10 Weird SEO Strategies That Will Boost Your Facebook Presence With Ease!

Facebook SEO tactic

SEO in this days when Google is running amok looking for whom to devour? Are you advocating for me to use SEO for my Facebook marketing strategy?

Of course, I can understand your concern knowing very well that SEO has undergone some very unpleasant changes in the recent past. However, you must understand that search engine optimization remains one of the most easiest way of letting the search engines know what your webpages is about.

Besides, search engine optimization (SEO) and Social media optimization (SMO) when used together are a powerful combination that will supercharge your website success – beyond your imagination!

Therefore with the importance of Facebook as a part of online marketing strategy becoming very clear to business owners and marketers, effectively using SEO to boost your Facebook marketing is something you will want to consider. Nevertheless, you must understand that it has to be an ongoing engagement with users.

So, how do you use SEO to boost your Facebook marketing strategy? Here are a few SEO tips that you can follow to good effect.

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1. Choose Your  Username Wisely

Facebook has introduced username option, which has given a short in the arm to enterprises to be identified easily through optimization. You can ensure that your username reflects your business’ true identity. It should be able to describe your business in a targeted manner. If your company has less name recognition, you should focus on exactly what you do and for whom.

2. Custom URLs For Facebook Fan Pages

When your Facebook page gets more than 25 likes, you are given the option of picking a unique URL for your fan page. Since URLs are data streams for search engines, they should reflect what your business is all about. Your URL has to be chosen carefully although now Facebook does allow you to change it twice; unlike earlier when if you had picked a URL you would have to stick with it.

3. Optimize Your “About” Page

When users are searching on Facebook, not only will they find your personal page but your business page and company profile as well. Hence it’s imperative that your “About” page is optimized for the right keywords. As there is a growing emphasis on internal searches on Facebook, the About page becomes more important as that’s one place where users can place large amounts of Custom text. Make sure the content here flows naturally and the keywords are used in the right context.

4. Install Facebook Plug-ins On Your Company Website

Buttons and live-streams that show your Facebook content should be made a part of your website. It will ensure that there is a growing awareness about your Facebook page. Those who are not following you on Facebook will get a glimpse of what you have to offer on the popular social media platform.

5. Leverage Backlinks

Backlinks are integral to search engine optimization and you can never lose sight of them irrespective of your strategies. If you have a larger number of quality inbound links, search engines like Google will assign more authority to your page. It is true for fan pages as well, which is why you have to take all opportunities to link it to other media platforms like blogs, Twitter and your website as well. Facebook can also be included in your newsletters and emails to gain further visibility.

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6. Keep Things Fresh

If you want to boost traffic to your Facebook page, you have to focus on items that are share-worthy. Feeds are fast-paced, which is why your content has to be fresh. Pay more attention to the first word of your post because Google does. You can also keep your content fresh and make it more personal by adding photos to your post. It also gives you an added opportunity to optimize your post by adding captions.

7. Use Photos with Captions, Descriptions etc

By all means focus on URLs and status updates you have on your Facebook page but don’t overlook the descriptive fields with appropriate keywords for all the images you are adding on your page. It is very simple to do, doesn’t take a lot of time and ensures that search engine ranks are affected positively. If you make the most of all the features that are offered by Facebook, you ensure that the overall authority of your page is enhanced.

8. Encourage Fans to Comment and Like Your Content

If fans like or comment on your stream their name is linked to their profile page by Facebook. As the profile stubs of these users get indexed, Google will notice the reciprocal links between your page and that of your fans. Hence the bond will only get strengthened organically over time, and bring you desired results. Overall it ensures that there is a positive link weight between these profile stubs and your fan page and vice versa.

9. Steer Clear of Facebook Content Trap

The aim should be to use Facebook to ensure that traffic is driven to your blog or website for that matter. That’s why it’s important to avoid putting your entire content on Facebook. It’s a good idea to link from your Facebook to the content source, which will bring users to it. It will bring users one step closer to becoming customers, repeat customers and part of your email database. You will also ensure that you build more links to your website and blog, which helps with SEO too.

10. Use Keywords

Keyword optimization is extremely important for Facebook pages just like it is for all other mediums including websites. You should have your relevant keywords in title of your page, the company description and your business’ mission statement. Google’s bots usually analyze these elements of your Facebook page, which is why focusing on them can help you with your search engine rankings.


You have to understand that boosting your Facebook presence is a task that cannot be done overnight. But taking the efforts to do that will show your dedication towards the growth of your business, especially on social media, which is of great importance today. These are some of the basic search engine optimization techniques that can be added to your Facebook page to ensure that your content gets more visibility and your online presence is enhanced. You should also pay attention to your Facebook page’s analytic growth so that you can implement new strategies and build a strong bond with people.

How to Boost Your Facebook Marketing ROI despite the Drop in Facebook Page Organic Reach!

Increase ROI on Facebook Marketing

It is ironic but true all the same.

At a time when a survey by McKinsey & Co. revealed that facebook is really a poor alternative to email marketing when it comes to customer acquisition, facebook is nonetheless working to increase advertising spend on the platform!

The uncanny way they are doing this?

By reducing the organic reach of brands’ facebook pages!

Though there has not been any official announcement to this effect, a marketing document that was purportedly sent out to partners recently and obtained by Ad Age, states plainly:

“We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site.”

In the face of this development, many brands are asking questions like:

“Why continue investing your precious man-hours on facebook if you will only reach 1 – 2% of your fans?”

“If Facebook is really that dismal when it comes to customer acquisition, how do we know that advertising on facebook will give the desired results?”

Indeed, these are questions you will need to answer if you must continue using facebook for marketing your business.

But, Should You Entirely Abandon Facebook?

In my previous post where I talked about the McKinsey & Co. research which gave the thumbs up for email instead of social media marketing, I also made it clear that the same report showed that between 2008 and 2012 email usage declined by about 20% compared to social media networks, instant messaging and mobile-messaging!

I think this is reason enough not to abandon facebook marketing entirely but rather to change your facebook marketing strategy.

First, you must admit the fact that Facebook is a business that needs to grow its income. And so, instead of blaming it for its business stand, you should rather strategize to maximize your advertising spend.

If you put the knowledge gained from the McKinsey & Co. research into your facebook marketing strategy you will be able to design a tactic that will greatly help your business. One such tactic is to use facebook “Boosted Post” advertising option to drive more attention to your business fan page while building an email list in the process!

Using Facebook “Boost Post” Ad to Grow Your Email List

1. Design an Irresistible Giveaway Offer

Having your target audience in mind, craft a giveaway offer that will help you collect the email contacts using your facebook fan page. Then proceed to design an attention grabbing landing page for this offer on your site. Ensure it is targeted at your facebook audience.

2. Update Your Fan Page Using the Giveaway Landing Page

Post an update on your facebook page encouraging your fans and visitors to the page to download a free copy. To make this really awesome include an eye-catching image with a one to two sentence description that will encourage click-through.  Use the URL of the landing page as the link in your update.

3. Craft a Powerful “Boost Post” Ad

Once you have posted the update in #2 above click on the “Boost Post” button. This will bring up a window like this:

Facebook Boost Ad marketing tactic

You have the option to either boost your post to your page’s existing fans and their friends or a targeted group.

For example, if you want to target a special group of facebook users, on the audience option check the “People you choose through targeting” option.

Now enter your target countries, the age bracket you want to focus on, the gender and then the interests of this target group. This way you will be able to greatly ensure that your post is shown to only those people who will be interested in your free giveaway.

Target your boost post facebook advert!

3. Continue the Relationship on Your Blog Until They Become Customers

If you take care of #1 and #2 above very well, you are not only going to acquire new likes on facebook but you will be able to pull in a few of those likes into your email list. Once you are able to achieve this, your next move is to use result-oriented email marketing tactics to nature this list of prospects until they become customers.

Indeed the above may look simple but don’t let that simplicity deceive you. If carefully handled, this tactic can help you beat facebook at its game! So, instead of running away because there is a decline on organic reach or because you’re not presently seeing any good return in investment from your facebook marketing efforts, re-strategize and use this tactic both to build an email list and also increase your facebook likes.

Your turn: What are you planning to do about your facebook marketing in light of the recent changes? Will you jump ship or do you have a plan in place to ensure you always win?