Does Your Business Have A Unique Brand Identity?

Creating a unique brand identity is a tricky business. It’s the thing that separates the biggest companies in the world from the ones you’ve never heard of.

Apple, for example, have a strong brand identity. Their logo and messaging instantly portrays their unique identity. They are visionary, forward-thinking, and aesthetically beautiful.

The question then is, does your branding say the right thing about your business?

Is it easily identifiable from a simple logo or color scheme?

If your answer to the above questions is no, then there is definitely an urgent need to improve your brand identity. In this post, we’ll explore the key ingredients required to set yourself apart. This of course include every decision you make, from visual imagery to your wording on social media. All of these have an impact.

The biggest companies are incredibly careful about how they present themselves. So why shouldn’t you? Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

The Apple Brand

How to Create a Unique Brand Identity

1.    Define Your Vision And Mission Statement

A brand identity always comes from deep within the company. It’s based on a set of values and core ideals that drive the business. Set out a strong mission statement that defines the heart of your company. What drove you to start the business? How does your product or service make a difference in the world? It’s these values that inform your public perception. Adidas and Nike, for example, have aspirational and motivational core values. That comes through in every single thing they do. What’s yours?

2.    Logo

You can identify the biggest brands in the world from a simple logo. A small image or icon is all it takes to set you apart, and build an entire image around your brand. Think of Twitter’s bird or Starbucks’ Siren/Mermaid. They’re iconic and immediately recognizable. You need something equally powerful. Don’t worry if you’re not very creative, there are plenty of design services online. In fact, you can search for logo designs, and order now. Within a week, you’ll have a design that you can start to work with.

3.    Tone Of Voice

You’ll notice that the biggest brands have a unique tone of voice that captures their aesthetic perfectly. We’ll use the example of Adidas again. Throughout their website, social media platforms, and adverts, they’re incredibly motivational. Every word encourages you to pick up a football or hit the gym! That’s the power of good tone-of-voice. It encapsulates your brand and portrays it through the right wording. You can do the same to help promote your brand online.

4.    Color Schemes And Images

Our brains are highly visual. That means we actually respond better to colors and images, over words. So, while words are important, you must also focus on the imagery. Think carefully about what your colors and photographs say about your business. Did you know that certain colors appeal to certain demographics, for example? Visit the Land Rover website, and you’re flooded with their trademark army-green color. They also have photos of their cars halfway up a mountain. This has all been carefully chosen to strengthen their brand identity.

Nike Brand Identity

Nike: one of the most recognizable logos ever (photo)


There’s no doubt that you need a unique brand identity for your business today. Don’t be left in the dust. Use the above to check how your business compare to the strong identities mentioned in this post. And start right now to think about how you can create a unique brand identity for yourself.

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