5 Quick Tips For Turning Negative Criticisms into Profits as a Web Designer!

Working as a web designer is one creative field where there could be a lot of criticisms. And if you're in the web design business then you must be  prepared for this.

There are times that critics, not really understanding the flow of your thoughts, will disapprove of your work and will even put you in a situation of self-doubt. If you are not careful and you take these criticisms negatively, then you will only be pressing the self-destruct button. However, if you’d learn to take the criticisms with a positive stride, it could lead you up the ladder of excellence.

As a web designer, you need to understand that some criticisms are simply a pointer to some deficiencies in your design.  With this understanding you should seek ways of turning what these critics intended for evil into something great for your business. Instead of being agitated you should rather remain calm and hold your composure.

In this article I want to give you some tips on how you can turn any negative criticism into good returns for your website design business.

handling web design critics

1. Do Not Be On The Defensive

In the face of criticism, many web designers make the mistake of jumping on the defensive. Taking the criticisms personally they are quick in lashing back with double venom. But this is not the way to go. Rational judgment is necessary in situations like this. If you want to prove a point to your critics then try to be assertive rather than aggressive. If you are confident about your design then there is no need to get involved in needless arguments. Proving your point with rational reasoning will make the critic to understand your point of view and you would have won a new follower or client! So learn to speak to your critics in a calm and confident manner.

2. Be Positive

You must understand that web designing is a relative concept.  In this work, there is no ‘right or ‘wrong'.  Two people will never have the same perspective when looking at a design.  There is no way that their opinions will ever tally. So you must realize that it is impossible to make everyone happy.  There is no point in trying to achieve that objective. Of course, there will be those who will disagree with what you’re doing but that shouldn’t be a reason to look down upon your work. Let the critics found the faults but for you, while you turn them into ingredients for better designs. So stay positive!

3. Handle Client's Criticism With Tact

If the criticism is coming from a client then you must be very deftly in handling the criticism. You must understand that a wrong move can spell doom for your project. Be open to your client’s feedback and try to understand what he/she really wants. If the client is very harsh, do not make the mistake of keeping mum; ask the client to explain the requirements in detail so that you can make the necessary corrections in the design that you have conceived.

4. Look At Suggestions

As mentioned earlier, every criticism could be great suggestions to improve the design. It doesn’t matter from whom it is coming from. It may be from an amateur web designer or even a layman. There are many pros and cons of a criticism of a web design and if the pros are more than the cons then it would be a good idea to implement the suggestions. If someone has rightly pointed out some flaws in your design, then accept it and make the necessary corrections.

5. Separate Useful Information

As a web designer you will get hundreds of comments on your blog and website and it is your duty to bring out the useful information from all these. You can actually get ideas on how to make your website far better than the present form. Just scan through the different comments and look for suggestions that might have come from experienced web designers. You can even thank a critic for any suggestion that have helped you in designing a website.


Succeeding as a web designer comes with many challenges. Trying to satisfy clients with different backgrounds and understanding is one of these challenges. You simply need to be creative not only with your designs but in handling criticisms and differences in opinions as you deal with your clients. No matter where the criticism may come from, with tact and goodwill you can turn it into something more beneficial for your web design business.

So what do you think? Do you have some further suggestions a designer can handle negative criticisms? Let's hear in the comments below.

  1. Hi Claudia
    Greate Article. I blv that if anyone will follow this 5tips they will sure can turn there Negative Criticisms into Profits as a Web Designer. From myside there is no other further suggestions. Just follow this 5rule thats it. Thanks for sharing with us.

    ~ Amit Shaw

  2. When it comes about success as a web designer, I think #2 and #3 are the best tips to follow. They are really enough to turn critics into profits as a web-designer.

    • @bjohn,

      I truly agree with you on #3. Dealing with dissatisfied customers could be scary if you don’t know what to do. Tact and some wisdom is what will turn things around. It’s better to listen to them and understand their grievances. That way you could turn the table around!

  3. its a very interesting take on the idea, well done

  4. This is a great tip! At least we can do the negative thing turns into a profitable one! Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. I’m not a designer, but from my own experience, I can say that sometimes it can be too difficult to handle client’s criticism with tact. And when the person is very creative, then it will be even more difficult

    • @BuySellWordpress,

      You mean if the client is very creative? I think that is even better. You simply need to listen to him/her and let him/her give you the ideas he/she has in mind. You simply don’t have to argue. Apologize for your lapse and then use his/her ideas to build something that you can be proud of. I’m sure that way that client will definitely be impressed and maybe more business may follow, or don’t you think so?

  6. Very nice post.I think this is a really cool topic I really enjoy to read this article.Your article is straight to the points.
    your theme is great This article is very inspiring and helpful.thnx for sharing with us Brilliant work

  7. If you could deal with criticism easily, it means that you are a high-level professional. It’s rather hard to cope with negative emotions, but you should handle client’s criticism with tact and try to separate useful information to come out with new creative suggestions.

    • @Daniel, You’re definitely right there. Listening carefully to what they have to say will give you some other ideas on how to do it better later. Thanks for your comment.

  8. I’ve been thinking of creating templates for theme forest but I a google search had a lot of results saying that there was no design guidelines and purely down to the reviewers taste. A lot of time for no reward in some cases.

    • @Servo Stabilizer,

      That could be frustrating indeed. Why don’t you contact the theme creator. There may be some opening. Besides, instead of giving up you can perceive in your search and maybe that could just be some business line since there are others in need of that also. You know, find a hurt and heal it! 🙂

  9. Nice article! It can be hard to take criticism, but it does makes us better. Also I have to remember that when designing for a client, you have to give them what they want whether you like it or not.

  10. I was talking to one of our commenters about this the other day Claudia. I concluded that I don’t mind negative comments, as they can provide useful criticism (as you have said). I however do not like or approve malicious/hostile comments/remarks.

    An interesting article, thanks Claudia 🙂
    Christopher – Technology Bloggers Admin Team

    • @Christopher,

      I think you have a point there Christopher. If you don’t mind but you do not like or approve malicious/hostile comments/remarks then there is no way you will be able to reach out to this person and may be turn him/her into a friend or customer.

      Some times, you may need to approve such a comment and add a tactful response. Others who read both the comment and your reply will have more respect for you and depending on any further response from this person the true picture will be better known by all.

      Of course, this is my own take!

  11. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

  12. Web design is a good business and these are great tips. And I love the cat in the picture. Sooo cute!

  13. Accept those criticisms as the one key to your success. Be a positive thinker to end up in the ladder of success!

    • @James Martin,

      That exactly is the spirit. If you will only keep a positive mindset knowing that you can get something good from the criticisms, then profit from them will be much easier. Thanks for the comment.

  14. In my opinion, the mot important thing is to think positively, and take into account some critic remarks and that’s all – and we’ll get success

  15. Thanks for sharing the post here. Keep up the good work. All the best.

  16. Reply
    Danyelle Franciosa March 1, 2012 at 6:00 am

    Such a great idea to turn Critics into profits, forgetting those bad critics from people surround you is a good start. This is such a very thought provoking article and thanks for sharing!

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    and throughout facebook the better your page will do. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  18. Thank you, Jason. I really appreciate your encouragement, and I LOVE your
    perspective. I think I’ll be enjoying your content A LOT.

  19. Accepting criticisms will make one successful in his business. Remember that without criticisms, many business will not be able to develop their success. Try to accept one and probably you’re on your way to success.

  20. It’s all are a great tips to improve our web design.no.2 and 3 tips are really good to improve web design.

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