What Do You Think Of A Bloggers’ Hall Of Shame?

Branded as the new media, blogging has taken roots quickly and at a pace unimaginable. It is reported that every minute, hundreds of blogs are started all over the world. One thing that is very noticeable also is that like most things on the net, there are really no regulations anywhere for bloggers to adhere to.

However, over the years some un-written standards have come to be accepted by all and sundry. But unfortunately, the blogosphere is filled with all manner of practices that most times puts question mark on what these bloggers are really doing.

From my experience on the Web Income Journal and what I have seen on most blogs, I’m tempted to ask if it will be a good thing to start a Bloggers’ Hall Of Shame to high light some of the bad practices that many bloggers involve themselves in.

I actually got this idea when I came across an article a few days ago on MSN.com, “2012 Customer Service Hall of Shame” that is targeted at major players in industries like banking, credit cards, cable, airlines, insurance etc.

Conducted by MSN in conjunction with pollster IBOPE Zogby International, the MSN Money’s annual survey of customer service is aimed at bringing to the open the negative attitude of these companies in respect to customer service. What really interested me is that from all indication, it does appear that the MSN customer hall of shame is working wonders as the 2012 report shows that customers are more satisfied than the previous year.

This is what has given me the idea that if a similar thing is started focused on bloggers bad practices, we might just see some improvement in the blogosphere in the days to come!

And so, I’m throwing this open to all today in our community timeout for the week. The question is, if a Bloggers’ Hall Of Shame is started what unwholesome practice of bloggers would you want to be used as a yardstick for judging the winners in that hall?

Would you consider things like comment spamming using automated tools or auto-generated content pulled in from RSS feeds? Would you go for lean content scrapped from other blogs and that adds no value to the blogosphere? What would you go for? And do you think this will help create more awareness for bloggers to stop these things?

Share with us what you think should be used in judging those who should appear in the bloggers hall of shame. Post your comments below.

Note: This is part of our weekly community time out. If you want us to discuss any issue on this page, simply send it with this form. Read more about the community timeout on the webincomejournal.com here.

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