3 Unique Marketing Ideas to Put Your Company on the Map

Is marketing your business really difficult? Well, the answer to that question depend a great deal on who you ask. A search on google or any of the other search engines you are bound to be flooded with a whole lot of different ways that you can market your business.

How about making your business stand out through marketing?

This is where problem lies for many businesses. Right now the business world is overflowing with companies, all competing to get the biggest slice of the demand that they possibly can. But if you want the interest of customers, you have got to make your business stand out from the rest.  And this depends greatly on how well you promote your business and how unique it looks.

You will need to come up with some unique and innovative marketing ideas that will literally compel customers to come to you. Of course, this does not come with mere wishing. And so, in this post I want to share with you a few marketing concepts that will help put your business on the map.

Interested, right? Then let’s get started

How to get more customers

1. Make It Personal

All companies in the market are trying to make it look as though they are offering a personalized service. But, most do not have the time or money to offer customers a personal treatment. Instead, they offer the illusion of this type of treatment. One way to do this is through automated call handling. The customer is left with the impression they are speaking to an employee but they’re talking to an automated program. However, this is just altering perception and there are ways to show customers you do care.

We think a great way to do this is to send out e-cards. Christmas is approaching so why not start by sending out some business holiday cards. These can be anything from saying “thanks for being a loyal customer” to a simple “season’s greeting.” Don’t forget that these cards aren’t just for Christmas. They’re a great, cheap way to show your customers that you care, all year around.

Or, if you’re looking for a personalized marketing campaign, what about personalized merchandise. You can get this made in bulk by a company and then sell it to consumers. Many businesses believe this type of marketing pays for itself. It’s also great for making your business stand out at trade shows and you can even give it away for free with a purchased product.

2. Hold An Event

If you’re trying to catch the interest of local clients and customers, why not hold a party. This can be a simple celebration, letting customers get to know the people behind the company. Or, you can set it up as a fundraising event. Showing your company cares about more than just making profits is a brilliant marketing strategy. It will separate your business from the pack. By throwing an event, you’ll be wining and dining the customers you need to stay loyal when times are hard.

3. App Tastic

If your company doesn’t have an app, you should speak to a developer as soon as possible. An app is a brilliant way to market your company as a business that is more accessible to consumers. You can set up the app to do anything from giving more information to other ways customers can make purchases. These days consumers love having the services they use right at their fingertips.

So, let’s wrap up this post by asking that question again: is marketing your business really difficult?

As you can see from the above all you need is some creativity. There’s a hundred and one strategies and tactics out there already but if you can put on your thinking cap and be ready to tweak things a little you can do wonders. I can guarantee you that if you will try a few of the above marketing ideas before the end of the year you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

How To Make Money By Blogging: What You Truly Need To Know

making money blogging

It’s not news any more that you can make money online by blogging, or is it? Anyway I’m sure as a reader of this blog your primary aim of blogging is to earn some good income from your blogging activities. If I’m correct then, it will not be far from the truth that you’re interested  on how to make money by blogging.

The truth is as a business blogger I’m always on the lookout for tips that will help me achieve my goals. There are so many guides and ‘expert’ tips out there that you couldn’t just wait to get, at least, a bite of the cake!  But is making money by blogging really an easy thing as most of those guides and tips want to make it? Is it all who set up blogs with the mind of blogging for money that are earning the income they desire with their blogs?

Definitely, many will chorus a “NO” to those questions.

So, if that is the case, how then can a blogger really set him/herself up to make money with his/her blog?

Interested, right? Ok then, let’s explore this in this post.

As I research this topic over the past few months I’ve been able to pick out some points that stand tall on the list of what you need to really make money online by blogging. Be aware though that I’m not just talking about a list of different ways of making money with your blog. There is so much written about that already. And one thing I’ve come to realize is that simply listing the various ways of making money with blogs most times only make the whole thing look a lot simpler than it should be. 

I beg your pardon please, I’m not trying to make it look as if making money with blogs is such a difficult thing. However, I believe before jumping on the bandwagon and starting a blog to make money online, you truly need to understand what it all entails. If this is not done, you may start just like many had done but lose interest down the way when the money refuses to come in the first few months.  And you know if you start blogging and stop along the way, then everything you have done up to that point will amount to nothing!

So How Do You Make Money By Blogging?

1. Find The Right Topic For You And Your Audience

There are two issues here. Your topic should be the right topic not only for your audience but also for you. Before you start a blog you should ask yourself a few questions amongst which are:  Do you really have something to say?  Can you provide the information that your audience wants. Is this information relevant and important to someone else? Is anyone ready to exchange his/her money for what you have to say?

On the surface, these questions may appear not really important but taken deeply you will realize that not every topic that you build a blog around will make you the money you desire. Of course it may be a thing of fun to talk about your life but how many people are really interested on that except of course if you are a celebrity!

Most people these days want people to give them advice on how to become successful or they want information on a certain product or area of interest.  They do not come online to read advertisements. But if those ads are wrapped up in interesting content that relates the product to real life, you’re sure to get their attention and succeed making some money when they click on your ads and make the purchase.

2. Devote The Time To Updating Your Blog

Believe it or not this is crucial to making money with a blog. Regularly updating your blog will help you make money from your blog in various ways. For example you need articles and content to attract and maintain your blog readership.  This content can be provided in a variety of forms, but you’ll need to ask yourself if you will have the time to provide them in your blog regularly. When your blog is constantly updated it will found its way into the search engines more easily and this can be some free way of generating traffic. And of course the more traffic you generate the more money you can make with your blog. Since your main goal is to make money by blogging the simple way to do that is to attract as many people as possible to your blog and to maintain the flow of traffic by enticing them to come back again and again with your content.

3. Find The Tools That Will Help You Become An Efficient, Successful Blogger

One thing you must understand is the fact that to every trade there are tools that makes for efficiency and effectiveness.  This is not different with making money by blogging. Getting the right tools therefore is important.  With the popularity of blogging for money different blogging tools have been introduced into the market. Most of these are free but if you’re serious on making money with your blog then you may want to invest in some tools that will help easily achieve your dreams.

4. Be Realistic And Have A Doable Plan

It’s unfortunate that many people going into blogging with the mind of making money enter the show with unrealistic expectations. Most have the wrong notion that simply starting a blog will automatically open the floodgates of online riches. This is far from the truth. Building a blog readership takes time.  And it takes time to nurture.

Besides, as a blogger you need to create a doable plan that will help lead you to the riches you desire. Without a plan and with high expectations you may experience disappointment when those expectations are not met quickly. And the result? You might lose some of the momentum you had for writing the blog in the first place.

Bottom Line: If your dream is to make money online by blogging you have to consider your blog as a business instead of just a hobby.  You must work to generate traffic to your blog because the more traffic your blog recieves, the easier it is to make the money of your dreams. If you blog on a topic that you enjoy and you create a business plan for your blog, you are guaranteed to be successful and make money with your blog.

Though it is a difficult thing to be an overnight success with blogs, but it IS possible to be successful!

Over to you: Do you agree with these points? Do you think a blogger need really do all these before he/she can make money blogging? Give your comments below.