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UPDATED (Please read carefully)


Due to the recent happenings in the SEO market and Google's stand on Guest Blogging and other link building tactics, I now, more than before, take seriously the below terms. So, please read them carefully before submitting your guest posts. It's better you don't waste your time!

Our Guest Blogging Terms

For your guest post to be published on this site:

1. Your article MUST be UNIQUE.

2. You MUST have Full Copyright ownership.

3. Your article MUST NOT be less than 700 words (not counting the title and your author bi-line).

4. Your article MUST  be targeted at the blog's audience (Bloggers, Web entrepreneurs and small businesses).

5. To avoid duplicate content penalties you agree NOT to re-publish the article on your blog or anywhere else on the net once your article is accepted and published here. (You may write a post about it on your blog and link to it.)

6. If your article is accepted and published, you give us the permission to use same for promotional/marketing purposes. We send useful content to our contact list from time to time. If your article meets our criteria we may so use it. Besides, we may re-publish your article in our newsletter or special reports sent to our subscribers if we so wish. Note however that in all of these your author bio will be left intact! That of course is MORE free promotion.

7. To achieve the best results and to conform to our design and layout, you give us the permission to edit your article (without of course, altering the meaning). We may also edit and implement the best keywords/phrases as deemed fit.

8. You’re free to add at most 2 links to your blog either in the body of your article or the resource box.

NOTE: NO affiliate links, NO links to E-commerce sites or salesletters.  (If you're looking to build links to your e-commerce sites please see our sponsored posts, product review and guest posting services).

9. As a blogger you understand the value of replying to blog comments. If your guest post is accepted and published, you AGREE to reply to the comments on your guest post to keep the conversation going. In the event of you not showing up 5 DAYS after the publication to reply to the comments, your links will be removed.


If you agree to the above terms then:


IMPORTANT: After registering, please inform me by email to upgrade your account to a contributor status. Use this form.

2. Update your profile:

(a) Your full names – This is what you want displayed in the author’s bio. For the purpose of networking and relationship building with other bloggers you’re advised not to use fake names.

(b) Your email address – This should be your primary email address and it MUST be linked to your gravatar. Without a gravatar your guest post will not published.

(c) Your author bio – Tell the world about yourself with links to your blog. (Your 2 links could go here or both here and the body of your article.

IMPORTANT: Remember to change the automatically generated password to something you can remember.


Once your account has been upgraded and you have updated your profile, you can now submit your article for review.

Please when adding your articles do not copy direct from a word processor. A text editor like notepad is better.

1. Please don't submit your article through email. Login and submit through your profile.

2. Where possible, include graphic(s) in your guest post when submitting it for review. Your included graphics must either be your own or royalty free images.

3. Ensure your post is well formatted before you click the submit button.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me with this form.

Best regards.

Chadrack Irobogo