7th Year Anniversary Giveaway Special – Day #2

In continuation of our 7th Year Special Giveaway Package, I’ve put together invaluable resource for you today.

If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog you’ll understand that I’ve always shared my concern about the failure rate of online businesses, especially blogs.

It really beats my imagination that despite the many tools and information out there, only a small percentage of those who the dream of building an online business go beyond the starting stages. Over these years I’ve spent valuable hours researching this topic and in my research I’ve uncovered the top reasons Why Some People Fail At Internet Marketing.

As a way of helping you avoid being one of the failure stats, I’ve packaged this information in today’s gift. I’ve also shared some insightful ideas and suggestions on how you can leverage this knowledge.

Whether you’re just getting started out or you’re already making some money online, this special report will help move you to the next level.

Enjoy and profit!

“Why Some People Fail At Internet Marketing”

Why Some People Fail At Internet Marketing

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4 Essential Business Tasks Every New Entrepreneur Mustn’t Ignore!

So you are ready to run with that business, right? But have you considered what business essentials you should take care of to keep things going?

Have you ever really considered if there are any essential tasks when it comes to starting a business?

Believe it or not, starting a business entails a whole lot of things. Trying to wrap your head around these things most times could be daunting. This is why it is important that when you start a new company you should be able to know the essential tasks you need to cover. Failure to do that could mean you experience many issues further down the line.

The question therefore is what are these essential business tasks? In this post I’ve listed some of the most critical processes in the hope of giving you a helping hand. So long as you don’t overlook any of these essentials, your business should be ready to create profit.

Of course, there are a lot of other things you need to think about, but none are quite as important as the tasks listed below.

Business essential tasks for new entrepreneurs

1. Get A Good Accountant

Before you register your business, it is is vital that you find a good accountant. In most instances, they will deal with the company formation on your behalf. Also, they can offer advice on your business plan, and how to spend your money. It’s important you have a decent accountant because you’re going to need a lot of guidance at the end of the tax year. The last thing you want to do is pay money to the government when you can use it to expand.

2. Find A Talented Web Designer

Suitable web design is crucial if you want to reach a large audience. Most people use their mobile phones to access the internet these days rather than desktop computers. That is why your site needs a responsive and attractive design. Try to make sure you keep things as simple as possible. Internet users do not want to work harder than is necessary to buy from your brand. Indeed, some of them might look at alternative companies if your processes are too complicated.

3. Employ A Marketing Agency

Dealing with marketing yourself is going to involve a lot of time and effort. You probably don’t have enough hours in the day to give your full attention. That is why it is sensible to use a marketing agency. There are plenty of them around these days, and you’ll find them online. Just ensure you always read reviews from previous clients. That way, you can be certain you are going to receive a premium service.

4. Get The Right Insurance

You’re going to need lots of different insurance policies to protect your business. That is especially the case if customers and clients visit your premises. Considering that, you should contact suitable business insurance providers as soon as possible. Make sure you shop around to get the best deals and try to buy everything from the same place.


Those business essentials will apply to all new companies, regardless of which industry they enter. Just make sure you create a plan that will allow you to get everything sorted before you start trading. Once you’ve done that, the road ahead should be a little clearer. There are always going to be stumbling blocks. Even so, overcoming them is easy with the right approach. Cover all the basics, and nothing can go wrong.

Now you’re ready to launch the company; you just have to find a lot of motivation. You will work hard for a long time before you make a profit. However, it will be worth the effort in the end.

So, what are those essential business tasks that you have not taken care of in your business? Or what other essential task you want to add to this list? Share with us in your comment below.

Do You Really Need A Business Plan To Succeed In Business?

It’s yet another Monday and as usual it is time for our Community Timeout here on the Web Income Journal!

(Every Mondays we discuss issues that touch our lives as bloggers and web entrepreneurs. If you have any question or issue you want us to discuss, feel free to send your suggestions using this form.)

Today I want us to discuss a very important issue that many of us have come to accept as essential when it comes to succeeding in business – a business plan.

A few years ago, a successful business mogul from my area came up with a Reality TV show, “The Apprentice” aimed at selecting a few budding entrepreneurs to be mentored by this entrepreneur who had succeeded in different business ventures.

The first qualification for anyone to be selected for the program was a well written business plan and of course, the ability to defend this plan and being able to convince the Judges that your business was worth it!

Watching that reality show and observing the young men and women defending their business plans immediately convinced me beyond any doubt that it is NOT really the best business plan that makes any one succeed as an entrepreneur.

Now, my conviction then was not because I had any problems with writing business plans but because I saw many of these people speak with passion about their intended businesses but it was clear that many of them do not have the knowledge of writing great business plans!

Of course, as expected many of these ones lost out while those with good business plans, strategically laid out and detailing every aspect of their intended businesses, were selected and given the opportunity to participate in the program.

Now, this brings us to the topic of the day…

business plan and succeeding in business
As a Recipe to a delicious meal so a Business Plan to business success, right?


Business Plans – How Much Do They Really Contribute To Succeeding In A Business?

Do you really need a business plan before you can succeed in your business?

I decided to bring up this topic after reading a blog post on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network titled, “Great Businesses Don’t Start with a Plan!”

In the post, Anthony K. Tjan, the author of the post, categorically stated that from a survey carried out on hundreds of successful entrepreneurs around the globe, aimed at better understanding what it takes to be an entrepreneur and build a really great business, it was discovered that about 70% of those who succeeded in their business and had a successful exit (that is, an IPO or sale to another firm), none of them started with a business plan!

I’m sure you will want to disagree with that since every business book and advice always go something like this,

“To succeed in any type of business, you must have a business plan. Without a business plan you are heading towards failure because if you fail to plan; you are planning to fail!”

On the contrary however, Anthony wrote:

“[These entrepreneur’s] journeys originated in a different place, a place we call the Heart. They were conceived not with a document but with a feeling and doing for an authentic vision. Clarity of purpose and passion ruled the day with less time spent writing about an idea and more time spent just doing it.”

So don’t worry too much about a business plan. But to guide your thinking, improve a pitch to prospective investors, or better align your teams, consider these design points:

1. Identify and clearly articulate your Heart and purpose. Whether you want to call it vision, Heart, purpose or calling, be very clear on the why of a business — the bigger goal at hand.

2. The team is more important than any idea or plan. The top three priorities should be people, followed by people, and then people.

3. Think big, start small, then scale or fail fast. Per Lederhausen’s advice, set the right first “start small” milestone; it will usually involve seeing people’s willingness to buy or at least try your product.

4. Focus on a well-defined market sub-segment or niche. At least to start, think of where you can potentially be the best. This strategy is almost always more successful than being just another player in a massive market.

5. Understand your business model. How you will make money is more important than pages of Excel showing financials that are simply too hard to predict at this early stage anyway. Understand instead the basic way you will make money – is it through transactions, advertising, subscriptions, etc?

Hmm, you may want to call that breaking the rules to succeed in business!

Your turn: The question is, do you think Anthony K. Tjan and his team got it wrong somewhere? Can you say that from your experience a detailed business plan is necessary before you can start a successful business? Or, do you agree with their findings?

Please let’s have your contribution in your comments below. As usual, make your comments useful and valuable.  That way you will be of help to other readers. So the discussion begin!

Image credit: Flickr user – ocean.flynn

Ignore This Essential Element and You’ll Fail Woefully as a Guest Blogger!

[This is a continuation of our guest blogging series. If you’ve not read the previous entry please click here to read it now to get the entire scoop!]

In the previous entry for this series, we discussed: “The Secret to Getting Hordes of Endless Free Traffic as a Guest Blogger” and I categorically stated that starting with a purpose in mind and crafting your guest post to achieve that purpose is sure to open the flood gates of targeted traffic to your business blog/site.

As much as that is true, you’ll need to know that that is only one side of the coin!

And, just as a one-sided coin is useless so also is a guest post that focuses only on what you want to achieve!

I don’t have to repeat that for you to understand what I’m saying but you must note that every guest post you’ll ever write is not about you but about your target audience. You cannot afford to be selfish when it comes to content marketing using guest blogging.

Guest blogging success tips

Your reader is the real reason WHY you are writing and not YOU!

It’s the reader who matters, and ultimately it’s only the reader who matters.

Yes, you have defined a purpose for your content but the reader will only take your desired action to fulfill your purpose only IF you can give him what he wants.

This is an essential element in the equation. “KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND NEVER FORGET WHAT YOUR AUDIENCE WANTS!

But what really is it that the reader wants?

It’s information.

>>> Information that will not only empower him but also help him heal a hurt.

>>> Information that will ease a pain in his life.

>>> Information that will help him save time and money.

>>> Information that will help him profit with his business.

The reader wants information but not just any information. He wants information that will be beneficial to him and your job is to provide him with the most useful information you can with your guest post.

When the reader is reads your guest post you  must help him PERCEIVE that you are truly interested in helping him. If in any way he perceives the contrary then you’re success is in jeopardy!

But How Do You Do This?

This is where your attitude comes in. Your attitude coupled with a thorough understanding of the reader’s needs and your expertise will help you craft your guest post that it will be invaluable to your readers.

One error you must avoid here is thinking that the reader’s purpose is the same as yours. Of course, you may want to write an article about how you overcame a particular problem. That is perfect. But the focus should not be just how you did it but how the READER can do it and benefit BIG from it.

So, when you have established the purpose for your guest post as we discussed in the previously, make sure you know WHO your reader is, WHAT he cares about and what PROBLEMS he is struggling with before you ever write your guest posts.

With that let me give you 3 simple ways you can know who your target audience is.

3 Simple Ways to Knowing Your Target Audience

(a) Read The About Us Page Of The Host Blog:

This is important as it will help you have a bird’s eye view of what the blog is on. Knowing this is important as it helps you to know what subject to write about. This will also help you to know the type of readers that frequent the host blog. Writing a guest post on dog training for a blog that is about home business is a big waste of time, except of course, if you can find a way of making it relevant to a home based entrepreneur’s needs!

If there is a “Write for us page”, it is important that you read this also.

I’ve personally experienced situations when some bloggers contact me with the intention of writing a guest post on the subject of pay day loans for the Web Income Journal! This is a clear sign that the person has not taken the time to read the blog to know that the target audience here is online entrepreneurs and not those looking for payday loans!

(b) Read A Few Posts on the Host Blog:

Another way is reading some of the posts already published on the blog. Some blogs have a way of displaying their top posts, whether the most visited or most commented. If there is such on the host blog, then reading through these ones will also help you understand what the readers of the blog are more interested in. Understand the direction of the top posts and package your post in line with them.

If a subject continuously receives attention from the blog readers it definitely shows that it is a subject they are interested in. Don’t shy away from it because it has been treated many times on the blog. What you will need to do is approach it from a different angle. With a little creativity and your personal touch, you could just make something new from that subject!

(c) Study the Comments by the Readers:

This is another powerful way of having a glimpse of who your target audience is. In fact, this will give you a wealth of tips and ideas on what you should write on. As you go through the comments, have an eye for comments that ask questions seeking for solutions. Note also the comments that build on the main post. All of these will help you to have an idea of the type of readers that frequent the host blog. Writing your guest posts with these readers in mind is sure to help you easily bond with them and your article will not be out of place.

Guest Blogging Takeaway

If I’m to summarize this post for you, I’ll simply say that the only way you can laugh at failure as a guest blogger is to craft your guest posts in such a way that you can achieve your purpose through helping your target audience.

Your purpose and your target audiences’ may actually be different but as a master craftsman you should be able to know how to bring the two together and come out smoking on both ends!

But should you go through all of these to write a guest post? No, no, no you don’t have to. But if your intention is to create monuments that will drive targeted traffic for years to come then you should. Ultimately the choice is yours!

Or, what do you think? Post your comments below and let’s know what you have to say about this. And, what else can I say but remember to share this with your friends. I’ll truly appreciate it!

Are You Responsible?

Yes, I need you to answer this and right now: Are You Responsible?

Now, I’m sure that is a question you will want to think really good about before you answer, right?

I know you don’t want to answer without knowing what I mean by you being responsible, right?

Maybe you’re thinking I’m somehow accusing you of being responsible for the problems that have being deviling this blog lately. And to that you definitely will want to answer, no I’m not responsible!

Or maybe you are thinking I’m trying to hold you responsible for some other troubles in your community. And so you are already thinking of firing back, no I’m not responsible!

Take responsibility, You're in charge!

Responsibility Is a Heavy Weight for Many

We must understand that humans never want to be responsible even when they are responsible! Giving excuses is a natural thing with us. When things happen we are quick to look for a “scapegoat”. We pass the blame. We look for someone to hang it on.

But I want to categorically point it out to you today that if you’re not responsible you cannot succeed as an internet entrepreneur. I don’t really know how to put this more clearly, but what I’m saying is:

You Are Responsible therefore You Must be Responsible!

The success or failure of your online business is up to you. You have no one to blame. The responsibility is all yours. If you succeed, the credit is all yours and if you fail, that also belong to you!

Matter of fact: Your success or failure online is in your own hands.

It’s only those who are prepared to take the responsibility for their actions online that will actually make it. So you don’t want to leave your success to chance, like flipping a coin into the air and waiting for it to land on heads or tail! You must take complete control. The choices that will bring success or failure depend on you. If you make wise choices then you will claim victory and success will be yours. But if you take the wrong decisions then you should expect a crash and the result? Your dreams would go up in flames!

Please excuse me if I’m being too brash!  But like I’ve written a few days ago, I’ve seen too many sincere intending internet business entrepreneurs falling by the way side that I’ve always felt like weeping. Seriously! That was what prompted me writing about the sure cornerstones for online business success in the previous couple of posts. From the responses to those posts it does appear that we all agree with the points raised. But the question is, are you taking the responsibility of rolling up your sleeves and putting action to your desire? Or are you still waiting for the sure-set-and-forget-it solutions from some internet guru?

Without the right action, the road maybe rough and the destination elusive!

Here is a saying from the Holy Bible that I’ve lately made my watchword:

It Is NOT the Hearers that are blessed but the DOERS!”

You must be a DOER if you want to enjoy the fruits of your online business.

You must realize today that the odds for succeeding online are not in your favor.  A thousand and one internet business enterprises are launched every day. Of these just a few will be around in about a year from now. That definitely is not some pleasant news. But there is goodnews and that is, take action towards your dream and that dream will be drawn closer towards you!

I’m not ignorant that many are here just because they want some back link. As you are aware, I try my best possible to reply every comment on this blog. That means I read every single comment. And that has given me insight to the type of people reading this blog. Now I’m not in any position to tell you what you must do. That is your responsibility. But let me emphasize that if you must be responsible then laying the right foundation as I’ve mentioned in the previous posts is a necessity. You need the right mindset. You must have a plan in place. And you must build on the right foundation.

You Hold The Key, Use It Well!

What I want to leave you with in this post is that you and you alone hold the key to your success. If that is the truth then you must strive to ensure you’re abreast of what is happening in the line of business you’re running online. You must understand that business on the internet changes at a fast pace. You need therefore to keep pace with the changes. Look around at the internet business landscape, read the trend and make the necessary changes that will make you a visible player in the market place.

Your internet business will grow and expand if you grow and expand your knowledge. You must understand that you are your business. And as Robert Kiyosaki wrote in his classic, Rich Dad Poor Dad, you definitely need to mind your own business! Never be afraid to invest in yourself. Invest a minimum of 5% of your time and your income back into yourself.  Remember you’re responsible! Constantly learn new things and apply them to your internet business. Like I’ve mentioned earlier invest in books, attend real world seminars, teleseminars and webinars. Subscribe to business newsletters and read them.

Everything you do should be aimed at learning and adapting what your learned in your online business so that you can succeed and grow. In all of these there is the need for you to build your own strategies. This is very important as one of my mentors will always say:

“If You Don’t Have A Strategy You Will End Up In Tragedy!”

I do believe I have been able to help you take a second look at what you’re doing right now knowing that whatever you do you’re responsible. It’s my responsibility to give you these tips but it is your responsibility to take the action.

So are you ready to answer the question: Are You Responsible? Of course you can now say yes, I’m responsible!

Before I let you off I want to point you to a few books I’m reading right now. You can get them at Amazon.com today. I guarantee that will definitely help you in investing in yourself:

1. Living an Extraordinary Life!

2. Self-theories: Their Role in Motivation, Personality, and Development

Let’s have your reactions to this post. You may want to share with us what you’re doing to be responsible for your online business right now. Leave comments below.