Top Reasons Why You Should Get a Virtual Business Mailbox

There’s no doubt that these days more and more businesses have gone digital, making the traditional ways of running businesses something of the past.

Much of the business operations now run digitally. But, as much as this has enormous gains, the fact still remains that a lot of people still prefer these days to send old fashioned snail mail when they want to contact your business, instead of an email. In a situation like this, your “digitized” business will need to have some measures in place to effectively handle this.

This is where virtual business mailbox services come in.

But what is a Virtual Mailbox?

A virtual mailbox, or digital mailbox as many would prefer to call it, is a cloud-based technology that allows you to register a virtual mailing address so you can access your snail mails on your mobile devices or your internet-connected computer.

How it works is that once your virtual mailbox address is registered, people can send traditional snail mails to this address and the virtual mailbox service operator will scan the mail and send it to you digitally so you can access and read them online!

This is indeed great for your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re operating wholly online or you have a physical address. With a virtual business mailbox you wouldn’t “block” out any of your potential customers.  Besides, you will be doing this without cumbering your business operations in any way.

Sound interesting, right? But there are more reasons why you should have a virtual mailbox for your business.

Benefits of virtual business mailbox

10 Benefits of a Virtual Business Mailbox

1. More space

Letters, packages and other documents take up room. Less room means less organization. Your business can become drowned in a sea of similar looking documents very quickly. No physical mail equals more room to breathe.

2. It Is Cheap

Cheaper than the ramifications of lost or damaged mail anyway. Information on virtual mail service pricing is available from many sources, so take a look at your budget. Consider the value of the service against how much you have to spend. You could save money, and that’s vital for any business.

3. No Worries about Ruining Letters

Everyone has spilt a cup of coffee on a letter before. Everyone has accidentally thrown one in the bin. Everyone’s dog has eaten an important correspondence. It’s annoying, and that letter isn’t coming back anytime soon! Cloud-based mail gets rid of this worry; you can’t stain a digital document!

4. Access Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you’re in the office or at home, you’re always in the loop. You won’t have to physically dig out a letter or package. It will be on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You could be at home, watching TV, or in the office working on a deal. The only limitations are with your internet connection! You’ll boost your business by increasing availability.

5. Easier To Forward Mail

If it’s digital, this goes without saying. How much easier is it to forward digital documents? We’ve all done it in the past. This takes that notion to the extreme. Forwarding a physical letter is a pain – you have to make a copy for yourself, for starters. You then have to address and mail the original. It’s not efficient, and wastes time.

6. Copies Readily Available

Speaking of copies, you can quite easily make as many as you desire. It’s far quicker to copy a cloud-based document than it is a physical one, for obvious reasons. If you need to send a letter to your investors, or to your business partner, you can easily do so.

7. More Than One Person Can Read

If there’s one copy of a letter, then only one person can read it any given point. However, a virtual mailbox allows you to more easily share that mail with other people. You can access it on different devices at the same time. It’s effective collaboration at its finest.

Virtual Business Mailbox allows for more collaboration

8. Easier To Organize

As previously mentioned, more paper equals less space, which equals less organization. It’s far easier to gather and collect digital mail as opposed to physical mail, and you can save a chunk of admin time in the process.

9. A More Efficient Business

A more organized business is a more efficient business. Businesses are huge operations with many moving parts. Can you afford to spend all your time on one area? Probably not. Switching up certain processes allows you to focus more time and effort on other things.

10. Stay in Touch When Traveling

Whether you’re jetting off to Rome or holidaying in Hawaii, you’ll always be in the loop, and you’ll always be connected. Never again will you miss a correspondence or letter!


Running a business involves a whole lot of huge, moving operations with many working parts. As such, it’s important to make all those operations as streamlined and easy as possible. Luckily for you, cloud-based technologies, like a virtual business mailbox, give you the power to operate without the hassles and headaches common with traditional business operations. So why allow your online business to loss out with those who still want to use traditional snail emails to communicate with you? Go for it, get a virtual business mailbox today.

So, what do you think about using virtual mailbox services for your business? Share your thoughts with us in your comments below.

6 Business Analysis Tools You Should Consider in 2019!

In the recent past, Business Analytics (BA) has gained more and more traction with the business community. This being so, there has also been a proportionate increase in the need for the right business analysis tools.

Unfortunately, at a time when the challenge of mining and analyzing big data calls for complex and technical solutions, most businesses are still in the dark when it comes to its myriad benefits. Besides, only a few are aware of the right tools they should employ in their data collection and analysis.

Now, there are a variety of powerful business analysis tools out there, both open source and commercial. But in this article I want to share with you a list of the top analytical tools that every business analysts should have and use.

But before that it is important that we define what business analysis is – at least for the un-informed!

Using the right Business Analysis Tools

What Is Business Analysis?

The online Business Dictionary defines business analysis as:

“Investigation into the operations of a business to expose the causes behind the results achieved, and the effects of those results on the business.” on the hand defines it as:

“A research discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems.”

From these definitions it is clear that business analysis is not a discipline that should be toyed with. This is why every business analyst should have the right business analysis tools that will help him/her effectively investigate the business situations, identify and evaluate options for improving the business systems and of course, ensure that information gathered is effectively utilized in meeting the needs of the business.

Having said that, here are my recommended business analysis tools for you.

Top 6 Business Analysis Tools Every Analyst Should Use

1. Microsoft Excel

Excel is on the top spot by no mistake; it’s perhaps the most famous and secretly most powerful business analytics suite out there.  Almost every business office has access to Excel repacked as MS Office suite.

Regardless of how extensive or complicated your statistical analysis is, it is imminent that you’ll utilize Excel at some point along the process particularly for presentation and reporting of analytic results.

It’s also an excellent dashboarding tool. Excel can be immensely powerful in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable person.

2. SAS

This is perhaps the poster child for business analytic tools. SAS, its vendor, claims to be the biggest independent in the business analysis industry. SAS design and distributes various software suites that are essential for business analysis.

One of their most valuable software widely utilized in business analysis has broad capabilities ranging from data mining, advanced analytics to data management.

3. SPSS Modeler

SPSS Modeler, premier IBM software, is an essential tool for data mining, a crucial step in business analytics. It is notable for its unique and comprehensive, intuitive GUI and its “point-and-click” modeling attributes.

4. Google Fusion Tables

These tables are much cooler and more powerful cousins to Google Spreadsheets. They are used particularly for dataset visualization, mapping, and extensive data analysis. These tables work seamlessly with other popular software and BA essentials tools like Excel, Google Maps, and SPSS, etc. Though not well known among offline users, it’s a business tool worth having.


Leading BA software developed by MathWorks, MATLAB is a powerful statistical computing tool that incorporates matrix manipulations, data analysis, function plotting, and implementation of algorithms and creation of UIs. Numerous add-on toolboxes distend MATLAB to individual faculties like finance, biostatistics, and statistics. Due to its exorbitant cost, there are myriad clones that are meant to suffice; these include Scilab and Octave.

6. Statistica

This analytical and statistical tool is developed and packaged by StatSoft. It’s notable for top-notch runtimes in data analysis, data mining, data management and data visualization procedures. While its GUI is not the most user-friendly, it has a broad spectrum of analytic techniques that suffices its shortcomings.


As mentioned earlier, business analysis is an important aspect of running and growing a business. The above tools, used correctly, will greatly make analysis easier. However, they’re only as worthy as the data presented to it and the analysis that you carry out. Effective business analysis therefore calls for proper training and practice. For this you can check out

Over to you: Which business analysis tool is missing from this list? Share with us in your comments below.

Business Blogging and The Power of Marketing Online

Why use blogging for website marketing

There is no doubt that blogging is today a popular marketing channel for many businesses. But despite this, many people still associate blogging with probloggers – those who build blogs with the principal purpose of making money with them.

However, we must understand that blogs are versatile instruments that can be employed in your business marketing. Even if you are not a professional blogger (problogger) you can still use a blog to market your home business on the net. Your blog can be used as a promotional blog for your home business website.

The truth is that adding a blog to your business website can greatly improve your online successful. A blog will help drive a constant stream of readers/customers to your products offerings. It is a business tool that can help you update your site with informative content that will keep readers coming back for more.

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Site Need a Blog

1. A Constant Flow of Fresh Content

Installing a blog on your website gives you the ability to add new content to your website on a regular basis. This helps customers/visitors to develop trust in your product and your knowledge.

If this content is relevant and important to your clients and potential customers it will help to increase the credibility of your business. This will greatly improve your chances of adding these readers as future customers.

Once they have come to have that trust in you because of the free information you’re providing for them, you can be sure of future of sales from these people.

2. Improve Your Site’s SEO

As a business entrepreneur marketing your products online, getting your web pages on the first page of the search engine result pages (SERPs) is something you wouldn’t want to toil with. This is what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about. A blog can really be helpful in this area.

For example, it is a confirmed fact today that ranking high on the search engines requires a constant flow of fresh and good content on your website. Adding a blog to your business website will help you to constantly add a regular supply of fresh optimized content to your site.

Once the search engines decide that the content is good, unique, and relevant to people, your ratings will improve. These higher rankings will translate into more potential customers discovering you on the search engines and ultimately drive up your profits!

3. Ease of Pinging the Search Engines

Another advantage of a blog in regards to the search engines is that a blog helps your business website to stay fresh on the search engine records. This is because blogs are designed with the ability to ping the most popular search engines each time you make a change to your blog – this is especially with WordPress blogs.

This is very helpful as it moves your blog up in the ranks of popular websites. Once this happens your blog would be on the list of sites which viewers will find first when they search. Another traffic generator for your business website.

4. Your Own Customized Media

Having your own blog is like having your own personal media forum. It is like owning your own newspaper, radio or television station. This means you have a place to air your views on general topics of interest and your product/ service.

You don’t have to worry about anyone censoring you or twisting your words for your personal gain. This will greatly help in the flow of communication about your products and cut down on time between messages.

Whenever communication is increased, it can be assumed that sales, and therefore profit, can be increased as well.

5. Gain More Insight About Your Market

Using a blog for marketing your business website will help to make you more educated in your field. This is because you will have to spend some time doing a little research to be able to write interesting blog posts.

Showing what you know will help you to promote yourself as an expert and will increase reader/customer trust in you and your product. And in today’s economy people will always want to go to the expert for help. So a blog can really be a powerful branding tool.

6. Blogs Provide Free Advertising for Your Business

With the popularity of blogs today they are often picked up by other online and offline media. This means additional press and free advertisement for your business!

Blogs are most times quoted by other blogs, websites, and even in print communication such as newspapers and magazines. Many bloggers have been interviewed on highly rated online media setting them up as experts.This most times is the break through that many bloggers are awaiting for to catapult them into limelight.


Indeed, adding a blog to your business website is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on because the gains are enormous.

However, you must be prepared to invest a little time up front to create an attractive site that will grab people’s attention. Besides, you must be willing to spend a few hours a day, four or five times a week, to keep the blog updated.

There are a number of ways you can go with blogs, but be sure to use the one that is right for you. Consider your needs and take some time to research your options before making a final selection.

If you have challenges setting up a blog on your website you can click here to get a professional, SEO optimized wordpress blog specially designed for you for FREE!

Have a few other reasons why your business site needs a blog? Share with us in your comments below.

Making Money Blogging And The Web Income Journal, Where Are We Headed?

Finally we are making the switch over from the Home Business Marketing Blog to the Web Income Journal. Please I invite you to read this very carefully so as to better appreciate why we have taken this decisive move.

If you’re a regular friend of the home business marketing blog, this message will explain to you some of the reasons why this change is coming at a time like this. However, if you’re new here then you will also have an idea of what we’re set to do. I must say it is a long one but it is necessary so stay with me!


After 2 years of dabbling into this blogging of a thing, one thing stood out clearly before me, the game is fast changing! I know I’ve not been long in this game like most people but the evidence of this change is quite out there for me to see. Blogging has not just metamorphosed from a personal journal into a money making online business tool, but it has also evolved into the new media that is set to change how business is done on the net. Unfortunately not very many bloggers have been able to notice this change.

Those who have not noticed this still want to hold on to the old idea of blogging talking about your passion and hobbies, your pet, and your family.But if you’re truly interested in the new flow then you will want to know where the flow is headed.

And this is what I’ve decided to do. a careful look will reveal that the rules of the game have changed. Those who were fortunate to have entered in the early days have shown us how powerful blogs are in earning an income on the net. Those were the old good days for bloggers. Then setting up a blog and posting just any content garnered favour with the search engines. Earning adsense income with blogs in those days was a breeze! Creating pay per post content, banner ads, and link ads for seo benefits was a quick way for bloggers then to make some guaranteed income. And so bloggers become the “nouveaux riches” of the internet!

But then the influx began. It quickly snow-balled into a stampede and not very long the waters became muddy. It wasn’t that there was no enough space for everyone but as with everything human, pushing and pulling is a natural thing! You know, we have always been taught that life is about the survival of the fittest. And so struggle we must for everything. We call it competition!

And this has become more rife with the realization that many of the easy and quick ways of making money blogging are fast losing their potency. With more strident rules and compliant laws gaining a wider acceptance the earning power of some of the ideas for making money blogging shrank in effectiveness.

Google will gladly give you a slap for accepting ‘dofollow’ paid link ads. Disclosure policies have ‘strangled’ those days when you could produce some quick cash with pay per post while giving a product recommendation in the name of an ‘honest’ review!

Statistics already prove that over 90% of the cyber populace has become ‘ad blind’. Online searchers will carefully avoid your adsense ads, banner ads and any other links as long as they know they are advertisements. Take the time to track these if you have them on your blog and you’ll discover that your blog visitors hardly look at them anymore. When they do look at them or click on them, they only do it as a favour, most of the time.

But now…..

A New Genre of Blogging for Business Is Evolving

And again it’s being set by the big boys…. !

No, the ‘old school’ ways of making money blogging are not dead. Of course you can still see someone out there package these old ways with a new spin in a special report with the title, “How To Make Money Blogging Secrets Revealed!” and with some powerful copywriting skill push them to some new entrant into the game.

But if you will take a deep look you will readily observe the new flow. If you have not noticed it already then let me gladly point just one to you here.

Have you noticed lately that list building have become the order of the day for bloggers? Everywhere you go online right now you are confronted with list building optin boxes. Now do you know that a few years ago bloggers were quick to condemn internet marketers for spamming which they concluded was a product of their craze for email contact lists? Of course, those were the days when bloggers shun anything list building.

But all that has changed. Blogging has entered a new era.

And so you must realize, like many other bloggers already have, that your blog does not make you money. It’s a tool that helps make doing business online possible. And it’s in running your blog as a business tool, that is, building a business with your blog, that you set yourself up for success in this new era of blogging. As we have seen making money directly with your blog through adsense and selling ad spaces, though possible yet is dwindling by the day.

That is why you should look into the future where blogging is headed. The good news is that if you look carefully this is becoming clearer by the day. So if you truly want to earn an income online running a blog you should understand that the future of blogging is pointed in either of these ways:

1. Build a blog that will make you money selling other peoples products (affiliate marketing)

2. Build a blog that will make you money launching and selling your own product; or

3. Build a blog that will make you money offering specialized services.

And you simply need to determine this ever before you set out to start that blog! And the question you will want answered is how does the Web Income Journal come into all of these?

Now, I’ve spent so much time to give you a picture of what was, what is now and what is to come as it concerns blogging for cash. I’ve done this to let you know that I’ve been studying this trend for some time now. And if you have followed the links in this write up you will observe that I’ve also written on this all along.

Now the change from the Home Business Marketing Blog to the Web Income Journal is aimed at taking the focus from the wide niche of home based business entrepreneurs to a smaller group of bloggers who are interested in the new blogging economy.

I’ve come to realize that as bloggers we have more opportunities in our today’s knowledge driven economy. Our blogging skills could be used in various productive ways. The Web Income Journal will therefore concentrate on researching and providing our dear friends and invaluable readers with content and tools to better profit with these blogging skills.

For example, after these couple of years blogging I’ve come to appreciate my writing skills. This has given me the confidence of going into something I’ve always wanted – becoming a published author. Right now I’m working on authoring a book. And what more I’ve also launched a new blog site which I intend to use as the launching pad for that book project. Now what I’m working on has nothing to do with blogging or internet marketing. In fact it is not an ebook. It’s an idea that has been with me for years but I’ve not been able to bring myself to doing anything with it. But running a blog, researching content on the net and putting that content together for others to read, have given me the confidence of knowing that authoring a book is quite a possibility for me. And I know if I can do it you too can.

We can grow together….

Yes, the Web Income Journal is not just about me but about us. Like I said before many thought the way out was competition and so they have made the waters muddy. But those who truly understand that not competition but cooperation is the new rule are right now setting the pace. This is what online social media is really all about. If you don’t know already that is why Social Impact Marketing (SIM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) are gradually taking over the field.

And so the Web Income Journal will position itself as your blogging coign of advantage. We will provide you with factual, authoritative and empowering content that will help you get a better view of earning a living online through:

1. Providing examples with personal experience

2. Scouting the net for the right tools and resources and presenting them in a simple and easy to understand format, and

3. Providing a continuous flow of free downloads that will make your blogging life much easier and help you achieve your dream online.

So I’m looking forward to us building a community here that will be of great pride to us all. I’ll gladly offer you my knowledge and I know you too have your knowledge and experience you can share here. I’m working on how you can easily be a part of this community as a contributing author. Once that is concluded you may want to write for us here.

I encourage you therefore to signup for our blog updates. It’s free. Besides, I’m putting together a powerful 7 part email tutorial that reveals the simple and easy way of building multiple streams of online income without jeopardizing your blogging career. It’s indeed a tested and proven system that will help you maximize your blogging knowledge and expertise. Click here now and gain instant access.

I’m looking forward to us having a great experience on the Web Income Journal. And I must thank you for staying with us thus far.

Your friend
Chadrack Irobogo