The Best Methods to Grow Your Business FAST in 2015!


Just yesterday I made a post where I emphatically stated that mobile blogging will rule the blogosphere in 2015. I want to repeat that if you are not already into moblogging then now is the right time to get started.

Today I want to talk about growing your business in the coming year. Of course, as a wise business entrepreneur there is no better time to start planning for the next year.

No doubt, everyone is in a festive mood right now but that shouldn't blind you to the fact that after all said and done you still have a business to build! So, why not get your acts together to hit the road running in 2015?

Except your desire is to just have a small business (because you fear the idea of growth!), you will want to pay careful attention to these tried and tested methods that will help you speed up and expand your business as quickly as possible in 2015.

Ready? Then here we go..!

1. Open Up Another Branch

Opening up another branch should take careful consideration and planning, but it’s definitely an option to grow a great business. Providing you’ve had steady business for a few years and can get the funding, you should be able to open another branch fairly simply. Just make sure your current business shows no signs of slowing down before you open up another.

2. Offer Your Business as a Franchise

Franchises are marketed as ready made businesses. They’re already branded; all of the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is start to run it! Sound appealing? Your business could be offered as a franchise.

3. Team Up With a Similar Business

Why not team up with a similar business to your own? They may offer a complimentary product or service that your customers would love. You’ll both share the same clientele, and this could increase your profits and exposure massively!

4. Diversify

Diversifying your business will be necessary after a while. You could do this by selling complementary products or services, exporting your products, or even by sharing your knowledge and becoming a paid speaker.

5. Don’t Put Off Hiring Staff

If you feel you’re struggling to cope with the work load, you shouldn’t put off hiring staff. Some businesses put it off for as long as possible, simply because of the responsibilities they would have to them. As some people put it, it’s ‘one more mouth to feed’. However, if you hire smartly, more staff members will help you to get work done, generate more custom, and continue to help grow your business. If you’re growing rapidly with your staff, you need to make sure your office space is flexible too. If you’re tied into a contract, then that can be another reason to put off hiring as you won’t have the room. Something like the mwbex serviced offices could be what you need. Make sure the location of the office is suitable for your type of work too.

6. Target Different Markets

Although your current market might be working for you, it may be time to branch out and target different markets to expand. Could you offer a product or service that another market would snap up?

7. Go to Trade Shows

Trade shows are a brilliant way of growing your business. People who attend are already interested in your industry/product/service, so you have way more chance of selling to them. You can also network and make connections here. You could even share your expertise by doing a talk.

If you use these methods, you should find that your business begins to expand at a much quicker pace.

Over to you: What tactics or plans do you have to expand your business in 2015? Share with in your comments below.

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