4 Essential Tips to Keep Your Staff Happier and More Productive At Work!

Running a business is both fun and challenging, especially if your business has grown for you to have a staff to help out. As a business entrepreneur you must understand that how you handle this human resource of your business will determine to a great extent the future growth of your business.

While you may be tempted to look at the staff as just another resource to make your money it is important to note that the staff is the most valuable asset to your business. Your team of employees is the key to driving your company forward, and it’s imperative that you appreciate their role in the venture.

A happy employee is a more productive one. Therefore, the benefits are just as rewarding for you as they are for your staff. Keeping staff morale at a high level is one of the most important roles that any boss can take on, and it could have a huge say on how successful the business is.

Now, it must be made clear that it is not really easy to make someone happy since happiness is, inherently something that comes from the inside of you. To be happy one has to make the decision himself. However, putting a few things in place so that the working place is not stressful will greatly help in putting the worker in the right frame of mind to make that decision.

So, that being said, here are a few tips that will ensure you put that smile on the faces of your staff and of course, yours!

Motivate your staff and make them happier

1. Pay

Let’s not kid ourselves; the primary motive for your employees is money. If you want to keep them happy, you must be sure to pay them well. And on time, too.

As the boss, you’ve got enough on your plate as it is. Embracing professional payroll services is a great way to ensure that your staffs are paid promptly. It also saves you from many wasted hours too, which ultimately, allows you to concentrate on making more money.

If your staffs have got money to enjoy themselves at the end of the working week/month, they’ll be a lot happier. No employee wants to waste their spare time chasing missed payments.

2. Remote Working

By now, you will have heard about the term cloud computing. These facilities can increase office productivity and reduce overheads. One of the greatest benefits, though, is that it promotes remote work.

Your staffs have lives outside of work. A child’s illness, for example, can throw a spanner into the works. With cloud computing, they can access stored data from home. For you, it removes the threat of workflow taking a hit. Meanwhile, your empathy will go a long way to building a stronger relationship with the employee.

As previously mentioned, this is hardly the only benefit of embracing the cloud. But it is a factor that shouldn’t be ignored.

3. Outsource

Allowing remote work from your permanent staff isn’t the only way to use the internet to your advantage. You can also utilize it to have specific tasks completed through outsourcing.

Freelancing is a growing online trend, and there are thousands of skilled people ready to take on your odd jobs. This could mean redesigning your website or knocking up a few spreadsheets. Whatever the task, using freelancers can help keep costs down as you won’t need specialist equipment.

Meanwhile, it makes it easier for you to manage your physical staff.

4. Be A Boss First, And A Friend Second

Your staffs are employed to make you money, and that hierarchy needs to be present. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t become a great boss by encouraging positive relationships.

Offering staff perks will get them on your side. However, just being there for your team will make a huge difference. You don’t want personal talk to get in the way of work. But showing that you care can help them greatly, especially in tough moments.

Moreover, you can show them the potential for career growth to keep them motivated. After all, your employees will have ambitions to climb the career ladder too.


Having a successful business is the dream of every true entrepreneur. To actualize this you need the help of employees. Hiring a staff for your business is not just a thing of convention; it’s an investment that should produce the desired result. How you treat the staff will determine their productivity. Use the above tips as a guide and you will be able to motivate them for greater productivity.

8 Proven Tips for Becoming a Successful Freelancer!

The Internet offers a number of ways for people to use their skills to make money. Many talented individuals choose to earn a regular income from freelance work. This type of work can involve anything from web design to writing. This article suggests eight useful tips to help online freelancers make the most of their time.

1.     Create a Website

Owning your own website gives potential customers an easy way to contact you. You can use your website to host and showcase your work for prospective clients to see. Additionally, your website helps establish you as a part of the online freelance community. Ideally, your website should look professional and use an address that is easy for people to remember.

2. Time Management Skills

make money with freelancingLearning how to properly manage your time will help you become a successful freelancer. As a freelancer, you do not have an employer who is constantly reminding you of important deadlines. You will need to work out a method to help you keep track of your schedule on your own. You can use computer software to keep track of your schedule and deadlines.

3. Seek Balance

 As a freelancer, you have no regular work hours. However, you can’t expect to work all day and all night without feeling stressed and anxious. Once you find yourself in a comfortable groove, you can start setting firm work hours. If you can learn to set limits, you’ll still have plenty of time to unwind from work and enjoy your hobbies.

4. Learn To Communicate

Each time you get a new assignment, you must use your best communication skills to keep your client happy. If you’re designing a website, involve your client in the process. Show your progress to the client as you work through the design. You can also ask your client for helpful feedback. By keeping a professional and respectful tone at all times, you will increase the chance of a client hiring you again.

5. Organize Your Office

If you plan to do most of your work from home, you need to create a comfortable office environment. Remove any distractions from your office, including your television. If working from home isn’t an option, you can rent a small office space near your home. Working at a rented office can help you steer clear of the distractions in your home.

6. Create Limits

Many freelancers find it difficult to decline an offer of work from a new client. If your workload is already more than you can handle, you should consider turning down any more offers until you’ve finished some of your projects. If you take on too much work at once, the quality of your work may suffer. You can avoid stress by keeping only a manageable workload.

7. Use Social Media

If you need new clients, you can turn to social media networks to seek out new customers. These networks offer you a number of easy ways to advertise your work across the globe. You can also form relationships with other freelancers to learn more from their experiences.

8. Take a Break

Sometimes, a new project may present unexpected challenges. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious, take a short break from your work. Try going on a walk to a new cafe for lunch. Forcing yourself to work when you have no motivation can result in a disaster.


Deciding to become a freelancer is not an easy choice to make. You will face challenges as you try to find new clients and keep them happy. However, this work will give you the freedom to get paid for doing something you love. Put these tips into use and you will see good results from your freelancing activities.

How to Start An Extra Income Online Business Through Freelance Writing Jobs!

Do you need some extra income? If yes, have you considered online freelance writing jobs?

In these days of economic uncertainty, it is indeed a wise decision to have a side job or business that constantly pulls in some guaranteed extra income. It doesn’t really matter the level of your financial status right now, with an extra income, either from a side business or a second job, there could be a significant upward change in your earnings and therefore your expendable income!

Freelance writing jobs can help you do just that. The time is gone when you have to hop from one job to another in order to make an extra income. Today, whatever the profession you’re in you can build a side income from it. A freelance writing business is just the right way of doing that. So if you desire multiple streams of income, then you should start looking at web writing as a business opportunity.

Why Freelance Writing Jobs Can Help You

freelace writing jobsWith the popularity of the internet, content has always and will remain king. The need for quality content has not stopped and never will. Basically, we all rely on Google to send us free targeted traffic, and what search spiders feed on is fresh content. If your blog or website is stale, Google and other search engines would simply neglect you.

As more and more people start their businesses online, they need freelance writers to write for them. Unfortunately, the number of web writers these days cannot meet up with the high demand for unique articles. That’s where you come in. personally, I’ve been earning some extra income with freelance writing jobs without having to answer “Yes Sir or Yes Ma” to anyone. Lol!

Of course, it takes time to achieve significant success as a freelance writer – but the efforts and rewards are really pleasing. As a guide I want to present you with the following steps to starting your own income generating freelance writing business.

1. Know Your Strengths

Every man/woman living on the face of the earth has her own strengths and weaknesses. But I’m not concerned with what you cannot do (your weakness), my concern is on your skill (strength).

Before you can write and get paid, you must determine those areas where you can beat your chest and stand up tall, even though you are yet to begin. What did you study in school? Are you skilled at something?

Well, these could be your greatest asset online. There are clients who are ready to pay for any form of article. But I suggest you train yourself in rabid markets like internet marketing, family, finances, relationship, teenage lives, politics, health, product reviews (e.g sittercity coupons and 6pm discount deals) etc.

You’ll always get writing jobs as a freelance writer when you’re skilled in any of the above markets. But other areas are also lucrative – it all boils down to your strength.

2. Set Your Working Time

If you approach freelance writing with open minds, within a month your first client could locate you. But before then, you need to make your working time known. If you already have a day’s job, then you can write for clients in the evening when you’re back from work.

Alternatively, you can write in the weekends. Also, let your prospective clients know that you’re a part-time freelance writer. This way, they would only send you writing assignments suitable for you.

3. Market Your Writing Service

Marketing is the ultimate recipe that determines your success online. If you can market yourself effectively, you will definitely earn a decent income in any business model.

There are proven ways you can attract a handful of paying clients. I personally use guest posting, joint affiliation and most definitely, social media marketing to attract clients. Believe me; you don’t need thousands of writing clients, but few targeted clients who supply you with unending writing job.

Let me quickly say that getting started with a freelance writing job business does not involve huge capital outlay. The only worthy investments you could make is for domain name, web hosting service and an autoresponder service so you can build an email list (very important).

You should understand that in most businessess effectively and efficiently managing customer relationships is job # 1. This is not different with freelance writing business. I suggest you download a free copy of “2011 Trends Report: Customer Relationship Management.”  In this free download, you’ll discover the 2011 predictions for CRM shared by Focus Experts. Click here to download it.


If you’re really thinking of adding an extra income stream to your present job or business line, I’ll encourage you to look into freelance writing jobs. It is a business which is just right for you since you already have what it takes to succeed in it. Take that bold step into the world of freelance writing today and your success could be nailed in the sands of time – see you at the top!

Over to you: Will be glad to have your comments on using freelance writing jobs for building a side business online. If you’re a freelance writer you could post your experience for us below. Or you just want some questions answered; feel free to post them in your comments below.

[About Author: Being a freelance writer himself, Mike has a first hand experience on starting a home writing business. Some of his articles, like the review of Prweb, can be found on Weight Loss Triumph, a multifaceted blog that focuses mainly on diets and weight loss programs, but also reviews online products for women, families, and small businesses.]

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