8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Why your business should have a business app

There is no doubt that the mobile market is going to be a big hit in 2015 and beyond. As I mentioned in an earlier post, mobile traffic is growing by the leaps and bounds. And I did say to take advantage of this as a blogger you’ll need to go the mobile blogging route.

But that is not just the only route to take. As a business entrepreneur there are other ways you can tap into this growing trend. One of such is getting a mobile app for your business.

There are indeed a lot of benefits of getting a mobile app for your business even though not all businesses need one. But listen to this: having a mobile app is a great way of growing your business in the coming year!

Not sure?

Then here are 8 reasons why your business could need a mobile app:

Reason #1: To Give Better Customer Service

An app can sometimes make it better to give your customers the support and service they need. Your app could make it easier for customers to contact you, use a service, or add value to their experience. Fantastic customer service is essential in any industry.

Reason #2: Promote Your Business and Products and Coupons

An app is a great way to promote your business with products and coupons. This will help people to see why they should work with you and give them an incentive to shop.

Reason #3: Better Engage With Your Customers

Engaging with customers is so important. An app allows you to do this in real time, and you can even find out more about them with their profile info. Let’s say you’re a food company with an app that gives recipes to users. You could recommend your own products, give them shopping lists, and provide them with coupons. If you integrate social media sharing too, you’re on to a winner!

Reason #4: Branding

By creating an app, you’ll instantly strengthen your businesses brand. You can help to reinforce your colors, culture, logo, and style with an app. You can do this with both web and mobile applications. By building a strong brand, customers won’t forget you in a hurry.

Reason #5: E-commerce

If you usually sell products online, an app can allow your customers to do the same thing on their phones. Mobile phones are becoming more and more popular for browsing and buying, so an app can make that much easier.

Reason #6: Get an Edge Over Your Competitors

Did you know that 7 out of 10 business haven’t got an app? If you have one built, this could give you an edge over your competition. By differentiating yourself this way, customers could be more likely to work with you. An app could help you to appeal more to your target market!

Reason #7: Give a Better Experience

As a mobile app is a great tool for businesses, you can give your customers a great experience. You can answer customer questions, give them games to play, and even offer a loyalty program. Also, an app downloaded from the Apple store will be a trusted resource to shop and browse with, whereas there’s always the threat of identity theft online.

Reason #8: Get Feedback About Customer Behavior

You can use a mobile app to get feedback about your customer’s regular behavior. You’ll see what products and services are most popular, for example. You can then get to know your customer base better and this could increase your profits!

Over to You: So, do you need a mobile app for your business? If you’re looking to get an edge over your competitors and give your customers a great experience, then I’d say so. But what you say?

Share your thoughts with us in your comments below.

To your success in 2015!

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