The Quick and New Way to Uncover Best Products to Sell Online!

Are you thinking of starting your own ecommerce business or are you already running your own online store?

Do you have troubles finding the best products to dropship?

Would you love to have a list of hot, new and profitable ecommerce niche products to sell on your online shop, each and every day?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then you’d want to read this post very carefully. In the next few minutes you’ll discover how to easily uncover profitable ecommerce niches to sell online – without spending hours on research or wasting your time on guess work!

Why Do Most Online Stores Fail?

Right now ecommerce is exploding. With ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Big Commerce, Woocommerce, etc. making it easy for even the technically challenged to start their own online stores without breaking a sweat, and with more and more people turning to online shopping for their wares, the industry is growing in leaps and bounds.

Recently eMarketer in their latest ecommerce growth forecast, stated that ecommerce retail sale will reach $22.737 trillion by the end of this year – a 5.8% percent increase from 2016. Despite this however, 93% of online store owners struggle to break even!

For example, take a look at this screenshot from Shopify’s forum:

93% of online store owners are struggling to break even

As you can see there, that’s over 143,000 people struggling to get their online stores to make a profit. Most of these people have taken time to design their online stores. They are also spending hundreds of dollars on various types of ads. But that has not in any way moved the needle, in terms of making a profit!

But why is this so? Why are thousands of ecommerce vendors going broke even when the industry is growing bigger and bigger?

The reason is not far-fetched…

The fact is, while you can read books and guides and even attend some training on how exactly to start a successful, long-term online store, one very critical question that will determine your success is…

“What product are you selling?”

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re venturing into, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using Storeless eCom funnels, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon or Etsy stores, it doesn’t matter if you’re driving traffic using Facebook ads, Instagram or Google shopping, the ultimate determinant of your success is the product you choose to sell…

If you sell BAD products, you’ll never make any real money from your eCommerce store.

With the right product on your store, every other thing becomes easy. But without the right product you’ll only struggle and end up frustrated.

Unfortunately, finding a winning breakthrough eCommerce product is almost impossible. This is why if you’re just getting started your chances of success are very dim.

The good news however, is that a new powerful software is here to help you find and pick the top winning products every time. This new software does the painful product research for you and fast tracks your path to success.

In this post, I want to share with you how this new software, can help you get the perfect eCom products to sell and make profit every single time.

eCom Cache Review: A Quick Glance

Product Name: eCom Cache
Product Creator: Precious Ngwu
Release Date: 27th August, 2018
Price: $39.95 (launch special) and then $49
Niche: Software
Refund Policy: 30-day money back guarantee
Recommend: Highly recommend
Sale Page:

What is eCom Cache?

eCom Cache review

eCom Cache is a brand new revolutionary software that gives you access to hundreds of top selling eCommerce products that you can easily deploy to your online store for massive ROI. No matter the ecommerce platform your store is built on, with eCom Cache you can now be absolutely sure of making real money from your eCommerce store.

Instead of wasting resources and precious time testing product after product and hoping it may workout, you simply log into this software and get access to hundreds of fail-proof top selling eCom products that you can launch right now and start profiting from. You don’t have to do any more painful research nor waste money on bad products. You’re also eliminating guesswork – just pick a winning product and launch to make sales!

Benefits of Using eCom Cache:

  • Instant access to WINNING eCom Products all the time
  • Zero Failing, Zero Guesswork, Zero Research
  • All the work is done for you.
  • No more wasting money on BAD products
  • Find out what’s selling right now at a glance
  • Fill in the Blank FB Ad Templates that Gets Sales
  • Works with any eCommerce Platform online – Shopify, Storeless, Amazon, ClickFunnels, WooCommerce, Etsy, BigCommerce etc.
  • No experience needed. Start today, see results today.

eCom Cache Review – About the Product Creator

A review of a revolutionary software like eCom Cache will not be complete without a brief word about the creators. It will interest you to know that for the past couple of years, Precious Ngwu and his team have launched several ecommerce products, many of which brought in $100k – $200k in revenue – all because they have a proven system of picking breakthrough eCom products to sell. Besides, they are the creator of the eCommerce platform called “STORELESS” which is used by over 4,000 active eCommerce vendors worldwide.

As a result of this hands-on experience as ecommerce vendors, software creators and also working one-on-one with hundreds of students as coaches they now have an UNFAIR advantage in the eCommerce industry – knowing exactly what the top vendors are selling and what products are bringing in the most profits!

With such a pedigree this team is one that you’d want to listen to when it comes to ecommerce. That’s why you need to check out eCom Cache if you want to save yourself the pains of struggling to make a profit with your ecommerce store.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#ef9f2d” color=”#fefdfe” size=”13″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Click Here To Get eCom Cache![/su_button]

How Does eCom Cache Work?

eCom Cache is a simple to use eCommerce software. All you need is to log in and you’ll gain access to 100s of WINNING eCommerce products from which you simply choose the niches of your choice and then deploy them on your stores right away.

eCom Cache - how it works

Once you’re logged in there are three main modules carefully designed to help you decide on what type of product you’d want to sell. The three modules are:

Module 1: Editor Pick:

These are top suggestions that you’d want to check out every time. From this module you can choose a category, depending on your store’s niche, and from there you simply pick any winning product of your choice. Examples of categories from which you can make your pick are Maternity and Parenting, Sports, Home Improvement and Gardening.

Module 2: Weekly Top Sellers:

Just as the name indicates this module provides you with weekly top sellers. This is indeed a treasure throve because within this module you’re getting tons of winning products weekly. You don’t have to spend so much time on testing and finding products again. Simply log in every week and get your weekly top sellers to deploy on your online store!

Module 3: Shopify Connect:

The third module is another powerful feature of this revolutionary ecommerce software. As you do know many ecommerce vendors have their online stores on the Shopify platform. This is why this feature is a great time saver. With just one click, you can connect your Shopify store with eCom Cache. This makes it easy for you to import any winning products you like into your Shopify store without any hassles.

What Are The Pros?

  1. You can be easily applied eCom Cache to any niche market you’re targeting
  2. You don’t need any technical skills to work with ECom Cache
  3. It’s highly actionable and practical
  4. In case you have questions or issues, the online help desk is always open for you

How About the Cons?

Frankly, I have not seen any as at the time of writing this.

Do I Recommend eCom Cache?

My answer is a big YES!

Think of the many benefits plus the affordable price of $39.95 (if you purchase during this special launch period). Fact is, you definitely can’t beat this.

If you’re already running an ecommerce store or you’re thinking of starting one you can be sure that eCom Cache is not only a time saver but a tool that will help you avoid unnecessarily mistakes in choosing the products to sell. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to claim a copy of this application now:

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eCom Cache Review Conclusion

Remember that more and more people are starting their own online stores and with this trend you can expect stiffer competition in the coming days. To get ahead of this, I recommend that you grab your early bird access today to save yourself the pain and hassle of running round in confusion trying to figure out what ecom products to sell on your online store.

Besides, it’s already the end of August and early Christmas shoppers are now getting ready. In about a month from now, the ecommerce market is going to BOOM big time. Sales will greatly jump very soon as marketers are going to start targeting early Christmas shoppers. I’m sure you don’t want to be left behind.

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Starting a Retail Business? Here are 3 Sales Channels to Consider!

When you start a retail business, the biggest question, after what you’re selling, is where you’re going to sell your products?

There are plenty of options for different sales channels, and each business owner will decide which is best for them. But how do you make that decision?

Should you try to sell in as many places as possible to increase your chances of success or should you work out which sales channel is best for you?

And with online sales, markets, physical store fronts and more to choose from, how do you know which will bring in the sales and which will be a flop?

Consider the merits of the following sales methods for your small business to decide whether you should stick to the online world or branch out into physical retail.

Online Sales

new-online-storeImage credit: the little dröm store

Many small businesses begin selling online. The costs are low and setting up an online presence can be relatively easy. Depending on what you sell, there are several different ways you could sell online. You might choose to set up a store on your website, so your customers can complete the purchase process without ever leaving your site. However, if you do this, you must make sure the process is secure, and that your customers are confident of this. You can also use third-party websites, such as eBay or Amazon. If you sell specialist products, you might find a site suited to your business. For example, sellers of hand-made goods might use a site such as Etsy. One of the things to consider if you’re selling online is your storage space. You might be able to run your business on the internet, but you can’t store physical products on the cloud.

Market Stalls

Market stalls for your retail businessImage credit: Tim

If you want to try physical retail, but you aren’t ready for a store front, a market stall could be ideal to get you started. Many successful entrepreneurs started off running a market stall and built their fortunes from there. They’re a much cheaper alternative to a store because you only need to pay a small amount of rent for your sales space, instead of investing in a vast place. You could have your jewelry business up and running with just a table, an earring display stand and a cash box. Your takings will need to cover the cost of hiring the stall whenever you use it, whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly. Plus, you’ll need to cover the cost of transport and any other expenses you incur.

Physical Store Fronts

Using physical stores for your retail businessImage credit: MBC Foods

When your business has grown too big for a market stall or you want to expand your online sales, it could be time to open a physical store. However, not even these need to be permanent. Pop-ups are currently very popular and if you’re unsure about opening up full-time they’re an excellent way to test something new. People often prefer visiting a brick-and-mortar establishment because they can try before they buy. So, although it’s more expensive than selling online, don’t rule out offering your products on the street too.


The above are some of the store channels you want to consider when starting a new retail business. Taking your time to make your choice is important since this is one area to will determine your success.

In closing, I recommend you watch this very insightful video on retail store management. Enjoy!

Over to you: What are your thoughts on choosing a store channel for your new retail business?

The 3 Scientific Steps to Using Social Media for Online Selling!

Selling on demands tact and wisdom. Not just because no one likes to be sold to, but because media has an established culture of “no-selling allowed.”

It’s unfortunate that because of this “red flag” on social media selling, many persons find it really difficult to make any good returns from their social media efforts. This account for the frustration that many have with social media because no business person wants to devote any time and effort to anything that will not bring any returns.

Now, selling on social media may be difficult but not impossible. It simply requires you finding some ways to make your social media connections to buy. In this article I want to present you with a simple 3-step-tactic which, if strategically followed will result in outstanding success.

The simple strategy is built on providing valuable, education-based web on your main site or and then using social media to create awareness of this content. Once you are able to build a level of trust through your valuable content, selling to this engaged connections become much easier.

So, let’s get on with the 3 proven Steps To Using Social Media For Selling

1. Create A Content Based Primary Site Or Blog

This is where many small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) are getting social media selling wrong. They simply concentrate their social media marketing efforts in creating and building a following around a social media profile.

But this is wrong. It will only frustrate you. Remember, pushing sales messages to your connections right on social media sites is seriously frowned at by many. In fact, this may lead to many cutting off their connections with you.

However, building your own blog or site, filled with informative and educative content, gives you a platform to showcase your expertise and to further strengthen your relationship with your social connections. Once they are motivated to click on your links and visit your blog or site, they will be more open to a deeper connection with you which will lead to building the trust that is necessary for converting both suspects and prospects into paying customers/clients.

So, if you do not have your own primary site or blog for your business, it’s time to get one. This will also give you a way to take control of your intellectual properties on social media since most of your generated content will be housed in your own site and not the social media site.

Social media selling graphic

2. Create Content That Redirects To Your Primary Site Or Blog

So, you have thousands of followers on and thousand likes on , right? But how many of these are truly connected to you as a business? Remember, social media is simply about socializing while your business is about creating customers to help you make a profit!

Your business getting involved with social media is not a social affair. That is simply a way to a means! Your goal is to turn your social activities into creating a profit for your business.

No matter how this may sound, it is the truth all the same!

So, as you socialize on the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, , Google plus, etc. intersperse your interactions with content that is aimed at funneling part of your social media friends to your primary site or blog. This is actually the basis for social media marketing in the first place.

No matter how much they rave about your offerings on the social media sites, the number of these friends and followers who would click on your links and visit your site is the true indication of how much you’re engaged with them. It’s also an indication of how successful you can be with social media selling.

3. Capture Leads And Strengthen The Relationship

This is actually a step that will lead to other steps. But for the purpose of this article I want to present it as the final step. One thing that is sure is that pushing sales messages at your social media connections on their first visit to your site or blog may produce some sales, especially if they are already passionately engaged and sold on your offers. However, in most cases they will simply turn away and never come back again.

The best thing to do therefore, is to have in place a system to further build on the relationship. This is where capturing their contact details is important. Have something valuable to give away free. This could be your valuable content whereby you ask them to subscribe to your exclusive newsletter for future updates. You can also offer a free downloadable report that requires their providing their contact information.

A good lead capture system is an important aspect of your primary blog or site. If you don’t have a way of capturing your visitors leads, you should get one right away. This will become one of your most valued online asset – a database of prospective clients and customers which could determine your success or otherwise.


Provide More Education-Based Content While Promoting Your Products And Services

Ok, as stated above your site visitors may not buy on their first visit. Besides, today’s internet savvy buyers desire that you provide them with much information that will help them in making a buying decision. Capturing their contact information as stated in 3 gives you the opportunity to both make them come back again and also to ensure you provide that needed information that will help their buying decision.

This is where your business wisdom and expertise comes in. But unfortunately, many business persons get it wrong here. Your email list is not a platform to blast off marketing messages all the time. The purpose is to entertain, educate and then sell. Where every email you sent out is basically for promotion and selling, your list will be unresponsive and many will quickly unsubscribe.

Instead of sending only marketing messages, create a series that is aimed at educating and informing your prospects. This will warm them up to your products/services when you introduce them in your emails. Selling at this level is much easier as they have a certain level of trust in you and your product/service.

Marketing takeaway

Social media marketing and social media selling must be strategically infused if you want to successfully sell on social media. Positioning yourself as a leader and authority in your target market through your web content is very important. It is therefore imperative that if you’re not very good at creating web content or you’re simply lack the time to create a constant flow of content to update your social media accounts or your personal blog or site, you should hire a professional web content writer to do this for you. Never overlook your own primary blog or site. You success or otherwise actually depend on them.

I’ll appreciate it if you will help promote this post by sharing it with your friends and social connections. Your friends and social connections will love you for sharing with them! 🙂