Put the WOW Effect on Your Blog with these WordPress Plugins!

4 powerful Plugins to WOW your readers!WordPress shares an existential problem with plug-ins. In fact as bloggers, we are very much accustomed if not dependent on plug-ins when it comes to adding some nice features in our wordpress blogs.

WordPress plug-ins are so easy to use and they come with so many benefits that you will be left with fewer choices once you disregard them. But WordPress plug-ins have their own share of shortcomings, like they can make your blog really heavy and sometimes, one plug-in may conflict with another thereby hijacking the performance of the website.Despite these disadvantages however, the advantages are far more numerous.

And so, to help you supercharge your wordpress blog and make it look smart and sharp so that it makes your readers go WOW! here are some hand picked plugins for you. Put them to use right now and set your blog apart from the pack!

1. WP Separate CSS: If you are an aspirant designer like me and much in the habit of making occasional changes in the look and feel of your wordpress blog by doing minor tweaks in the CSS file, you need a plugin that will allot you a separate space to try your fancy. With WP Separate CSS, you can have the best of both worlds. This small and nifty plug-in will let you write separate CSS with whatever editor you would like and that too without affecting the main CSS file of your wordpress blog. All you need to do is to create a separate .css file in the plugin directory and all the codes will automatically get included in the main theme CSS file.

2. WP Put The Meta: This plug-in is best for those who want to add a custom field to some posts without affecting the rest of the post in one way or the other. WP Put The Meta has got a nice addition for this purpose. All you need to do is to install the plug-in and then put this shortcode – [putthemeta key=””] into the posts where you would like to make the changes appear. The blank quotation field needs to be filled out with the name of the custom field. This plugin comes in handy if you are to add adsense code in a particular area of a particular post.

3. Be It Facebook Sidetab: Are you unsure and looking for a way out as to where to put your facebook like box, your worries will be coming to an end with this awesome WordPress plug-in coded named as – Be It Facebook Sidetab. This plugin will not eat up anymore space on your blog which is creaking under the pressure of so many diverse elements. Your facebook like box will be floating around causing least distraction and making it easier for visitors to become a fan. It comes with zillions of customization options and that means, you will be able to change the width, height and other things fairly easily.

4. Google Web Fonts for WordPress: If you want to change the font type but unsure about whether they are web safe fonts or not, this Google Web Fonts for WordPress can save hundreds of hours of man-work. With it, you will have access to almost 350 web fonts and that means, you would not rely on the same old and trusted fonts such as Times News Roman and Lucia. Though I have no personal grudge against them, there is no harm in making your blog post look good and impressive.

There you have it, my 4 wordpress plugins that will help you put that WOW effect on your blog. Do you know of some other plugins that will help you do something similar on your blog? Why don’t you let us know of them in your comment below?