it useful, you can then upgrade to the paid version.

For me this is a better option. Instead of just testing the tool for just a week, why not use it to create some niche sites, see how it works and then as you make money with your niche sites, upgrade to the paid version. That’s reasonable, right?

Click here to download the free copy. (Ok, that is an affiliate link. Download and use as long as you wish, but when you upgrade I’ll get a commission – Win, Win for all us, right? 🙂 )

Frankly, I must tell you that what you’ll have from this free version is more than what you’ll get from some of the paid versions. (Just watch out, I will be giving you an insider view of this tool in our next post)

Niche Site SEO Strategy Take Away!

In rounding off this post let me say that in analyzing the competition, our criteria above is very important. If you truly want to be on the first page of Google then know that simply using “exact match” keyword search will not get you there. This will never tell you the actual rankling difficulty for your keywords and this is what really matters. If you’ll ask me, I’ll let you know that personally I’ll go for any keyword phrase that has thousands, or even millions, of competing websites but has very weak websites on the first page of Google!

The only way to know this ranking difficulty is by using the criteria we laid out above. And what a better way to save your time and achieve results quicker than using a proven tool like Traffic Travis?

Download your free copy here.

That’s it for now. Please let me know your thoughts on this in your comments below. And as usual, I’ll appreciate it if you will share this post with your online connections. Thank you for doing that!

EXCLUSIVE: Riches in Niches Power Challenge!

If you are interested in making money blogging or you are in any way interested in building multiple streams of online income then you definitely must have heard of one blogger who is making waves in these areas. Pat Flynn, is one blogger you cannot ignore when it comes to making money online though he has tried in many ways to be modest about it!

I got to know of Pat Flynn back in 2010 when I “chanced” on his blog, the Smart Passive Income Blog.  At the time he just finished what he now call  Niche Site Duel 1.0. Though I got to know of the challenge after it was ended, the information he provided on the topic was so encouraging that I immediately signed up for his newsletter and since then I have never regretted joining his newsletter!

Niche Site Duel 2.0 - Diversifying your earning potentials!
Why Put All Your Eggs In One Basket?

Niche Site Duel 2.0: This Must Not Slip Through My Fingers!

Now, this post is actually about Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel 2.0 which is officially launching this week. Niche Site Duel 2.0 according to Pat, became necessary because from 2010 when Niche Site Duel 1.0 happened till now, a lot of things have changed. There is therefore the need to update the strategies and tactics used in Niche Site Duel 1.0.

Niche Site Duel 2.0 is therefore another way of his sharing his experience and expertise. My greatest joy however is the fact that Pat has graciously allowed his newsletter subscribers and blog readers to participate in this niche site challenge.

I must say at this point that this post is nothing but my official announcement that I’m taking up this niche site challenge with Pat Flynn! From what I’ve learned from Niche Site Duel 1.0 Pat is undoubtedly, an expert when it comes to building niche sites. And so, I’m actually looking forward to seeing good results from this duel.

Why Become a Part of Niche Site Duel 2.0?

There are actually a few reasons why I decided to take up this challenge. Here are some:

1. It Aligns With Part of My 2013 Business Resolution

At the start of this year, one of my plans was to set up at least 4 niche sites before the month of June and then progressively add to this number as the year move on.

Unfortunately, thus far I’ve been able to set up only one niche site out of the 4 even when we are already in June! Of course, there are reasons for this one of which is my SEO web content writing service. Right now, I spend more time on clients’ projects. But I’m not really comfortable with this because one of the reasons why I made that resolution was to set up niche sites that will run on their own freeing up my time to do other things.

I’m a passionate believer in building multiple streams of passive income. You know as they say, you mustn’t put all your eggs in one basket! Joining Niche Site Duel 2.0 is therefore a way of pushing myself to achieving my dream of multiple streams of passive income.

2. Hone My Niche Site Strategies and Also Learn New Ones

Another reason is the opportunity this will give me in terms of strengthening my niche site strategies. Indeed, I’ve been into building niche sites for some time now but as you know, there is no end to learning. So, Niche Site Duel 2.0 is a good avenue for me to learn new strategies, build on the ones I’ve been using and also to network with other like minded online entrepreneurs.

3. Contribute To the Blogging Community

The third reason is to use this challenge to contribute some insider tips to the Web Income Journal community. If you are wondering how this is going to be, then understand that for some time now I’d been working on a free email course titled: WP Riches In Niches Power Course! This email course was supposed to be available only to my blog subscribers. However with my joining Niche Site Duel 2.0, I’ve decided to share the content freely on this blog!

4. Help Move Me Out Of My Comfort Zone

Lastly, I want to use this as a personal development tool. I did mention above that one of the reasons why I was unable to meet my target of 4 niche blogs by the month of June is because of the many projects in my hand right now. However, I must say also that beyond that, it is clear to me that I have not been able to push myself beyond some limits. It does appear that I’ve somehow set an imaginary comfort zone which is not doing me any good. This challenge therefore is to help me step out of this comfort zone because I believe working with other people in this challenge will offer some push to  do things I’m not ordinarily doing right now!

So, What Should You Expect From Niche Site Duel 2.0?

Like I have mentioned above, I would be sharing with you what I learn as we go on with this duel. I will update you on my results and also seek to know what areas you can help out, where necessary. What it means is that even if you are not able to directly join the duel yourself you will be able to pick up one or two strategies and tactics to build your own niche sites.

I ask you therefore to stay connected to the Web Income Journal in order to get the full gist as we go on. You can do this by signing up for the blog’s free update either by email of RSS feed. To sign up through email simply use the box below.

In my next update, I will roll out the tactics for choosing a profitable niche to target. I’ve read Pat’s insights and criteria for choosing a target niche. I intend to give you some very simple tactics and criteria that I use. I’m sure you don’t want to miss out. So, sign up for free updates right now by entering your details in the signup box below this post.

The journey has begun; keep a date with us because this challenge is really going to an enjoyable one!

Over to You: Do you build niche sites? What do you think is the most difficult aspect of building niche sites? Share your views in the comments below.