5 Uncommon Ways To Promote Your Blog (Without Using the Internet!)

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There is no doubt that as a blogger, you already know a hundred and one ways how to promote yourself online. If you are like most bloggers, you must already be excellent at maintaining your social media platforms. You likely know all about Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and so there is no need to tell you what to do in that department.

But how good are you at promoting yourself in real life?

Do you have what it takes to get out there and tell people who you are?

If you have always hidden behind the comforting shield of your computer screen, it is time to rethink your marketing plan.

Here are 5 surprising ways to promote your blog without using the internet.

1. Host an exclusive blogging event

Bloggers, by nature, are social people. If you want to meet like-minded people, you could benefit by hosting a blogging event for other writers in your area.

Planning an event will take a little time. You can use your connections to find a venue and arrange entertainment for people. When you socialize with a large group of writers, you can learn from them and see if you can help each other in the future.

2. Give a speech to students

These days, students need to learn more than just some academic skills; they need to get to navigate the internet. The problem with the current school system is that it doesn't equip students with the skills they will need in the real world.

Now, people need to know all about the internet if they have even half a chance of getting a job. Offer your services at a local school. You can give a speech to the students there about what it means to be a blogger and how you make it work.

People will love hearing about you, and you might just get some new readers.

3. Give people branded accessories

If you want people to see your logo, the answer to your problems is easy. Give your readers branded accessories so that they will promote you when they are out.

If you give your most-dedicated readers some branded freebies, they will be sure to wear them. That means that people all over the world (depending on where your readership is) will see your logo. Ensure that you also put your URL on the products so that people know where to find you.

4. Gorilla marketing

Another way to ensure that people see your branding is to use a standard gorilla marketing technique. You should get some stickers with your logo and URL on them. You can buy a bulk of high-quality prints online at sites, such as scodix.com.

Once you have your stickers, you can send them out to people. Ask your readers to stick them anywhere they want so long as it is in a public place. Get people to send you pictures of where they stick each sticker. You could even offer people a prize if they put your stickers somewhere creative. That way, people will strive to put your stickers somewhere that everybody will see them.

5. Offer advice to new bloggers

When people first start out in the world of blogging, they need advice. If you have been a blogger for a long time, you can offer newbies advice and tips to help them get started.

Reach out to new bloggers and offer to chat with them about how you started your blog. Remember, so long as you are talking about your blog to new people, you are promoting it.

Offering help and advice for free is an excellent way to market yourself. People will be grateful and so they will help to promote you as well.

If you are thinking of growing your blog's audience in the coming year then going offline with your blog promotion is one thing you need to consider right now. There are a whole lot of potential readers of blog out there. Reach them with these offline blog promotion tactics and see your blog break new grounds.

Over to you: Are you already using any of these offline blog marketing strategies? Do you have any strategy or tactic that bloggers can promote their blog without using the internet?

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