Finally Uncovered: The Hidden Traits Of Millionaire Bloggers!

When it comes to blogging there are so many names that comes to mind but when we mention folks making millions blogging, the list suddenly shrieks! Frankly, one would not be incorrect if he says you could count them on your fingers! 🙂

But, is it not our dream to live the internet lifestyle? Are you not blogging to make money and achieve your desire for financial freedom?

What will you say about probloggers like David Risley, Darren Rowse, Rob Benwell and Yaro Starak? Are these not some of the names that comes to mind when you talk about those successful bloggers making money blogging online? Are they not the very ones in the news and on every bloggers list as successful bloggers?

Definitely most, if not all, of these successful bloggers, or those we have come to know as probloggers, have gone past the following:

•  Building a list

•  Creating a product

•  Creating their own website, or

•  Generating a deluge of traffic to their websites.

Most of these blogging millionaires have successfully turned their blogs into businesses that generate millions every year. Their blogs are not just the Made For Adsense (MFA) blogs we see every where, though some of them have adsense as a form of monetization for their blogs.

But do you know that though, these qualities are true about these probloggers and that they are visible to everybody in the blogosphere, that there are however some traits that are not so noticeable by everybody?

The truth is, it’s those hidden traits that have made these millionaire bloggers to be very successful where other bloggers have failed.


#1 Hidden Traits: Millionaire Bloggers Are Always Learning

Most of these successful bloggers are permanent learners, you will see them attending webinars, conferences, conventions, most times not as speakers but attendees. They always want to learn new things that will give them new ideas to how things are to be done with a new perspective, as well as new insights into how things can be done

#2 Hidden Traits: Millionaire Bloggers Always Ask Questions

These people do not claim to know it all. Most of these successful bloggers know they can’t know it all and they do not pretend about it. That is why they surround themselves with other successful
bloggers. To some of us, it looks like a gang-up against those aspiring to become millionaires like them. It seems they only want to focus on themselves in order to oppress those that are not yet living the internet lifestyle.

#3 Hidden Traits: Millionaire Bloggers Desire More Success.

These successful bloggers are always looking for new challenges, they are always on the look out for more successful bloggers that think like them, who they can partner with. I have met so many bloggers who intend to be millionaires but are running alone. They keep on writing blog posts after another blog post. But that is not the way of these millionaire bloggers. They interact with others so as to learn more. They always want to know what their fellow problogger millionaire has achieved that they are yet to achieve. They are serious about building a community around themselves.

I have decided to lay out these hidden traits of millionaire bloggers as to help all of us move towards our dream, which is, making millions from our online business. So if you’re blogging to make money online, study these traits and apply them to your online business. You may just be the next problogger every one will be talking about!

Now over to you. Do you have some or all of these traits? Do you think I have left out some? Let me know in your comments below.