5 Fantastic Web Design Secrets You’d Never Thought Of!

Great web design is more than just a pretty face. There are so many little tricks and tips that can make your business perform better.

Web design really is that powerful.

When designing your website and you use the right layout and colors, you can say everything, without really saying anything! Good website design gives your site authority and credibility. It makes customers feel at home and points them towards the key conversions.

It also lets them identify with you as a brand. The best web design increases loyalty, drives conversions and increases sales. Like we said, it really is that powerful.

Good web design can revolutionize your business. If you’ve got your own site, there are one or two little secrets that you can implement immediately. They will drastically improve the performance of your site.

Today, in this post, I want to share with you some fantastic web design secrets that will help you achieve the best of worlds with your web design.

Web design tricks you should know

1. Familiarity

Often when we think about web design, we instinctively want to show creativity. To an extent, this is a good plan. Of course you should put your own stamp on the website and use it to strengthen your brand. But, it’s really important to keep things familiar. If you’re a blog, use a relatively familiar blog layout. If you have an online store, make it look like an online store. Now is not the time to reinvent the wheel. Give users what they expect and you’ll improve performance.

2. Above the fold

Creative web design experts tell us that this is still one of the most important design tricks. Try to keep all your important information above the fold. This means putting your most important information high up the page, before the user has to scroll down. Tell them everything they need to know and give them the call to action up, front and center.

3. Less is always more

Take a second to think about your business and goals. Consolidate it down into the very essence of the company. Figure out how to convey your business in one short sentence. That’s all your web design should be. Simple and to the point. Get rid of unnecessary clutter and use only one focal point. Use one image and one piece of text to tell users everything they need to know. Then direct them to one simple call to action. That’s how you get results.

4. Colors, fonts and photographs

These are essential design aspects that should be given long consideration. Photographs are particularly powerful when used correctly. Make them stand out and avoid stock photography at all times. Fonts should be simple and easy to read. Colors must also be simple, unobtrusive and consistent with your brand.

5. Cut down your text

As we said before, less is always more. This is even more pertinent when it comes to text. According to studies, web users scan websites and read only about 30% of the words on your page. That means you need to make every word count. Cut down your text and keep it simple and to the point.


There is definitely an art to great web design, but these secrets can help you make the most of your site. The one rule you should live by is simplicity. Distil everything to its absolute essence and you’ll see performance shoot up.

So, what web design secrets do you have? Share with us in your comments below.

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