8 Radical Ways to Revolutionize Your Business in 2015!

Revolutionize your business with these tips

As a business owner, it’s important that you are always on the lookout for ways you can improve your business. Of course, this means you will need to shake up things a bit!

Unfortunately, this does not come on a platter of gold. You need to put in the effort to remain a brand that is up to date and in tune with market trends. Besides, it’s important that you keep up with the world, since it is always changing, so you can remain relevant.

Here are eight awesome ways you can use to revolutionize your business today. Some of these are things you should already be doing. Others will be optional paths you might take. All are important and will have an important impact on the future of your business.

1. Make a Website

If business revolution is high on your list of priorities, then there’s no better time to make your own business website. You should constantly be looking at ways you can improve the business and brand. And a website is one of the best ways of doing this. You can provide up to date information about the business for your clients. You can also make the business come across as more professional and legitimate. Websites look cool and can often make the difference when trying to attract new clients. Even if you have limited computer skills, you can still create a website with ease now using online templates.

2. Get Business Cards

In conjunction with your website, you could also give some thought to getting yourself business cards. These are an efficient and trendy way of marketing the company on a portable scale. Business cards can contain any design or information you want them to. Don’t be afraid to inject a little bit of personality into them. You can select the design of your cards and have them made for you. The beauty of business cards is that you can take them anywhere with you. So if you’re attending a conference or corporate event you’ll have some to hand out. But even if you’re just relaxing in a bar after work you can still keep some on you. You never know when and where you’re going to meet potential customers.

3. Go Digital

To help your business grow you need to make sure that you’ve embraced the digital world. These days it’s inconceivable that a business could run without some sort of a software framework. You need to have an IT system to build your business on. There are plenty of programs and internet options you can use to improve and enhance your business. If you go digital, you will find that everything is easier. Your business will become much more efficient, and the productivity will increase. Your staff will find it easier to do their jobs and morale will increase. If you want to compete with the big boys in the industry, you’ll have to make sure you go digital.

Grow your  business with digital marketing

4. Have an Online Presence

Alongside going digital one of the most important elements of your business, is to have an online presence. You need to make sure that the business is making a name for itself online. This is where online marketing plays a huge part. How can you hope to attract new clients if they don’t know about you? You need to push the business as much as you can. Going on to social media sites and making sure you market on there is extremely important. You should make the most of sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Go on to these sites and drive your business model. Network with others and post links and information about your business and what people can expect to see from you.

5. Create an App

A more recent and radical way to revolutionize your business would be to create an app for it. This is not unheard of in the corporate world and is beginning to grow in popularity. The great thing about creating an app is that you tap into the smartphone market, one of the largest in the world. The relationship between people and their phones these days has grown much stronger. And smartphones are now equipped to allow people to do almost anything. It has meant businesses can carry out their business on the move. By looking at the options for mobile app development in London, you take an important step for your business. You’ll be able to ensure customers have a portable platform to engage with your software. This could transform your business exposure and client base.

6. Start a Blog

As we covered earlier online presence is vital for your business. And one of the best ways to maintain an online presence is through a blog. The blogosphere has exploded in recent years, and there are thousands of people starting blogs each day. The audience for blogging is enormous. You need to make sure that you’re capitalizing on this sort of thing. You could start a blog about your business and the industry relevant to your business. This allows you to give people constant updates about the brand. You could take guest blogging spots on someone else’s blog. They’ll link back to your blog, and you can increase your exposure to a completely new audience of people.

7. Outsource

In the corporate world, there’s a new name for revolution, and it’s called ‘outsourcing.’ This is the practice of using external freelancers to work on projects rather than in-house staff. Outsourcing became popular as an efficient and economical way of getting business tasks completed. If you don’t yet use outsourcing, this is something you need to look at. You will find the turnaround times for your projects are much shorter if you outsource. You’ll also find a lot of freelancers might work for a much lower cost. This will save you money as it means you can get jobs done without having to hire too many staff members.

8. Rebrand

A more extreme method of revolutionizing your business would be to have a rebrand. Rebranding is risky, but businesses do it all the time with great success. If you feel like your brand is getting a little tired and stale it’s probably time you had a rebrand. This could be something as simple as altering the style of your logo. Or it could be something a bit more in depth. Rebrands are important because they help to keep your business fresh and current. And you need to stay up to date in order to remain relevant in the industry.

Bonus Tip:

“Build” Your Business With Google Apps [VIDEO]

There you have it. If you will put all or any of these into your bag of business building strategies you will definitely see a revolutionary change in your business in no time at all. I invite you therefore to take the plunge today and starting implementing these strategies in your business right away.

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Keep on Keeping On – Motion is everything!

Athelets understand very well that there is a world of difference between a 100 dash and a marathon race. Building a business could be compared to a marathon race rather than a 100 dash. You shouldn’t therefore approach your online business with this mind and not with the mind of instant success. Many wannabe online entrepreneurs not understanding this quickly up when they do not see the quick returns they have been promised.

As we begin the second part of the year 2010 I’ve the urge to make this post as an encouragement to someone out there. This may just be you! Possibly you’re overwhelmed by the tide of things. Maybe you’ve looked at you endeavors for the past 6 months and realized that you’re much far away from you dreams now than when you started. Or you’re just concerned that you’re not making enough progress. Whatever that may be, my encouragement to you today is never give up. Keep on keeping on!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve achieved some level of success in the past 6 months, you can not afford to remain at that level. The law of motion demands that you continue with your progress or you will soon regress! So, keep on keeping on!

Let me offer you some simple tips to help you stay motivated while you’re driving towards your goals:

1. Upgrade Your Knowledge

Knowledge they say is power! And in today’s knowledge economy except you constantly upgrade your knowledge you’ll soon be downgraded! Except your thoughts are updated you would become outdated! You must take this seriously.

Ensure you constantly upgrade your knowledge especially as it pertains to your area of business. Read books, attend seminars, network with others in your area of business. Seek to know what others are doing that you can somehow apply in your own business. Constantly doing this will help you stay “green”.

2. Look For The Honey In Your Experience So Far!

Many online business entrepreneurs are more focused on the areas where they are missing it. Because of this they are always looking for that magic tactics or secret that will turn their fortunes around. However, if you’ll spend sometime and take a look again at what you have been able to do very well you may just find your area of competence. And building on your competence will drive you more quickly towards your goals. Take your sights away from the 101 secrets and tricks that are being laundered all over the place. Look inward and build on what you have.

3. Put On Your Thinking Cap!

Most importantly, putting your mind to work will not only motivate you beyond your dreams but also help you achieve your dreams more faster. In #1 above I mentioned you upgrading your knowledge. As much as this is important you’ll discover that working on what you learn and then putting a twist of your own will quickly differenciate you from the millions on the net. Never think it can not be done. Follow your mind. Simply be creative. I respect those who are called experts. But I refuse to always follow what “experts” say. Know that if you’re a thinking person you will prove the experts wrong over and over again. We’re in a world of limitless possibilities. So do not limit yourself to what the experts say. Moreso, with the rate of change experienced in our world of today’s internet, by the time you come to know of a particular thing some thing else may have replaced that. So finding ways of adapting what you learn to better your lot is very important.

4. Learn A New Skill

The final tip I’ll leave you with today is for you to learn a new skill. Of course this should be a skill that will help be a better person in your area of business. If you’ll do this there is no way that you will not increase your profits in the coming months and years. Over these few years that I’ve been online one skill I believe every online marketer should learn is copywriting. If you already know some thing about this skill then brushing up your skill is something you should do. If you can write effective sales copy, not only can you make a lot of money by writing the sales letters to promote your own products or affiliate promotions, but you can also charge an arm and a leg for your sales copywriting services.

You could also brush up your article writing skills and simply doing that will profit you in at least 3 ways:

1. Writing articles for yourself to promote your products/services, etc.

2. Saving money by not having to outsource ; and

3. Selling your article writing services for even more profit.

How about learnig how to create your own product and marketing it online? There are of course various skills you can learn in the days ahead. Come up with anything creative that you can do to enhance your online business in the months ahead!


Motion is important. Stagnation is detrimental. You must keep on keeping on! It is clear that we can all enhance our business and increase our profits in one way or another, no matter how successful or unsuccessful we have been in the past. The past is over and done with. What matters is the present, which is what shapes the future. The future is important because it determines where we will be in a year, two years, five and ten years down the road. What you’ll be is up to you in a lot of ways.

I wish you all the best of success!