Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed: How Super Affiliates Make Money (And How You Can Too!)

Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed: How Super Affiliates Make Money (And How You Can Too!)

Have you ever wondered how the super affiliates make huge commissions from their affiliate marketing promotions?

I’m talking about income reports from super affiliates like Stefan Pylarinos, John Crestani, Tai Lopez, Zac Johnson, Jeremy Schoemaker (aka ShoeMoney), John Chow, Mark Ling, Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn, etc.

When you read those reports and consider how you’re struggling to get your first commission do you ask yourself, where you’re getting it wrong?

Well, the truth is, they have some “secret” strategies that no one is telling you about.

No doubt, you’ve read a number of listicles on how to become a super affiliate simply by choosing the right niche, joining the right affiliate program and writing the “best” product reviews. But as much as such advice is helpful the fact is, attaining the super affiliate status is never as easy as a 1-2-3 step by step system.

In the past few months I’ve been studying and digging in deep to uncover the secret strategies of these super affiliates and I must say I’m astounded at my findings.

In this post I want to share what I have learned with you. If you understand these strategies and diligently implement them as an affiliate marketer I can guaranteed you that you’d soon join the league of super affiliates.

But first,

Who REALLY is a Super Affiliate?

How Super Affiliates Make Money

A Super Affiliate is an affiliate who is at the top of the affiliate marketing game. These are the affiliates that generate thousands, and even millions, of dollars from the affiliate marketing industry. They generate the biggest commissions from the top affiliate marketing programs.

They are always at the top of the leaderboards generating real, regular income from their blogging and affiliate efforts.

Analyzing a recent poll conducted by STM forum, (a SaaS marketing platform) divided affiliates based on their monthly income into the following categories:

  • Total beginners – affiliates who are only losing money at the moment;
  • Low-level affiliates – those who earn up to $300/day;
    Intermediate affiliates – those who earn from $300/day up to $3,000/day;
  • High-level affiliates – these ones earn above $3,000/day;
  • Super affiliates also called “gurus of affiliate marketing,” – those who make more than $10,000/day.

As you can see from this categorization super affiliates stand tall in the affiliate marketing industry, making as high as $10,000/day.

Frankly, these guys and gals know how to run profitable campaigns like the back of their hands and their bank accounts attest to it.

So, how do they do it?

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Top 5 Super Affiliate “Secret” Strategies Revealed

Are you ready to learn the secret strategies that I’ve uncovered in my research?

Then read this very carefully:

These are really no secrets but fundamental marketing techniques that are tried, tested and proven to work 100% all the time. The only “secret” is in the execution.

So, if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, here are the top 5 proven strategies of the super affiliates:

Strategy #1: Super Affiliates Exude an Aura of Authority

Super affiliates compel you to believe them when you hear them talk. It has always been their “confidence and swagger” that sways buyers to purchase their products. Their credibility and sales conversion is directly proportional to their level of authority.

Just think about it, if you believe you’re talking to an expert, aren’t you compelled to listen to everything they have to say? Of course, you definitely want to sit tight and listen!

This is their #1 secret.

So, how can you establish authority? Here are a few tips:

  1. Speak with confidence. Even though you don’t know everything about the product, always speak as if you do.
  2. Show off your credentials, if you have any. Your degree, awards, and certificates from seminars you attended should be included in your bio pages. All of these can boost your value and establish authority.
  3. Become an author and publish some tips online. More people will notice your expertise, making you a figure of authority in your line of business.
  4. Entertain some interviews and be featured in some online blogs or articles. It creates a positive reputation for you and grants you the consumer’s confidence in your expertise. However, never beg for an interview.
  5. Always be confident. Never let any negative comment pull you down.

Strategy #2: Super Affiliates Always Give Out Additional Offers

Have you ever purchased a certain product because of the offers (aka bonuses!) that come tied in with it? If yes, then you’ve experienced one of these secret super affiliate tricks first hand.

When a new product is released, there are a lot of sellers who will be selling the same product. And since the competition is tough, super affiliates always give away additional offers.

And, you can do this also.

Here are a few ways you boost your sales with bonus offers:

  1. Offer additional bonuses that consumers can’t resist. Be sure to give something that other competitors can’t offer.
  2. Bonus offers should be sent out together with the product you sold. Having an automated process helps.

Strategy #3: Super Affiliates Have Super Blogs

Blogs are an essential part of an affiliate marketing business. Most affiliates consider blogging a lifeline to their business.

A review blog for instance gives you the traffic you need to boost your online authority. It helps you gather a list of consumers and possible clients.

When making your own blog, make sure to include these tidbits of information:

  1. Honesty over commissions. Make sure you’re posting real hard facts that describe a product. Your priority is to maintain your customers’ trust. Never post anything that sacrifices your reputation for a few bucks.
  2. New Products and Updates. Your avid readers and consumers who put their trust in you would love to hear directly from you about new products on the market.
  3. Surveys, Polls and Contests. People just love it when their voices are heard. Answering surveys and polls are a great way to share opinions. Contests are highly effective in spreading the word about an offer – if the prizes are good, that is.

Strategy #4: Super Affiliates Choose Solid Products

To maintain their reputation and the trust of their consumers, super affiliates always go for products with high quality. They know when you promote a product that sucks they will lose their credibility and buyers.

Now, you might be thinking, “How should I choose the products to promote?”

So here are tips you should keep in mind.

  1. When you promote a product, be sure to check the quality. Your product is a direct reflection of you as an affiliate. A lousy product only shows you’re desperate to sell anything.
  2. Choose a product that will sell to a wide variety of population. The more prospects you have the higher chances your sales will increase too.
  3. Closely watch lists of new products launching. When you see an offer with potential, do everything you can to get on the approved seller lists.
  4. It’s also best to pick out a product that is recurring or seasonal.

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Strategy #5: Super Affiliates Know the Secrets of Preselling

Preselling is a strategy super affiliates use to let customers buy a new product ahead of time. They are able to do this successfully because they have built trust relationships with their customers (as mentioned above).

So, how do you do preselling?

Here are important things you need to know:

  1. The customer’s trust is one important thing to consider. Building trust with your customers will make it easier for you to presell.
  2. Add-on Offers. Offer something that customers can’t resist.
  3. Promote your product well. Sell it with confidence and pride. Let your consumers see that they need this product ahead of time.

You can Presell in several ways…

  1. Sending an Email Product Update Notification. Since you already have a list of your trusted consumers, you can send this exciting news to their inbox.
  2. Put a catchy notification bar on your sales page. If your sales page is getting a high number of views, flaunt your preselling event in there. Let it be clear and catchy.


There you have it. Super affiliates indeed do know their game and will always strive to break ahead of any possible competition in their line of industry. Staying on top is their highest priority. They always want to dominate the industry by maintaining a high profile and sales conversions compared to their competitors.

The question is: after being exposed to these strategies has your vision for YOURSELF grown at all?

Are you willing to do what it takes to create endless success and growth for your affiliate marketing business? Do you REALLY want out of the affiliate marketing ‘rat race' that so many average affiliate have to deal with everyday?

Or, is building your internet business just some fantasy or hobby to you?

Honestly, you have to answer these questions yourself. And once you and you're TOTALLY serious about this… then you'd want to sharpen your affiliate marketing skills in order to start implementing these super affiliate strategies.

And I've found this program to be tops when it comes to teaching the principles you'll need to succeed:

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  1. Tim Halloran

    Great share thanks for posting. I would also add that super affiliates use programs which offer recurring commissions and high value products within a product range. When I started with affiliate marketing I didn’t know this and tried very hard to sell low value products which only paid tiny commissions!

    1. Chadrack

      You’re right on point Tim. Promoting affiliate programs that offer recurring commissions is a great way of putting in the work once and reaping the gains for years to come 🙂

      Thanks for adding your voice to the piece.

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