Shocking Truth About Blogging

Shocking Truth About Blogging: Evolve or Go Extinct!

Have you noticed what is going around the blogosphere lately?

I don’t know about you but I believe that the blogosphere is undergoing a transformational change! It is clear from all indications that blogging is evolving; and this is happening right before our eyes. Very soon only those bloggers who are able to recognize this and then make a conscious effort to change with the times will be alive to enjoy the gains!

Already fossilized remains of blogs whose owners tried to ignore this fact dot the blogging landscape. I did mention some time ago how I visited some blogs and to my surprise I discovered that many of them have been abandoned. While some have their domains packed because they have not been renewed others have not been updated for months!

Since observing this trend, I have written various blog posts calling on bloggers to take special note and do something about it quickly. But the question is who is listening?

Where are all the Bloggers?

A few days ago, I read a blog post by Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe of In the post titled: Where are all the Bloggers? Emmanuel voiced his concern about what he observed around the blogosphere lately.

Hear him:

“…the blogging world seems to see a general decline in activity. Most blogs aren’t updating anymore and the trend seems to cut across the board. Haven’t you notice that? Or maybe it appears I am the only stranger in Bethlehem?

Hahaha! Somewhere 2013, I ventured into blogging and the rate and enthusiasm one realized in the blogosphere was really high. The same time last year saw lots of new faces in the blogosphere with great insights being shared on every blog but this year is different and I don’t understand why.

Reputable blogs are hardly updating and new bloggers are rarely found these days. I have a tradition of visiting lot of blogs within a day but it appears they aren’t writing and the question which pops up now is, why aren’t they updating?”

Now, you can imagine my reaction when I read that post. Of course, why Emmanuel may have just noticed this, I actually knew that we will soon get this time. I knew that this was bound to happen!

If you had read my post: Hey, Blogger Please Quit! You will observe that that post was done with a passionate desire for bloggers to really reconsider their ways and start seeing their blogs from an entrepreneurial point of view instead of just a blog.

If you have not read it please do so right now because it is indeed a classic!

Blogging Is At A Cross Road!

Frankly, I think what Emmanuel observed in his post is far deeper than what most of the comments tried to make of it. Why most of them see it as not a problem, but rather a result of many bloggers still trying to get their sails ready for the year, we mustn’t rule out the issue of discouragement for lack of real returns for their efforts.

This is why I think Akaahan Terungwa offered some real insights in his comment. Here’s his comment:

“Blogging isn’t easy, I must be frank. Monetization too is a hell lot more difficult these days as all the traditional channels simply pay peanuts! The persons who are updating very frequently are either those who have found a way around the monetization bottleneck or are damn passionate (and can never run out of ideas). This is a motivation game, you’ll have to accept.”

To me this actually comment hit the problem right on the head!

There is no need playing the ostrich. There is a problem and except, as a blogger you are ready to confront it head-on, you would only be doing your blogging career a disservice.

It is time to wake up to reality!

What Is The Way Out?

How can you avoid ending up among these unpleasant blogging stats that are becoming the order of the day around the blogosphere?

Instead of trying to give more tips and insights here I will simply ask that you read the following posts as I have written severally on these issues:

And for a quick guide on how to make money blogging read:


I know this is a topic that many will want to debate. Most of the arguments I have heard over the years have always been that blogging is not just about the money. As much as I agree with this, I also want to say that of all the bloggers I have come across not up to 1% are really blogging because they just want to have some fun.

If you are among this 1%, great! Enjoy yourself. But, let me say I’m speaking to those who desire to make money with their blogs. And if you are in this group, I ask you to pulse and consider your ways again!

Feel free to let us know what you think in the comment section below. Whether you agree with this or not, share with us your take.


  1. Emmanuel

    wow! I am really honoured to be mentioned and quoted in this lovely post of yours. The pleasure is all mine!

    I am really happy you have also observed the trend as well. Things aren’t the same as it used to be. So the best thing is to evolve or die!

    1. Chadrack


      Frankly, it’s something that has gotten many bloggers thinking. Just earlier today while writing this post I simply did a Google search to see what others are saying about this and you will be surprised. Many bloggers are really concerned. It is truly an evolution and only those who make the proper changes on time will survive it.

      Thanks for coming around to put in your voice to the conversation.

  2. Sagar

    Nice post

    Well I too agree that most of the people use blogs for making money but NOT ALL. There are bloggers whom I have met and they write just for fun, some do as writing is their passion,some want to express their views with every body etc etc . Every body has their own set of ideas behind blogging. But it is really a matter of concern as the blogging platform or form is decrementing. We’ll just hope that every thing is going to be fine.

    Thank you for sharing

  3. Sagar Nandwani

    I found these survey results interesting; particularly about how many bloggers there are who rarely update their blogs and how many don’t make money blogging. I used to be one who didn’t post regularly, but have now made it a habit to post on a consistent basis, which I feel is a critical key to succeeding.

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